The Most Famous Restaurants in Guilin

There are many delicious foods to eat in Guilin. Here, Top China Travel will list both western restaurants and Chinese cuisine restaurants in Guilin for you. Below are the most famous Chinese restaurants in Guilin for your refere.
Mc Found Co., Ltd (Fubo Branch)

ADD:No.20 Fuhe Lane (close to Fubo Hotel), Xiufeng District
Transportation Information: Taking Bus No.2 and Tourism Sightseeing Line NO.1 to Fubo Moutain stop and walk there.
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:30
It is very close to Fobo Mountain, therefore if you are tired after climbing Fobo Mountain, you can have a rest and eat in here. From snacks to main courses, from cooked wheaten food to Sichuan, Hunan and Northeastern Chinese cuisine, from local flavor to western flavor, the style of dish here is in variety. It is suitable for family dinner or party with friends here.
Mc Found Co., Ltd
Recommend trying Beef Roll with black pepper sauce and shredded pork with sweet bean paste. For staple food, you can try black pepper beef fried noodles that are flavorful inside and out. The consumption in Mc Found is reasonable and affordable with enough measure. In addition, environment is cozy, and you will not wait the dishes for a long time.
Mc Found Co., Ltd

ADD: Ronghu Lake South Road No.1, Xiufeng District
Transport Information: Taking Bus No.3, 10, 11, 51, 99, 100 and Tourism Sightseeing Line NO.1 to Yangqiao Bridge Stop and walk for around 100 meters.
It is along the Ronghe Lake with a good environment which gives people a feeling of riverside town in Yangtze Rivet delta that water flowing beneath a small bridge. The signature dish Tiramisu is thick and large, there are some customers going Charlotte with the special intension of eating Tiramisu. And there is hotpot, Yangzhou fired rice to eat. What’s need to be know is that there is minimum charge of 15 Yuan per person.
Charlotte Restaurant
Taste Made

ADD: No.19 Lijiang East Road (next to Qixing Hotel), Qixing District
Transport Information: Taking Bus No.6, 16, 28, 32, and 54 to Lijiang Road Stop and walk there.
Opening Hour: 11:00- 21:00
It is a new concept Guilin theme restaurant with moderate cost and convenient parking, which is suitable for family dinner party or business banquet. The Guilin cuisine here is improved and it will give people a new taste and experience. Fresh and tender steamed turbot, outer crispy and inner soft roasted goose with dark plum sauce, tasty French goose liver and fragrant and sweet Chinese cream custard bun, these delicacies are really worth to have a try. In addition, people can enjoy morning tea in Taste Made. There are various dim sums or dishes like steamed vermicelli roll, sauce chicken feet, etc. What’s need to notice is that the dishes in Taste Made are a little sweeter.
Taste Made
Guilin Boy Domestic Food Co., Ltd

Add: Chongxin Road, Xiangshan District
Signature dishes: Guilin cuisines such as Duck and Taro with Vinegar, Gingko Stewed with Old Duck, Beer Fish, Lipu Taro Looped Meat and so on.

Do you want to have a Guilin local meal? Guilin Boy Domestic Food Co., Ltd which is a restaurant that is famous among Guilin locals specializes in homely local Guilin dishes. Guilin Boy is one of the popular national chaining restaurants in China.
Those must-eat dishes such as Beer Fish and Lipu Taro Looped Meat are all can be ordered in this restaurant. Besides, the comfortable environment and the superb service are also making this restaurant become one of the successful enterprises in China.

Below are the most famous western restaurants in Guilin for your reference.
Left Bank Café

Add: Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Signature dishes: Baguette and Grilled Vegetable Sandwich, Grilled Cod Fish, Sirloin Steak, T-Bone Steak

Walking along Zhangyang Pedestrian in the city center of Guilin, you will immediately be attracted by Left Bank Café. Just near the Guilin Li River Waterfall Hotel, the restaurant is on the second floor of a western-style building. Dining here, customers from western countries will feel at home while other customers will have a fantastic foreign experience during meal time.
You will be satisfied with bright colors of walls, tables and chairs when you enter Left Bank Café. A 10-seat table is set on the balcony for customers to enjoy meals with a view of the pedestrian.
Left Bank Café offers you great food and elegant atmosphere. Menus are fresh and also easy to read through for customers from English-speaking countries. Chefs are creative and the staffs are attentive.

Rosemary Café

Add: Yiren Road 1-1, 50 meters east to the Center Bell Tower
Signature dishes: Rosemary Pizza, Ice-cream on Chocolate Cake, Stir-fried Pasta with Chili and Bacon, Mexican Chicken Roll, Garlic Bread

Rosemary Café is a famous western style restaurant in Guilin. Located in the popular Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, a major shopping and bar street in downtown, this cozy café is loved by locals and visitors especially tourists from western countries.

Although it only serves western food, it is decorated with a variety of local handcrafts. You can have a meal on a street-side table with a view of Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. After your meal time, do not forget to paste your photos and messages on the wall to express your feeling in this restaurant.
Rosemary Café
Longze Tea & Drink House

ADD: In front of the Gate of Seven Star Park, Guilin
Cuisine Type: Tea Banquet (dishes cooking with tea)
15 tables on the first floor
Private hall on the second floor
Bookshelves with interesting books

Longze Tea & Drink House is a restaurant situated in front of the entrance of Seven Star Park in Guilin. Convenient location and pleasant surroundings make diners enjoy their meal time here. The green restaurant sigh and the white wall with beautiful Guilin landscape as the background give people a leisure impression from the outside. The restaurant features the wooden-made decoration with bright color tone inside.

There are two floors in this restaurant. The first floor can set about 15 tables, while the second floor is divided into some private halls. When dining in the first floor, diners can choose an interesting book when have a meal in this restaurant because there are some bookshelves setting in the dining hall. When dining in the second floor, guests can have a comparatively quiet and private room.

Cuisine in Longze Tea & Drink House emphasizes the Chinese tea culture. The tea banquet (cuisines cooking with tea) is popular among foreign guests as well as local people. Dishes served in this restaurant also melt the Guilin local culture. Each dish is titled with an interesting name that related to the famous landscape or scene in Guilin.