Beijing 144-Hour Visa Exemption Transit Policy

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has implemented the 144-hour visa-free transit policy from December 28, 2017. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is the second region in China where transit passengers can stay up to six days. 


Foreign travelers holding valid international travel documents and joint tickets to third countries or regions can enter and exit from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei port, and can stay in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region for 6 days without a visa for tourism, business exhibitions and family visits Friends and other short-term activities.

Who can apply for a 144-hour visa-free transit stay in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei?

The policy applies to citizens from 53 countries who hold valid international travel documents, and a passenger ticket for connecting travel (including an airplane ticket, ferry ticket or train ticket) to a third country (region) with confirmed seats and a departure time within 144 hours.


Eligible travelers can choose to enter or depart through any port at Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing West Railway Station, Tianjin Binhai International Airport, Tianjin International Cruise Home Port, Hebei Shijiazhuang International Airport or Qinhuangdao Harbor. Travelers must stay in the administrative areas of BeijingTianjin and Hebei.

People from the 53 nationalities that previously benefited from Beijing's 72-hour visa-free transit policy are eligible for the new policy.

What Countries are Eligible for the 144-hour visa exemption transit?

At present, 53 countries citizens can enjoy this transit visa-free stay right including



EU (24 countries)

Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Europe (15 countries)

Russia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia (FYROM), Albania, Belarus, Monaco

America (6 countries)

the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile

Oceania (2 countries)

Australia, New Zealand

Asia (6 countries)

South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, the united Arab emirates, Qatar


What are the Eligible Transit Ports?



Ports Contact Information


Capital International Airport


West Railway Station



Tianjin Binhai International Airport


Tianjin International Cruise Home Port



Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport


 Qinhuangdao Harbor


Note: Transit air, train, and ship passengers entering either of the six border ports in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei can stay in the region for six days before heading for another destination.

What are the requirements for travelers?

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, when a foreigner enters the Eligible Transit Ports, the Border Inspection has verified that the following visa-free conditions are met at the same time.

  • Citizens of countries eligible for the 144-hour transit visa exemption
  • Hold a valid international travel document to prove his nationality
  • Eligible for entry to the country or region
  • Hold a joint ticket or related certificate from Capital Airport to a third country or region when the date and seat have been determined within 144 hours
  • The airlines carrying its inbound and outbound declarations to the border inspection authorities

What are the restrictions of the 144-hour Visa-free Transit

It only applies to passengers who transit through the eligible ports in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The destination and place of departure cannot be the same. The applicant should transit to a third country or region to be eligible for this policy. Travelers returning to their country of origin would not be eligible for this policy.

Forbidden City

How to Apply for 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit?

If you are qualified for this policy, you can apply for the 144-hour visa-free stay permit upon arrival.

  1. Prepare your passport (valid for not less than three months), visa (if applicable) and air ticket to a third country or region.
  2. Fill the form “Arrival Card for Temporary Entry Foreigners” and apply for 144-hour stay permit
  3. Apply for Leaving Airport at the “24/144-hour International Transfer”
  4. Claim the luggage if you are needed and then
  5. Pass through the Custom and leave the airport


How is the duration of the 144-hour visa-free transit policy calculated?

The duration of stay as referred to in the 144-hour visa-free transit policy will begin from 00:00 o'clock the following day, after entry in any port at Beijing Capital International Airport; Beijing West Railway Station; Tianjin Binhai International Airport; Tianjin International Cruise Home Port; Hebei Shijiazhuang International Airport or Qinhuangdao Harbor.

How to spend a 144-hour layover in Beijing?

Due to the development of the intercity high-speed rail, tourists from Beijing to Tianjin or Hebei are very convenient. Usually for the first-time visitors, 5 to 6 days are good enough to see most of the “must-go sites” in Beijing and Tianjin. Here, Top China Travel choose a popular Beijing and Tianjin itineraries for your reference:

Day 1: Tianjin Port

Day 2: Shi Courtyard, Haihe River Cruise, Ancient Cultural Street, Porcelain House, Tianjin TV Tower

Day 3: Take intercity train to Beijing, Summer Palace, Beijing Hutong

Day 4: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven

Day 5: Mutianyu Great Wall, Bird Nest 

Or tell us the itinerary in the website you are interested in and also your modification ideas regarding to the itinerary, by filling an online inquiry form, by email, or by phone. We are available 24 hours every day.

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