Celebrities Travel with Us

As the time-honored brand and the biggest Travel Agency in Guilin, even in Guangxi Province, we, CITS Guilin, has well grabbed the honor to entertain and arrange tours for tourists from all over the world each year. Besides, we also assist local government reception when some world celebrities visit in Guilin. It is really a great reward to our hard working.

Imagining, travel with a VIP, that's really a memorable experience! Actually, it's a pleasant journey but more a challenge to our services and operations. We did it! So here, we have the pleasure to share our joy with you, our dearest friends…

In October, 1985, US ex-president George Bush and his wife visited Guilin, enjoying their cruising on Li River. CITS Guilin assisted local government reception, offering guide service escorting Mr. & Mrs Bush.

At the year 1987, US ex-president Jimmy Carter and his wife visited Guilin, riding bicycle in Yangshuo countryside, escorted by CITS Guilin’s guide, as an assistant to the government reception.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet visited Guilin in 1995.CITS Guilin’s ex-deputy general manager and government official escorted on board of Li River Cruise.

US ex-president Bill Clinton and his wife US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Guilin in 1998, taking Li River cruise. CITS Guilin assisted local government to arrangement their trip.

In 2002, former China National Football Team coach Milutinovic visited Guilin. CITS Guilin provide professional Spanish-speaking guide to escort as the assistant to the government reception.

The president of Columbian Senate Gomez visited Guilin in 2004.CITS Guilin also assisted government to arrangement the trip for him and offer professional Spanish-speaking guide service.

In 2009, the June, Ambassador of Ireland and his wife traveled to Guilin. Their tour was arranged by local government and CITS Guilin.

The famous basketball player Andrew Bynum of Lakers was accompanied by CITS and visited Guilin in July, 2009.

That's our brilliant memories and surely improved our services and, the most important, made us more competitive in this tourism field. Every year, we succeeded in entertaining thousands upon thousands guests from all over the world and, to our pleasure, they did keep a fantastic memories of their China tours.