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Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids

Top 10 Theme Parks in China page listed the Top Amusement Park in China for family travelers who travel with kids. You can enjoy a leisure time with you kids in amusement park listed below, and the amusement parks Top China Travel suggested for you are based on popularity.
Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids

No.1 Hong Kong Disneyland


Reason for Listing: Everyone is carrying their dreams, whether young children or the old men with silver hair expect one day go into the fairy tale world, and make their dreams come true to become a prince or princess in their dream. 

Hong Kong Disneyland has some unique attractions, the two Disney theme hotels, and the colorful shopping, eating and entertainment facilities. Paradise generally includes four thematic areas, similar to other Disneyland in the World, including: USA main street, Adventureland, fantasyland and Tomorrowland. In addition to well-known Disney classic stories and amusement facilities, Hong Kong Disneyland also coordinate with the cultural characteristics of Hong Kong, conceiving some designs for Hong Kong amusement facilities, entertainment and travel.

Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids - Hong Kong Disneyland

No.2 Hong Kong Ocean Park

Popularity: ★★★★☆ 

Reason for Listing: Hong Kong is a paradise, full of temptation. Combined with the construction characteristics of building along coastal area, it is fresh and fantasy, for all of this brings the most curious uncharted territory for people

Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the world's largest Marine Park, with the Southeast Asia's largest Marine aquarium and theme amusement park, it is a charming and favorite place of where visitors love to visit. We can not only see the funny outdoor playgrounds, the dolphin show here, there are also various marine fish, towering Ocean Park Tower, and more exciting Mine Train and Abyss Turbo Drop, which is the perfect combination of science, sightseeing and entertainment.

► Recommend Tour: One Day Hong Kong Ocean Park Tour
Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids -  Hong Kong Ocean Park

No.3 Shenzhen Happy Valley

Popularity: ★★★★☆ 

Reason for Listing: As the leading fashion amusement places in the mainland, the multielement design let people want to visit here. 

Shenzhen Happy Valley is the first national AAAAA level traveling scenic area, which is a modern theme park, integrates with participation, entertaining, enjoyment. It has the largest scale of investment and the most advanced facilities. There are nine big theme zone: Spanish square, the magic castle, Splash mountain, gold mine town, shangri-la forest, hurricane bay, sunshine coast, happy time, and Playa Maya Water Park. These attractions theme gives a vivid and perfect packaging; create a beautiful and pleasant environment with the western United States and the northern China scenery. A thrilling experience, a complicated story, all of this let visitors go into a mysterious realm.

Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids -  Shenzhen Happy Valley

No.4 Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park

Popularity: ★★★★ 

Reason for Listing: Visitors flow rate was huge impetus to the development of all industries of Guangzhou, including amusement industry. Elaborate design, unique style, classic collocation bring local or foreign people unlimited fun. 

Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park is the super amusement park with the most advanced domestic equipment, the highest levels of technology content. And it is an amusement park concentrate of riding amusement, a stunt theater, cruise, ecological leisure, catering, theme shops, comprehensive service, and it is very large with international advanced technology and management level among the world's top theme parks. And Chimelong Water Park is the world's largest and most advanced and has the most recreation facilities. The clean environment and atmosphere allows people to enjoy, play and release. Different theme and style for the majority of visitors provides a colorful world, experience which is really suitable for everyone to play in this joy of heaven!

Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids - Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park

No.5 Suzhou Amusement Land

Popularity: ★★★★ 

Reason for Listing: Near famous Lion Rock, it has foreign style but more Chinese culture characteristics. Mixture of Chinese and foreign culture make it full of infinite glamour. 

Suzhou Amusement Land, which is based on famous Lion Rock, take the east Disney theme as the main theme and integrate with lively, cheerful and spectacular atmosphere of west, and the characteristics of the Oriental garden of comfortable, quiet, natural of the east with "entertainment in the north, sightseeing in the south" for the layout. And it is divided into Europe and the United States town, children's world, the future world, the Scottish estate, Venice water, the lion park, emperor city square and so on nine big scenic area, and there has introduced some equipment, such as flying saucer exploration, timeship, wars universe, space adventures, triangle gliding, frequent flyers and a large number of high-tech amusement equipment. And it has rides and attractions for more than eighty items, so that the suzhou park becomes a modern high-tech equipment in the integration of European and American urban scenery and beautiful natural scenery. And it fully shows the characteristics of international modern high-tech amusement and deep cultural connotation. Visitors can enjoy the colorful gorgeous European and American style, and can also feel the natural full-bodied Oriental emotional appeal again.

Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids -  Suzhou Amusement Land

No.6 Beijing Happy Valley

Popularity: ★★★☆ 

Reason for Listing: Vivid and beautiful ecological environment make people linger, the outline of the beautiful fairy tale draw by Beijing Happy Valley becomes expectations for people in the capital. 

Beijing Happy Valley is a theme ecological park, a masterpiece of Chinese modern tourism. It is the first choice for family travel, a happy classroom for students, and the perfect place for enterprise culture activities. With fashion, dynamic, happy, dream of cultural charm and it becomes an important symbol of Beijing tourism! People can fully enjoy the Crystal Wing, Apollo Wheel of the world top six big entertainment facilities. And you can fully experience the shangri-la, and "Golden Mask Dynasty" will bring you romantic and mysterious feeling; you can also walk along the Aegean harbor, the Maya town, looking for historical relics, combing the context of civilization; or you can also walk into the ant kingdom, understanding social, natural and ecological knowledge.
Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids - Beijing Happy Valley

No.7 Dalian Tiger Peach Ocean Park

Popularity: ★★★☆ 

Reason for Listing: Beautiful coral is always so exceedingly fascinating and charming; the rare animals there are so unique and wonderful and bring life a lot more thinking and exploration.

Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park is scenery of coastal city, which display a marine culture, highlight the characteristics of coastal city, combines sightseeing, recreation, science, shopping, culture in the integration of modern Marine theme park. The attractions in the park are unique with complete facilities. It is the Asian largest coral reefs of large Marine biological museum - coral pavilion; the worlds largest, Chinese only polar experience venues - the polar museum which display polar ocean and animals; One of the country's largest artificial cage - NiaoYu Lin; here are large national longest sea-crossing cableway, etc.

► Recommend Tour: 3 Days Dalian Essence Tour

No.8 Changzhou China Dinosaur Park

Popularity: ★★★☆ 

China dinosaur park, enjoy the "Oriental Jurassic" reputation of modern tourism and leisure area and it is located in changzhou, jiangsu province. It is in the integration of with display, popularization science, and entertainment, leisure and participation dinosaurs as the theme, which is definitely worth trying.
Top 10 Theme Parks in China to Go with Kids - Changzhou China Dinosaur Park

NO.9 Ningbo Beilun HarborLand

Popularity: ★★★

Reason for Listing: It is a beautiful name, a beautiful legend, with the expectation, with fantasy to feel the endless excitement and surprise. 

Ningbo HarborLand theme park consists of four major theme zone of the "Square world", "Magic Village", "Phoenix Castle", "Adventure", in order to create "joy, fashion, surprise, stimulating" atmosphere. It has the most loopback in the Asian and the second in the world.” Flying Phoenix is” more thrilling than the Roller Coaste in Hong Kong Ocean Park; It has the world's biggest fall rafting project -- "jet boat” and the only dual flush project -- "white-water adventure"... Ningbo people try to make their own "Disney", and create more than 10 “the most” entertainment project in China.

No.10 Dalian Sun Asia Ocean Park

Popularity: ★★☆ 

Sun Asia Ocean Park, located in the Xinghai Park andthe west side of Xinghai square, facing the sea. You can walk there from Xinghai Beaches Park, and in the northeast is the largest yacht dock. It is consists of Sun Asia Polar Ocean World, Sun Asia Coral World with a total area of 50,000 square meters which has a rich and colorful, unique marine animal show. In here, you can experience the thrilling and romantic ocean theme. It is awarded as first batch of AAAA level scenic spots (point) in January 2001.

These are the highly recommended  theme parks in China to go with Kids. If you are planning to China and go to one of the cities, you can have fun with your kids in one of the parks.