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Wang Bao He Restaurant

Address: No.603, Fuzhou Road, Shanghai
Signature Dishes: Chrysanthemum Crab Feast

Known as the "King of Crab and Ancestor of Liquor", the Wang Bao He Restaurant Shanghai was established in 1744 during the Qing Dynasty. With a history of more than 250 years, it is among the earliest liquor shops in Shanghai and famous for Wang Bao He Liquor and river crab. In the past decade, the restaurant unique Chrysanthemum Crab Feast has become world renowned for its uniqueness, originality and high quality.

Wang Bao He RestaurantWang Bao He Restaurant

Wang Bao He Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Shanghai. This restaurant gradually rose to fame for its mellow rice wine from Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, such as Huadiao, Taidiao, Old Jianfan and Jinpo and service of old. The culinary style of Wang Bao He draws heavily from various schools of Chinese cuisine. The freshwater crab is a very popular dish in this restaurant.

Wang Bao He RestaurantWang Bao He Restaurant

The restaurant is also claims to be the best place to feast on Shanghai's famous hairy crab. This brightly lit restaurant is often full. Crab dominates the menu, of course, from dumplings and soup to the whole hairy monster, which is typically steamed and eaten with a dipping sauce of ginger, soy sauce, and black vinegar.

So if you want to have a crab feast in Shanghai, Wang Bao He Restaurant will be one of the best choices for you.

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