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Tibetan Customs

Tibet is located a the third pole of the world, with an altitude over 4500 m. Thousands of years, people living on this land created brilliant Tibet culture and customs causing the attention of the world. The Tibetology spring up from 19 to 20 centuries is still in the ascendant now.

As we know, the folk customs of nationalities or people living in the same area have long developing history and finally formed a custom system, while culture is the sum of the material wealth and spiritual wealth created during the practice process of the society and history. Folk custom is one of the important society culture phenomenon. Tibetan is an ethnic group with a mysterious cover. The wisdom, knowledge about life, compassion, tolerance and peace of mind, all contribute in making the culture of Tibet. The simplicity of life, the spirituality of minds and rich customs and traditions give a strong hold to this alpine region. In this page, Top China Travel will introduce Tibetan culture and customs for you to know more about Tibet.