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Top Ski Resorts in China

Winter is a season for skiing and snowboarding and China offers an expansive choice of venues for these winter sports. As the Beijing Winter Olympics held in China in 2022, Chinese people's interest in snow sports has been activated, and they can't help but want to experience the feeling of riding on the snow. Here list top 10 ski resorts in China for your reference and hope it offer you some inspiration on your tour plan. 

Top Ski Resorts in China

Top 1 Yabuli International Ski Resort, Heilongjiang Province

Yabuli Ski Resort is China's largest ski resort. It is 177 km southeast from Harbin. Yabuli hosted the 1996 Winter Asian Games and the 2008 National Winter Games. It will also be a site for the 2009 Winter Universidad. The resort provides great skiing with high mountains and good snow. Local skiers enjoy the high elevation and the fact that the snow is neither too hard nor too powdery. The lowest temperature is -47.2 F. Because of the high elevation, snow falls for a long period of about 170 days. The period from November to late March of the next year is the best time to ski at Yabuli Ski Resort.

Yabuli has varied terrain for skiers of every level. There are 11 primary, intermediate and advanced ski runs. The 500-meter-long beginner trails are creatively designed with technical aids available enabling first timers to have their first try and other beginners to progress. The advanced trail 3080 meters in length set 1374 meters above sea level with the vertical drop of 804 meters that will give expert skiers the challenge they are looking for.
Top China Ski Resort-Yabuli Ski Resport
Yabuli Ski Resort
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Top 2 Beidahu Ski Resort, Jilin Province

Beidahu Ski Resort is arguably the best ski resort in China when all things are considered, i.e. accessibility from major Chinese cities, culture and vibe, weather conditions, terrain, natural snowfall, setting, services and accommodations. It is located at about 60km away from Jilin City.

The first snowfall at Beidahu Ski Resort is often in late October every year, and the last snowfall is generally in late April. The skiing period lasts for about 140 days. The snow is granular in shape and loose in texture, which are very suitable for snow sports. The total length of the existing ski trails in Beidahu Ski Resort is about 37 kilometers, with a maximum altitude difference of 930 meters. It is the ski resort with the largest mountain drop in China. It has very good natural conditions to host international events of any level and has 19 international standard ski trails, a modern winter biathlon shooting range, an international standard snowboard U-shaped groove and a snowboard park, two ski jumps, a freestyle aerial skills ski platform, and a dryland toboggan slide. The ski resort has four alpine ski ropeways, 1 tow truck and 3 magic carpets. Its daily reception capacity is up to 6,000 people. There are hotels supporting Beidahu Ski Resort, including Clubmed, Shanhuju, Starry Sky Camp, Holiday Inn etc.. 

Top China Ski Resort- Beidahu Ski Resort
 Beidahu Ski Resort

Top 3 Changbai Mountain Wanda Ski Resort, Jilin Province

Changbai Mountain Wanda Ski Resort is situated in the primitive forests of the Changbaishan Nature Reserve in Baihe Township, 500 km away from Changchun City, the capital of Jilin Province.  The snow season is from the early November to the middle of next April, lasting up to 140 days. The wonderful powder snow at Changbaishan Ski Resort is soft and the best choice for skiing.

Designed by the world's No. 1 Canadian Ecosign company, which has designed the venue for five Winter Olympic Games, the ski resort covers a total area of 7 square kilometers and has a total of 43 ski courses, including 9 advanced slopes that meet the requirements of the Winter Olympic Games, 14 intermediate slopes, 20 junior slopes, with a total length of about 30 kilometers and a total area of 935,000 square meters, which can accommodate 8,000 skiers at the same time. Thousands of athletes from all over the world have skied in this ski resort. What is more, if you are tired after skiing, you can soak in a hot spring for a break. 

Top China Ski Resport - Changbai Mountain Ski Resort
Changbai Mountain Ski Resort 

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Top 4 Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort, Hebei Province

Wanlong Ski Resort is located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. It is 50 kilometers away from Zhangjiakou City and 249 kilometers away from Beijing. It is one of the seven major ski resorts in Chongli. According to the China Ice and Snow Tourism Competitiveness Big Data Report, Wanlong Ski Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts for tourists. 
The snow season starts from late November to the middle of next April, lasting for more than 140 days. With the excellent snow quality, Wanlong Ski Resort is known as "China's powder snow paradise"

The ski resort covers an area of more than 30 square kilometers, with a maximum altitude of 2110.3 meters and a vertical drop of 550 meters. With the highest vertical drop of 1,740 feet, Chongli Ski Resort has 32 interesting ski courses including beginner courses, intermediate courses, advanced courses, teaching courses, children's courses, etc.,It also includes a total length of 36.9 kilometers, 22 advanced courses, 6 intermediate courses, 4 beginner courses, 6 ski courses certified by the International Snow Federation, and a forest and wild snow area that retains natural geomorphological features, plus a ski training school composed of professional athletes, which can meet all dreams of skiing from beginners to enthusiasts.

In addition, The Ski Resort has 3 top-class ski apartments and ski hotels, all of which can be skid in and out, facing the winding slopes and spectacular mountain views.

Top China Ski Resort - Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort
Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort

Top 5 Songhua Lake Ski Resort, Jilin Province

Songhua Lake Ski Resort is located in Fengman District Tourism Economic Development Zone, Jilin City, Jilin Province. It lies on the north of Daqing Mountain and Songhua Lake, which is a famous urban ski resort in China.  The average winter temperature of Songhua Lake Ski Resort is -10°C, and the snow covers for about 150 days each year, and there are about 140 days suitable for skiing. 

Songhua Lake Ski Resort has 28 high-quality slopes, with a ski area of 1.51 million square meters, an altitude of 935 meters, and a maximum mountain drop of 605 meters. The junior, intermediate and advanced slopes of the snow resort are evenly distributed, and the combination is ever-changing, and skiers of different levels do not interfere with each other. The aerial manned ropeway is 1,800 meters long and spans the vast forest and sea, overlooking the whole city of Jilin. The alpine toboggan is 3,000 meters, runs at a speed of 10 kilometers and up to 100 kilometers, and can accommodate 8,000 people at the same time. 

Top China Ski Resport - Songhua Lake Ski Resort
Songhua Lake Ski Resort


Top 6 Genting Resort Secret Garden, Hebei Province

Genting Resort Secret Garden is located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, 220 kilometers away from Beijing. It costs only 50 minutes by the high-speed rail and about 1.5 hours by highway drive. The resort was co-founded by Datuk Lim Chee Wah, Chairman of VXL Group, and Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Chairman of Genting Group Malaysia.

The A and B districts of Genting Resort Secret Garden are the venues for freestyle skiing and snowboarding at the 2022 Winter Olympics and the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships 2021.

Genting Resort Secret Garden currently has 41 ski courses, including 13 advanced courses, 20 intermediate courses, 2 beginner courses, 6 wild slopes and snow parks, and 5 high-speed lifts with electrically heated seats. A terrain teaching ski park for beginners, which significantly improves the success rate of beginners on the snow. Genting Resort Secret Garden has props and jumps of varying difficulty, so novices and professionals alike can find fun. The Olympic-sized halfpipe and aerials platform host national team training and international level events.

Top China Ski Resort - Genting Resort Secret Garden
Genting Resort Secret Garden

Top 7 Nanshan Ski Resort, Beijing

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort is located in Miyun District, northeast of the capital, about 3 kilometers south of the city and 62 kilometers from Wanghe Bridge in Beijing. It is a large and medium-sized ski resort in the suburbs of Beijing that can be reached by car in 60 minutes. The ski resort covers an area of more than 4,000 acres, and is the only winter resort in Beijing and North China that integrates skiing, sliding, ice climbing and other dynamic leisure sports.

The ski resort is the largest, most advanced and most complete ski resort around Beijing. The ski resort has 25 high, intermediate and beginner slopes, including 12 beginner courses, 8 intermediate courses, 4 advanced courses, standard semi-pipe (U-shape) snowboard, large snowboard freestyle jump, rainbow bars, terrain park and wild slopes. The snow resort has the only "Mogul" advanced (black) course in Beijing and the "Extreme Snow Gou" professional (double black) course in Houshan Mountain, with a maximum slope of about 33 degrees and 38 degrees respectively, which is one of the most challenging snow resorts in Beijing. The resort also has a children's snowmobile trail, a wave terrain practice trail and a wild snow park.

Top China Ski Resorts --- Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort
 Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Top 8 Thaiwoo Ski Resort, Hebei Province

Thaiwoo Ski Resort is located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, located in the northwest of Beijing, east of Zhangjiakou, 220km from Beijing. It is a large-scale comprehensive ski resort and the core area of snow competition events for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

It is designed by the world-famous mountain planning and design team – Canadian Ecosign Mountain Planning and Design. The total planning of 200 slopes of Thaiwoo Ski Resort accounts for 3:4:3 for beginner, intermediate and advanced, which can not only ensure professional competitive events, but also meet the snow needs of beginner and intermediate enthusiasts. The snow area of the beginner area is about 6 hectares. Independent zone equipped with 10 magic carpets, so that beginners do not have to wait, get started safely, and enjoy more skiing time.

The snow area of the primary slope area covers 15 hectares, and the independent area can be better to ensure the safety of skiing and allow it to advance safely. Equipped with a 4-person unhooked rope lift, high-speed chairlift (equipped with a windscreen) imported from POMA from France, improve skiing efficiency and enjoy advanced fun. The snow area of the intermediate slope area is about 30 hectares, with various difficulty factors, different slope orientations, and even slopes, and high skiing comfort, providing skiers with a more exciting skiing experience. The snow area of the advanced slope area is about 20 hectares. Among them, the maximum slope of Hyundai Mai, Lambada and other slopes can reach 52%, and the maximum length is about 800 meters, providing super exciting skiing challenges for "snow maniacs".

Top China Ski Resort - Chongli Thaiwoo Ski Resort
Chongli Thaiwoo Ski Resort

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Top 9 Silk Road Ski Resort, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Silk Road Ski Resort is situated in the Nanshan National Forest Park, 38 km from Urumqi City in Xinjiang Province. It is capable of holding 10,000 skiers at the same time.
There are trails for different levels of skiers. Children, beginners and professionals all can find suitable trails for them. There are also instructors helping people and a special designed section for snowboarding. However, the most attractive of this resort is the beautiful mountain views. You can sit on the sightseeing cable car to the peak which is 2280m above the sea level and stay the night at the ski resort’s wooden cabins. Here you can try some Xinjiang delicacies at the restaurant here.

The Silk Road Ski Resort opens from early November to the beginning of May the next year.
Top Ski Resorts in China -  Silk Road Ski Resort, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Top 10 Snow World Ski Resort, Beijing

Chengdu Xiling Ski Resort is located in Dayi County, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, only 110 kilometers from Chengdu, and can be reached in 2.5 hours by drive.

The snow season is from the beginning of December to the end of March, and the appropriate skiing period is 140 days. The snow quality is excellent, and it is known as the "Alps of the East".

The average annual snowfall in Xiling Ski Resort is about 80 cm, and the average temperature in the snow season is not less than minus 6 °C, making it the warmest ski resort in China. Xiling Ski Resort is also the best, largest and most complete comprehensive ski resort in the southwestern China. Chengdu Xiling Ski Resort has a total of 6 ski courses, 2 beginner courses, 1 intermediate course, 2 advanced courses and 1 snowboard park course, with a total area of about 200,000 square meters and can accommodate 2,300 people at the same time.

There are more and more options on the ski resorts in China nowadays. No matter you are skiing beginner or a professional skiing athlete, you can find a suitable resort for you to experience and fun of ice and snow. Do not hesitate to contact us to tailor your own ince and snow holiday. 

Top China Ski Resort - Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort
Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort

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