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Li River Cruise

is one of rivers with most beautiful landscapes. It has been eulogized as a fascinating scroll of traditional Chinese painting by celebrities of ancient and modern, domestic and overseas. Han Yu a Well-known poet in the Tang Dynasty wrote these verses about the River: “the river winds like a ribbon of blue silk, hills tower like hairpins of green jade”. The Li River flows 160km long and from Guilin to Yangshuo is 83 km, which is the essence landscape of Li River. The Li River Cruise stars from Guilin Mopan Wharf or Zujiang Wharf and ends in Yangshuo Wharf. During the cruise, you will see a poetic landscape featuring “green hills, blue water, bizarre caverns and weird rocks” as well as “deep pools, perilous shoals, murmuring springs and roaring waterfalls”. The Li River Cruise can be divided in to 3 scenic sections: the first section is from Guilin to Ox Gorge; the second section is from Ox Gorge to Water-dropping Village; the last section is from the Water-dropping Village to Yangshuo.
First Section: Guilin to Ox Gorge:

For this section you can enjoy the following sceneries: Elephant-Trunk Hill, Rooster Fighting Hill, Pagoda Hill, Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks, Daxu Ancient Town , and Ox Gorge.
Elephant Trunk Hill, also called the elephant hill, lies on the conjunction of the Li River and the peach blossom river. It is the badge of Guilin city. The whole hill looks exactly like a huge elephant stretching its trunk drinking water of the Li River. It is the masterpiece of karst landscape, composed of pure limestone deposited on seabed 360million years ago

is located 18km southeast of Guilin. It is at the east bank of the middle reaches of the Li River. It had been the commercial premier of the area in the Northern Song Dynasty and really flourished during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Ox Gorge, located at the western bank of Li River, is about 30 km from Guilin downtown. There are many odd stones along the gorge, which look like lotus, lion, tiger, bat, herds of ox and so no. Here Li River makes a 90 degree turn and the flow is divided into two streams and runs south.
Second Section: Ox Gorge to Water-dropping Village

This section has the most amazing scenic spots awaiting you such as Wangfu Rock, Crown Cave, Half-Side Ferry, Yangdi Village, Mural Hill, Yellow Cloth Shoal, and Xingping Town
Crown Cave, is a magnificent karst cave in Caoping Hui Nationality village about 29 km from Guilin. It is a part of Crown Mountain. Integrating natural scenes, meeting and holiday facilities, accommodation and dining service into one, the Crown Cave is reputed as “Li River Pearl”.
Yangdi Village is located at the typical karst mountain area. Far away from the noise of the city and the pollution of modern industry, Yangdi is a good place for tourists to have a rest. Li River of the Yangdi section is winding. The water is so green and many scenic spots along this section.
Mural Hill, or Fresco Hill, is one of the most famous attractions along Li River and a wonder of nature. The Hill is 400 m high 200 m wide facing the Li River. Looking from distance, it looks like a huge mural, and looking more carefully with imagination, you will see a group of handsome horse on the cliff.
Yellow Cloth Shoal, is the cream of the essence of Li River located in Xingping Scenic Area.
Xingping Town was built in 1506. Xingping is more a castle than a town. It is said that this castle was forbidden to enter. People who had gone into there were hardly to find the exit as well. It was the center of Yangshuo County until Yangshuo Town was setup in 590. It has been the most important town beside the Li River for over 1700 years.

The Third Section: Water-dropping Village to Yangshuo

The scenic spots along here are: Snail Hill, Green Lotus Peak, and Schoolboy Hill.
Yangshuo, coming into a county in the 10th year in Sui Dynasty (A. D. 590), is situated to the South of Guilin city, 65 kilometers away from Guilin by land and 83 kilometers by water.
The well known saying "Guilin is the most beautiful city of natural scenery in the world, but next to Yangshuo." manifests the importance of Yangshuo's natural landscape in the world tourism. Yangshuo has the sub-tropical monsoon climate, with temperate weather all the year round. It has the most typical karst topography, with abruptly standing hills spotted everywhere within the county. The hills are of various shapes, some looking like a utensil, some like a man or an animal. The hills are covered with evergreen forest of trees and bamboos. Each hill has caves, and each cave is fantastic with sparkling and crystal-clear stalactites taking peculiar shapes. The rivers in Yangshuo are green and clear in dreaming flow.