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Trains between Beijing and Hong Kong

Each day, there is one pair of T category trains (express trains) running between Beijing and Hong Kong (Know more about Types of China Train). The distance between the two cities is 2475 km, with one-way trip about 24 hours. The trains run between Beijing West Railway Station and Hong Kong Kowloon Railway Station (Jiu Long Station).
The T Train from Beijing to Hong Kong is T97B, while the one from Hong Kong to Beijing is T98B. In 2013, from Beijing to Hong Kong, the T97B runs on odd-numbered dates in January, March, June, July, September, October, and come back from Hong Kong on odd-numbered dates in February, April, May, August, November, December. The T98B is just departure at the opposite dates and opposite station of the T97B.
T97B: Beijing to Hong Kong
Departure from Beijing West Station at 13:08
Arrive in Hong Kong Kowloon Railway Station at 12:56 the next day
T98B: Hong Kong to Beijing
Departure from Hong Kong to Beijing Hong Kong Kowloon Railway Station at 15:15
Arrive in Beijing West Station at 14:51 the next day
Facilities on the Train
There are four seat classes on the train: hard seat, hard sleeper, soft sleeper and luxury soft sleeper. The luxury soft sleeper is very comfortable with only two bunks in one cabin, and even has a private bathroom.
There is a dining car as other trains.