Longji Rice Terraces Photography Tips

Location: in Longsheng County, 77km away from Guilin
Opening Hours of the Scenic Area: the whole day

According to experts, 
Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces is suitable for taking photograph all the year round. At different timing, there will be a different theme.

Best time to take photograph in Longji Rice Terraces:

From May 25 to June 10
During this half month, the rice terraces are filled with water, the weeds growing at the muddy rows are shoveled cleanly. The field looks smooth and shining like a mirror. You can often see famers working in the field. Backlit shooting is the best angle to avoid the sun’s specular light metering zone, otherwise it will be underexposed.
In mid-July
In mid-July each year is the 2nd good time to shoot the rice terraces. At this time, the rice turning green and just in the growing season. The terraces are green. In backlight irradiation it is showing rich layers of green lines, full of vitality, which is a good time to take good pictures. Choose a sunny day, at 8:00 and 17:00, is the best cinematography time period.
Around 5 days before or after Mid-Autumn Day
Each year around 5 days before or after Mid-Autumn Day is the third good period for shooting. The terraces are in golden color, bright and shinning. The wooden farmhouse hangs full of red pepper. The whole land is a harvest scene. In the morning and evening of fall, it is more often to see the rosy clouds of dawn. Sometimes you can encounter Jesus mysterious light. The terraces under the morning mist and in the refraction of the sun have rich tone layers and strong perspective sense.

• In Winter
In winter, snow-covered landscape is also very worthy for shooting. Covered by snow, the terraced lines are even more eye-catching. The snowy ridges of mountains like a dancing silver snake. However, it is hard to meet the snowy days in Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces. Furthermore, in addition of the terraced landscape, the customs and folklore are good creative photographic subjects, do not miss them.