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Top 5 Famous Buddhist Mountain in China

Top 5 famous Buddhist Mountains listed the Most Famous Buddhist Mountains in China for you to experience their unique charm. Some are elegant or magnificent. Owning to their varied figures, unique natural environment and religious significance, they have attracted people from all over the world.


Top 5 Famous Buddhist Mountain in China 

Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai is located in the Wutai County, which consists of east Tai mountain, west Tai mountain, south Tai mountain, north Tai mountain and central Tai mountain. Five mountains’s peak looks like a platform therefore the mountain are named “Mount Wutai (Tai means platform in Chinese)”. North Tai Mountain is the highest mountain with an altitude of 3058 meters which are called “The ridge of north China”. The climate there is very special. Every April every year is the unfreezing month and September is full of snow, and in the summer the weather is cool therefore Mount Wutai is also called “Cool Mountain” to avoid summer heat.
Mount Wutai is important in Chinese Buddhist history. Since Tang and Song dynasty, the monks from Japan, Indonesia, and Nepal come here to offer incense to Buddha. The white Buddhist relic in the temple of Wutai Mountain is the symbol of Mount Wutai. The biggest temple is Xiantong Temple with 400 rooms in it. In the temple, there are 3 bronze halls with exquisite craftsmanship, and 2 bronze towers with beautiful style. The Bell Tower in front of the door is grand and the sound of bronze bell can be spread ten miles away. Nanchan Temple is the earliest temple of Tang dynasty which is well-reserved; it is full of Tang dynasty architecture style.

Top 5 Famous Buddhist Mountain in China - Mount Wutai

Mount Putuo

Mount Putuo is one of five famous Buddhist Mountains in China which is located in the Zhoushan islands in Zhejiang, and it is also a famous island scenery resort. Such a beautiful island where own so many cultural relics is one and only one in China. Mount Putuo is in the 100 sea miles from east of Hangzhou Bay, and it is one of a small island in Zhoushan Islands with an area of 12.5 square kilometers. Walking around the island, you will meet monks with cassock. The beautiful scenery and rich Buddhism atmosphere give this place a mystery.
Top 5 Famous Buddhist Mountain in China - Mount Putuo

Mount Emei

Mount Emei is in Emei city, apart from Leshan area for 30 miles. It is well-known by grand and magnificent natural scenery, mysterious and charming Buddhist culture. The major peak is 3077 meters high, and there are four wonders of sea of clouds, sunrise, the light of Buddha, and holy lamp. Mount Emei is one of the five Buddhist Mountains in China and it is also a natural paradise of rare animals and plants and geological museum.
In the spring, everything starts to wake up and represent vivifying scenery; in the summer, all sorts of flowers blooming; in the fall, red leaves are covering the mountain, blazing with color; in the winter, snow gleams with white, it is so attractive.

Top 5 Famous Buddhist Mountain in China - Mount Emei

Mount Jiuhua

Mount Jiuhua is one of five Buddhist Mountains in China, and it is the country first national scenic spot. It is located in the southeast of Chizhou city, Anhui province. It is across from Tianzhu Mountain with Yangtze River separated in its northwest. Mount Jiuhua has a area of 120 square kilometers, the protection area is 174 square kilometers.
Mount Jiuhua is a fresh and natural landscape drawing. There are many types of scenery in Mount Jiuhua. After being open to the public, Mount Jiuhua added eight scenic regions, hundreds of new attractions.
Top 5 Famous Buddhist Mountain in China - Mount Jiuhua

Mount Fanjing

Mount Fanjing, named “three mountains valley” in the past, situated in the Tongren city, Guizhou province, and it was named for “Brahma Pure Land”. Mount Fanjing is national nature conservation area since 1986. Mount Fanjing is “the origin of Wuling, the ancestor of famous mountain”. It is one of five Buddhist Mountains in China, and it has an important statute in the history of Buddhism.
Mount Fanjing is a unit of Human and Nature Preservation Circle of UN. It has the rich wildlife resource, such as Guizhou golden monkey. When you enter into scenic spot, you won’t feel any artificial scenery here. And its major peak "mushroom stone” is special scenery.
Top 5 Famous Buddhist Mountain in China - Mount Fanjing
These are the top 5 famous buddhist mountain in China. If you are interested in Buddhist culture and want to pray for the best wishes, you may visit to those places.