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Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant

Address: No.118, South Yunnan Road, Shanghai
Signature Dishes: Tender Boiled Chicken

Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant was established in 1943 and sprung up in the last half century. The main dishes in the restaurant are almost from Shaoxing, so it makes the restaurant named Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant. It is famous for its Xiaoshaoxing Tender Boiled Chicken, which is a top dish in China.

Xiaoshaoxing RestaurantXiaoshaoxing Restaurant

The founder of Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant was Zhang Runniu. When he was 16 years old, Mr. Zhang came to Shanghai from Shaoxing, a small water town near Shanghai. At first he made a living by selling some snacks. Gradually, his tender boiled chicken became more and more popular. With a well development for a period, this dish became the most famous food in his snack bar and was called "a top in China".

With half a century of experience, the restaurant now offers high-quality dishes. The careful selection of raw material and skillful cooking way of the brand dish make the chicken taste crispy in skin, tender in meat, delicious in flavor and beautiful in shape. The chicken porridge is cooked with superior rice and original chicken broth.

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