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The Seven Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in China

In the modern society, people live in fast pace of life. It’s hard to find a peaceful place to slow down life pace. Here we list the six most beautiful villages and towns in China, where you can enjoy a beautiful natural landscape, comfortable and pleasant life.

Danba Village——丹巴藏寨

Danba Tibetan Village refers to the residents living in Tibetan village in Danba county, named watchtowers and fortress-like houses in the past. Watchtowers and fortress-like house, originally is two kinds of different style building, in the passage of time, the two buildings have organically combined with each other. As for appearance, the characteristics of both buildings have fortress’ form and watchtowers shape. Watchtowers and fortress-like house generally have three layers, and also have four layers; and in the one side house is equipped with a wing-room. But no matter how houses and wing-room have built, the top flange are encircling three ribbon of yellow, black, white color, which has formed the one big characteristic of Jiarong Tibetan village.
Danba village is located in the east of Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture; it is the east gate of Garze. Covering a vast area of 5649 square kilometers, Danba features in the mountain confrontation, ridges and peaks, deep canyon and unique scenery. Danba village has rich and colorful btourist resources, such as singular magnificent natural landscapes, charming magnificent national amorous feelings, ancient and mysterious national history and culture. It is one of the best destinations to return to nature, enjoy the leisure vacation and adventure tours all over the world.
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danba village 

Hani Village——哈尼村

Hani Village is located in the Yuanyang Ancient Town, about 6km away from the new town, is a dwelling area for Yunnan Hani minority people. Hani village is another attractive factor in Yunyang Rice Terraces.This village is housed on half of the mountain with about 5 mu area, 150 families, and more than 800 dwellers. The village is in a dense folk atmosphere. When living there, the background of your house may be countless trees rather than roads, and also the noises in the city will be replaced by birds’ singings.
Walking along the flagging path in the village, in just a few hours visitors can feel the essence of Hani terrace culture, visitors can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery of terrace, but also can watch the Hani mushroom house, wood carving village grove, canals, water house, water mill, the production and living facilities. And tourists can see the Hani ethnic costumes, harrow, rakes, hoes and loom production facilities and living appliances, in the display area there are crystal-clear springs. 

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The Seven Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in China-Hani Village

Tuwa Village——图瓦村

Tuwa village is a long bar shape of the village, because the wooden hut is square, the village looked square. The village path extends to the pine trees around the village. Look around this village, surrounded mountains like a pair of big hands to caress the village in the palm.
In the distant Burqin County, Xinjiang Altai Kanas Lake district, home to about 2000 Tuwas. Tuwa people carry on the traditional way of life as before. Tuwa Village located between two mountains, a narrow valley just for so more than 80 people to live. It seems to be wide, because the mountain is not high, and therefore the valley village also appears serene. Behind the Village is hill, the top of the hill is snow. During the summer, snow peak is covered by light green forest. Accompanying by the afterglow, cabin with spire, Swiss style in Tuwa Village reflected a little bit warm golden glow. Cabin next to the pine trees spread scatteredly, all are tall and straight. In the village there are white birchs, scatter in the middle of the pine tree, and because of white stems, they are very conspicuous, combined with booming canopy make they like big umbrella. Behind Tuwa village is the Friendship Peak on the border between China and Russia, with Siberia wind blowing from Friendship Peak and as the terrain becomes lower with the sudden warming to breed the thick trees.

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The Seven Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in China-Tuwa Village 

Zhaoxing Dong Village——肇兴侗寨

Zhaoxing Dong Village, located in Guizhou province, is the largest Dong villages in Qiandongnan Miao autonomous prefecture. Zhaoxing Dong Village was built in the flat ground of mountains, surrounded by mountains; and a small river is flowing through the village. Building in the village built with Chinese fir called the Diaojiao building (stilted building) which is antique. Each stockaded village has unique drum tower, which is the symbol of auspicious, also a symbol of Dong culture.
Zhaoxing is famous for its Dong Villages which is the largest in China. Each village here has at least one drum tower, a wooden structure built without nails and can erect as tall as 30 meters. As the focal point of the whole town, it is the place villagers holding the special events and ceremonies such as the wedding and public meeting. Dong people have a long history as long as the Qing Dynasty. Because there is no written language, the song becomes a very important part in their daily life.

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The Seven Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in China-Zhaoxing Dong Village


Wuyuan, known as the "most beautiful countryside in China," with at least 50 old villages, is located northeast of Jiangxi Province, and near Mt Huangshan and Jingdezhen.
Wuyuan is home to a few of the well-preserved ancient architecture in China. Each of those ancient structures has a unique appearance as well as structure. They emerge from among the emerald green mountains and trees, clear rivers along with the crisscrossing paths between the fields. Those structures were built in 740 during the Tang Dynasty; its remoteness and inconvenient transportation protecting its villages' beauty from a large amount of tourists. Local people there can enjoy the pure, clean brooks, seemingly delicate wooden buildings, unique bridges as well as the tranquil lifestyle, etc...

This village has turned into an ecological, cultural as well as tourist demonstration center of China. The ancient Architectural complexes, caves, Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the Ming and Qing Dynasties architectures are built along the river. The white walls and the deep blue roofs decorated with stone roads and green trees. The arch bridges cross over the banks and are reflected into the river as a circle. All of these form picturesque scenery.
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The Seven Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in China-Wuyuan 

Lijiang Ancient Town——丽江古城

Lijiang Ancient Town is world renowned as an ancient town built in a simple and artistic style and scientifically laid out. It was listed as a national historical and cultural city in 1986. 
Lijiang is surrounded by Lion Mountain in the west and by Elephant and Golden Row Mountains in the north. These mountains in the northwest shelter it from the cold wind. In the southeast there are fertile fields, which are dozens of kilometers long. Lijiang is favored with plentiful sunlight, an east wind and clear spring water, which flows in three streams and reaches every family. The streets are paved with the local stone slabs, which do not get muddy in the rainy season and are free of dust in the dry season. Many stone bridges and arches in the city were built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and orderly roads and lanes extend to four directions from the central square. Residential houses are made of timber; most have a screen wall in front and some have a quadruple courtyard, in which local people plant many flowers.

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The Seven Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in China-Lijiang Old Town

Hongcun Village——宏村

Hongcun Village is located under the foot of the famous Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui Province, China. It is a very authentic ancient town with a history of over 900 years. The original inhabitants of Hongcun creatively built the amazing artificial water system around the village. Most of the buildings are well-preserved Ming and Qing style architectures built along the water channel and lake. Black, dark gray and white are the main colors of those architectures here, together with the Moon Lake in the village, this whole scene creates a beautiful ancient Chinese painting alive.

Today, many travellers will stop by at this village after their wonderful tri p in Mt Huangshan as here provides a great view for picture taking. It was selected into the list of the World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

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hongcun village
Since most of the seven most beautiful villages and towns in China are untouched places, people there keep their own traditional custom and ethnic culture. If you want to explore these fantastic villages with picturesque scenery, we can customize your China tour based on your requirements.