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Four Major Summer Resorts in China

With the summer coming, the temperature is higher and higher, therefore in the summer vacation many of people want to stay at a place that is not so hot. In China, there are many summer resorts to spend summer holiday.

Lushan Mountian

Lushan Mountain is magnificent and beautiful, and cloud is around the mountain. There are many the mountain peak, spring or waterfalls hanging along the cliffside and more odd caves in scenic spots and historical sites spread all over, summer of Lushan Mountain is cool with pleasant climate, where is China’s famous tourist scenic spot and summer health resort. In 1996, Lushan Mountain was listed in the “World Cultural and Natural Heritage List”.
Lushan Mountain, located in the northern part of Jiangxi province in southeastern China, and is one of the four summer resorts in China. The mountain is a famous scenic zone enjoying more than 1,500 villas in various styles and about 80 tourist attractions. It is really an ideal summer resort and place for patients to recuperate. It features in magnificent peaks, beautiful waterfalls, historical sites, and also charming sea of clouds, not to mention a mild and comfortable climate. It has a dangerous outside with a variety of landforms: rivers, lakes, and hillsides, mountain peaks, however, it has an elegant inside. Streams and waters grow into branches in rives valleys and form a lot of torrents, 14 ponds, 18 mountain streams as well as 22 waterfalls. All these fantastic landscapes in Lushan Mountain have significant science and tourism value.
Mt Lushan

Mogan Mountain Scenic Spot

Climbing to Mogan Mountain can enjoy the sunrise and sea of clouds. More than 20 scenery spots were scatteredly built on the Mogan Lake, Tianquan Mountain and other attractions. These architectural sketch always make the person have a feeling of “cool breeze is oncoming, sweltering summer weather is going to disappear”.
Mogan Mountain is located in Deqing County, Zhejiang province, drive from Hangzhou or Shanghai to Mogan Mountain is very convenient. “Cool” is the main conditions of avoiding summer, because the Mogan Mountain is located in a certain height, green coverage rate is high, and there is a large quantity of water and bamboo, therefore the summer temperature is low, in July and August the average temperature is only 24.1 degrees, especially the morning and evening is cool for it is the most appropriate for the summer.
Mogan Mountain

Jigong Mountain

Jigong Mountain is located in Xinyang city of Henan province in the south, because of its entire mountain like a rooster open the wing, present the crow. It is one of the four major summer resort in China, the national AAAA level scenic spot. In summer everywhere is dense shade in Jigong Mountain with cool climate, where is a better summer resort.
It is known as the “summer resort in China, park in the southern Henan”. Due to tectonic movement, forming the Jigong mountain peak, the big one is rugged, and the small one is like elves with strange, artful, beautiful features. Summer of Jigong Mountain without heat, it is cool, the summer average temperature is 24 , “spring-like in the forenoon, autumn-like in the afternoon, and winter-like in the night”, enjoy a beautiful legend of “dogs days make people so hot, then going to this mountain can cool and refresh yourself in such a hot weather”.

Beidaihe Scenic Spot

Beidaihe Scenic Area is situated in the western Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province. It is a district in Qinhuangdao. Influenced by the marine climate, this area is cool in summers and warm in winters. The fresh air and the quiet environment provide the ideal conditions for developing tourism in Beidaihe.  Beidaihe is Qinhuangdao is very famous tourist landscape, where there are beautiful natural environment, there are golden sand beaches, the vast sea, the fresh air and suitable climate, and in four seasons are an ideal place for tourism and leisure time.

Beidaihe Seashore Scenic Resort is one of the 44 national key scenic areas. In the east is the Pigeon’s Nest Park, the west is Lianfeng Hill Park, and at the foot of Lianfeng Hill is a beautiful park in which there are many unexpectedly shaped stones and trees. Beidaihe northeast corner of the Eagle Pavilion is an excellent location to watch the sun rise above the sea. At sunrise, a red sun rise from the surface of sea, all mountains with water is a piece of golden yellow, and after the appreciation of the spectacular sunrise at sea, you can also pick up starfish on the beach, the sea crab at low tide which is also interesting.