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Best Places to See Rapeseed Flowers in China

China is an amazing destination for you to have a flower watching trip. Every spring, many areas in China are yellowing by rapeseed flowers. It’s so enjoyable to snap some beautiful pictures and take a breath in the fresh air, with fragrant smell of rapeseed flowers and earth. Where are the best places to see rapeseed flowers in China? The following canola fields are highly recommended.

Luoping, Yunnan Province

  • Florescence: late February to early April


Due to the warm climate in Yunnan, rapeseed flowers in Luoping bloom earlier than other areas in China. When the spring breeze blows, fields of rapeseed flowers look like golden waves of the flower ocean, stretching as far as your eyes can reach. With a series of looming karst cone-shaped mountains dotted among the canola fields, Luoping seems like a fairyland on earth every spring.

Wuyuan, Anhui Province

  • Florescence: mid-March to early April


Wuyuan enjoys the fame of China’s most beautiful countryside, for those well-kept ancient buildings dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. With white walls, dark gray roofs and corbiestep as main elements, traditional Huizhou style architectures in Wuyuan attracts tens of thousands of tourists coming for a visit each year.

When spring comes, a sea of rapeseed flowers turns to full blossoms gradually. When you take a stroll along the tranquil path, you will find out that scenery in Wuyuan is different from any other places. The canola fields in Wuyuan are decorated with traditional architectures, forming a picturesque Chinese painting.  

Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province

  • Florescence: mid-March to mid-April


Hanzhong has a long history of planting rapeseed flowers. In spring, an endless golden sea of rapeseed flowers spread all over Hanzhong Basin, intimately matching the rolling hills in the distance. If Xi’an is on your list, you can consider a flower trip to Hanzhong. There is Rapeseed Flower Festival in Hanzhong every March, you may also experience some local activities as there will be singing and dancing performances, painting and calligraphy exhibition.

Xinghua, Jiangsu Province

  • Florescence: April

Canola fields in Xinghua are surrounded by meandering rivers, showing typical scenery of the watery region in southern China. The beautiful views of rapeseed flowers perfectly match with the water sceneries, which is very enchanting. What you can experience in Xinghua isn’t like anywhere else. Taking a boat around the canola fields is like shuttling around thousands of small islands, you can enjoy yourself immensely in Xinghua.

Menyuan, Qinghai Province

  • Florescence: July


Compared to other areas like Luoping and Wuyuan, canola fields in Menyuan are bold and unconstrained, with distinctive northern characteristic. The flowering season of rapeseed flowers in Menyuan is around July. During that time, you’ll see a wide range of rapeseed flowers are blooming against the backdrop of the azure blue sky and white clouds, displaying a more fascinating picture with snow mountains at the back.

As the fields are most inclined to the river, all you can see from the river banks are the ocean of rapeseed flowers, endless and boundless. Except for the large planting scale, the golden color of rapeseed flowers is extremely gorgeous on the plateau. The strong visual impact through color contrast brings unique feature to Menyuan.

Have a China Flower Trip in Spring

After knowing the above best places to see rapeseed flowers in China, you can choose one based on your schedule. For example, if Yunnan is on your list, Luoping will be your best choice. If you have no idea which place to pick, please feel free to contact us, experienced travel advisors from Top China Travel will give you some good suggestions. Or you can see our popular tours below.