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The Most Famous Chinese Silk Towns

ilk has been regarded as the emissary and symbol of Eastern civilization since ancient times. The earliest silk article discovered now is about 4700 years old, unearthed from a tomb dating back to Liangzhu Culture in China history. Here we list four silk towns in China for your reference. Silks produced from these towns are most fabulous in china that you will love.

Huzhou, Zhejiang Province

Huzhou is called "hometown of Silk, land of fish and rice". Silk Production in Huzhou has a long history for over 4700 years. The silk in Huzhou is exported to the world's five continents, and deeply loved by people of all countries.

As early as the Spring and Autumn Period, Huzhou Silk was already exported to more than 10 countries. In Tang Dynasty, Huzhou silk reached its heyday that it is the tribute for the center government. The real starting point of the Silk Road in Tang Dynasty is Huzhou. You could still found some place in Huzhou named camel bridge or some thing related to the western Asian culture. In 1292, Marco Polo, the Italian Traveler, came to Huzhou. He mentioned Huzhou’s silk in his travel notes which proved that Huzhou silk developed to a very high level at that time.

The Most Famous Chinese Silk Towns - Suzhou

Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

In the Xia Dynasty, Suzhou had already produce Color Mosaic silks which named “Zhi Bei”. And in Zhou Dynasty, there were even a war fighting between Chu and Wu States for the sericulture. The capital of Wu was Suzhou at that time.

There are several varieties of silks in Suzhou, such as “Wu Gao” in the Spring and Autum Period, “Wu ling” of Three countries and two Jin's Period, “ Ba Can Si” “Fei Ling” of Sui and Tang Dynasty, “Song Style Silk”, "Kesi", etc. Among them, brocade, Suzhou embroidery, Song Brocade has applied for the word intangible cultural heritage.

The Most Famous Chinese Silk Towns - Hangzhou

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Hangzhou Yuhang District is the only silk production base defined by the government of China. Up to now, Hangzhou has hosted four China International Silk Fairs, and the silk information center is also set up in this city.

Hangzhou yields many kinds of silk such as silk damask, Romania, silk, satin, yarn, crepe and others for 14 in big class, more than 200 varieties and over 2000 designs and colors. The silks in Hangzhou are exported to more than 100 countries and districts all over the world.

Shengze Township in Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province

Shengze Township, located in Wuzhou City of Jiangsu Province, is the main silk weaving base and distribution center in China. It is reputed as "Turning out myriad silks a day and Offering the world ample clothing" since ancient times.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, “Wu ling” in Shengze became the tribute for the government. In Ming and Qing Dynasty, there were professional silk workshop and market for silk trading in Shengze which attracted silk dealers all over the country. It is regarded as one of the four Houses of Silk in China together with Suzhou, Huzhou and Hangzhou. Up to now, the silk industry the pillar industry of Shengze Township. Shengze grows up to be the largest silk production base in China.