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Tibet Attractions

Tibet is one of the most beautiful places in China. It has the majestic Himalayas, unique geomorphologic landscape, gorgeous natural scenery and historic sites with a long history and culture, and ethnic customs. It is an ideal tourist destination if you are interested in both culture and natural beauty. Tourism resources in Tibet are quite rich and unique and appeal to tourists at home and abroad. The tourist attractions in Tibet are related to nature, geography, nationality, religion, history and other fields. The attractions here shows unique charm and features not only compared with those in other parts of the country, but also in the world, such as Mount Everest - the top of the Earth, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - the deepest canyon on the planet, Potala Palace - the landmark of Tibet, Tashilhunpo Monastery - seat to Panchen Lama, the second most important spiritual leader of Tibet, etc. Here lists the famous attractions in Tibet.

Top Attractions in Tibet

Lhasa Attractions

Shigatse Attractions

Shannan Attractions

Nyingchi Attractions

Nagqu Attractions

Ngari Attractions