Famous Vegetarian Restaurant in Shanghai

There are quite a lot of vegetarian restaurant for vegetarians. Here lists some famous vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai.

Shanghai Godly Restaurant

Shanghai Godly Restaurant (Gongdelin) was founded in 1922, is a company with 80 years of the famous old brand enterprises. It is an amazing place for vegetarians....The food was simply awesome. The service is super quick and efficient and there is an absolute boon for vegetarians. Visitors being vegetarians can on a holiday with family and eat there. It was little skeptical about the vegetarian options available in China.

Shanghai Vegetarian Lifestyle Restaurant

It is a great restaurant with a very varied menu. Simple and affordable. Great taste. Try the fresh juices. The restaurant also has a small sop where they sell vegetarian products. Detoxify with a vegetarian feast at this restaurant with good prices, good service and a clean environment. Non-smoking and drinking rules apply, but their delicious spinach dumplings and meat-flavored vegetarian dishes, such as the Saysade, will make you forget what's missing.

Shanghai Wuguantang Vegetarian Restaurant

Shanghai Wuguantang Vegetarian Restaurant is a small restaurant with simple but elegant layout. There is the faint koto music gently around. The menu is unique, tied with blue cloth of Chinese knots. You can get more surprise when you open it. Graceful scholarly manuscripts reveal a deep breath. 

Ming Tang Organic Restaurant

Address: Lane 505, Zhongshan South Road, Huangpu District, Shangha

Ming Tang Organic Restaurant is a high-end restaurant in Shanghai. It is located in the Shanghai Bund, which is with a long cultural heritage and beautiful scenery. The food in this restaurant is in the Cantonese-style flavor. And it also offers creative new dishes. The vegetables are directly from organic farms. You can have a good taste of fresh and delicious cuisine in this elegant restaurant.

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