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Lulang Forest


Lulang Town, Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet.

Reasons to visit

Primitive forest;nature reserve.

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Opening Hours

  • 7:00a.m.~6:00p.m.

Going to the east from Bayi Town and passing through the mountain pass of Serjila, Lulang forest(Chinese name: 鲁朗林海) stands in front of you. The landscape is particularly beautiful with snow mountains, glaciers, primitive forest, villages and rivers. The species of tree and vegetation are rich here with a large number of birds resting and living within the forest.


With an altitude of 3700 meters, Lulang Forest is located in mountains and forests. It is a typical mountain meadow narrow strip land with a length of 15 kilometers and an average width of one kilometer, mainly composed of bushes and thick spruces and pine trees with a meadow in middle.

In summer, golden wheat waves are formed with wind; in autumn and winter, the leaves of trees in the mountain foot become green, then yellow and red. Watching from far, you can see the white cloud in the blue sky sometimes in the shape of running horses, sometimes in the shape of yaks in the high plateau; it may runs very quickly or quite slowly, like a graceful girl or a passionate boy. The naked peaks were covered with snow and dotted with green meadows and Tibetan houses.

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