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Zanda Earthen Forest


Zhada Town, Ngari Precture, Tibet, China.

Reasons to visit

Amazing nature view.

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  • All day.

The earthen forest is formed by erosion of water. Zanda Earthen Forest(Chinese name: 扎达土林) is the sediment stratum of lakes and rivers, mainly composed by sandstone and clay. This peculiar and mystic physiognomy densely covers the whole Zhada. During the Xiangxiong and Guge kingdoms, people used this kind of natural resource to make caves to live. Now, more than 400 caves can be found in the earthen forest.

Zhada, which means the place where grass in the lower reaches of river in Tibetan, is one of the counties under the administration of Ngari Prefecture. Entering into Zanda, you will find that the earthen forest standing on both sides of Elephant Spring River winding over more than five kilometers. Some are like the warrior defending the mountain top, some like thousands of horses galloping, and some the devout followers cultivating themselves, standing there quietly. From different angles, you can get different wonderful view.  

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