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Xi'an 144-Hour Transit Visa-Free Policy

Since December 1, 2019, Xi 'an has implemented a 144-hour visa-free transit policy for foreigners from some countries. This means that foreigners can stay in Xi 'an and Xianyang administrative areas for up to six days without applying for a visa in advance. It provides great convenience for foreign tourists who come to Xi 'an for short-term tourism and transit.

Requirements of 144-Hour Transit Without a Visa (TWOV)

Before planning your journey, it's essential to ensure that you meet the criteria for the 144-hour transit visa-free travel.

According to the policy, citizens from 54 countries can enter Xi'an without a visa at designated ports if they have valid international travel documents, connecting tickets to third countries (regions) within 144 hours, and fill in the temporary entry foreigner entry card.

The 144-hour count starts from 00:01 on the day following your arrival in Xi'an. For example, if you arrive in Xi'an on April 10, 2024, then your stay in Xi'an will be from April 10 to April 16. In other words, you must leave the Chinese mainland and travel to a third country or region before 00:00 on April 17th.

144-hour transit temporary stay permitted

54 Eligible Countries

As of November 17, 2023, the policy extends to citizens from 54 countries. Notably, Norwegian citizens were the latest addition to this list. The countries are categorized by region as follows:

Europe (40 countries):

Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Balkan States Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

Americas (6 countries):

The United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile

Oceania (2 countries):

Australia, New Zealand

Asia (6 countries)

South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Qatar

Eligible Port and Range of Stay

According to the requirements, you should enter and exit at designated port Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (XXIA).

Besides, remember that you must stay within the administrative areas of Xi’an and Xianyang during your 6-day visa-free stay.

If your activities extend beyond the designated area or time limit, or if you leave through a non-designated port of entry, you may face punishment from the immigration inspection authorities or local public security authorities.

visa free transit counter

The Third Country and Region Principle

Central to the 144-hour transit visa-free policy is the principle of onward travel to a third country or region. Travelers must present a confirmed ticket for departure to a destination outside of China within the designated timeframe. That is, you depart from country A, transit Xi’an (Country B), and travel to country C (or region).

For example: US (A) → Xian (B) → Japan (C) → US (A), or US (A) → Xian (B) → Hong Kong or Macau (C).

Application Process for 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit in Xi'an

  1. Inform the carrier before boarding your flight at the check-in counter.
  2. Prepare your passport (valid for not less than three months), confirmed onward ticket to a third country or region.
  3. Fill the form “Arrival/Departure Card”
  4. Upon arrival, find the 144-hour visa-free counter at the immigration inspection to apply for the stay permit, and then the officer will stamp your passport with a temporary entry permit.
  5. Claim the luggage if you are needed and then
  6. Pass through the Custom and leave the airport

arrival departure card

How to Spend a 144-Hour Layover in Xi’an

With 6 days at your disposal, you'll have plenty of time to explore all the best attractions in Xi 'an. You can marvel at the awe-inspiring Terracotta Warriors, a UNESCO World Heritage site that stands as a testament to China's ancient craftsmanship. Explore the cave dwellings and try your hand at making miniature versions of the Terracotta Warriors. Wander through the bustling streets of the Muslim Quarter, where tantalizing aromas and vibrant souvenirs beckon. Ascend the ancient Big Wild Goose Pagoda for panoramic views of Xi'an's skyline, or stroll along the historic Bell Tower. Immerse yourself in the charm of Kaitong Lane, explore the Ancient Xian City Wall, and indulge in the flavors of Defu Alley. With so much to see and do, your 144-hour layover in Xi'an promises an unforgettable experience.