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Best Places to Visit in China

China, this mystic and beautiful country with thousands years of history, is so vast that making tourists always wonder where are the best destinations to go for their China tour, even have traveled to China for several times. Best Places to Visit in China is aiming at helping you to plan the most amazing China tour. In this page, you can find grand tourists destinations and various attractive attractions in China in categories.

For first time visitors to China, famous tourism cities are best options for them to have a general tour of China, such as: Beijing, the capital of China now and has served as the capital for over 800 years; Shanghai, China’s major industrial and commercial center; Xian, an ancient city famous for the Qin Terracotta Army - "the 8th wonder of the world"; Guilin, the scenery of which enjoys the praise of "top landscape in the world"; and the shopping paradise Hong Kong. And also some amazing attractions such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, Yangtze River, Li River and Potala Palace, are some places you should never miss. For tourists who are interested in Chinese history and culture, ancient cities such as Beijing, Nanjing, Xian, Louyang and ancient towns like Lijiang, Dali, Pingyao, Datong, etc., may be best choices for you. And fans for hiking and mountain climbing could make coolest hiking routes and most exciting climbing routes according to articles of those themes too.

So much wonderful places in China are waiting for you! Do you heart it? Do not hesitate! Come with Top China Travel to explore this amazing country together.

Where to visit in China

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