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Major Cities in China

Here are 10 major cities in China, which are also ranked as 10 of the largest cities in China. Some of them may not be the so typical tourist destinations in China, but they all have made great contributions to the country on economic or financial interests as the others. 

Shanghai – Largest City of China
Urban Population: 22.3 million

Shanghai, a city directly under the Central Government, is China's largest city, with an urban population of 9.54 million. Advantageously located, Shanghai is located halfway down China's mainland coastline, where the Yangtze River empties into the sea. An important comprehensive industrial base and harbor,
Shanghai plays an essential role in the national economy. Major industries include metallurgy, machine-building, shipbuilding, chemicals, electronics, instruments and meters, textiles and other light industries, in addition to its highly developed commerce, banking and ocean-going shipping industry. The Pudong New Zone, separated from the old city by the Huangpu River, is now undergoing vigorous development and construction. Its look changes with each passing day.

Beijing – The Capital of China
Urban Population: 18.8 million

As the capital of China, Beijing ranks as the top on the major cities in China. Reputed as the world’s historical city and one of the top seven ancient capitals in China, Beijing has been the capital of China since Lioa Dynasty, 800 years till now.
The city of Beijing has preserved the imperial architecture of the Ming Dynasty well. In the city's center is the oblong Imperial Palace, which is surrounded by a 10-odd-meter-tall wall topped with a turret on each of the four corners and skirted by a moat. Outside of the Imperial Palace is the original Imperial City's vermilion walls, nine km in circumference and having many symmetrical city gates. In addition, there is also a square "inner city" 20 km in circumference, and an oblong "outer city" in the south of the "inner city." With the Forbidden City at the center, there is a central axis running through it from north to south, on either side of which are streets, shops and residential houses laid out in a symmetrical chequerboard pattern. Winding rivers, beautiful gardens, and ancient and solemn sacrificial altars and temples are scattered all over the city, adding beauty to its symmetrical pattern.
Another highlight of Beijing is the Great Wall which is regarded as a symbol of China. The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications running in general east to west through the entire northern part of China, which is made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, built originally in part to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire or its prototypical states against intrusions by various nomadic groups or military incursions by various warlike peoples or forces. Two sections of the Great Wall can be reached from Beijing. One is Badaling Section Great Wall and the other one is Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall.

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Major Cities in China-ChongqingChongqing – The Largest Industrial Center in China
Urban Population: 15.6 million

Also a municipality directly under the Central Government, Chongqing is the largest industrial and commercial center in southwest China, and a hub of land and water transportation in the upper Yangtze valley, with an urban population of 6.61 million. Chongqing is a comprehensive industrial city, with advanced iron and steel, chemicals, electric power, automobile manufacturing, machine-building, shipbuilding, construction materials, textiles, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries.
Chongqing is one of the cities along the Yangtze River. And for travelers in Yangtze River Cruise, it is the place to get on / off the cruise ship.

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Major Cities in China-TianjinTianjin – The Commercial and Shipping Centre in Northern China
Urban Population: 11.9 million

, one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government in China, is one of the biggest industrial and port cities in China and it is also known as 'the diamond of the Bohai Gulf'. Tianjin covers an area of 11,000 square kilometers and has a population in excess of 11 million people.

Located on the lower reaches of Haihe River, the largest river in north China, Tianjin is the join point and the estuary of the 5 main tributaries of Haihe River. With the Opening and Reform policy pushing forward, Tianjin developed rapidly and became the shipping centre of Northern China in 2009. 

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Guangzhou – Most Important Gateway in South China
Urban Population: 11 million

As one of the most prosperous trade and business cities in China, Guangzhou is a symbol of China’s trade and economy power. It is the largest and most important gateway in south China, with an urban population of 4.17 million. As the oldest trading port in China, Guangzhou was a foreign trade hub as early as in 200 B.C. The Huangpu Port, where ocean-going ships can anchor, has navigation lines reaching all continents in the world. Since 1957, a bi-annual Chinese export commodities fair has been held here, one in spring and the other in autumn. As an important entry/exit port for overseas tourists, Guangzhou boasts a great number of modern hotels.


Major Cities in China-Shenzhen Splendid ChinaShenzhen – Business and Transportation Hub in South China
Urban Population: 10.3 million

160km away from Guangzhou and 35km from Hong Kong, Shenzhen borders Dapeng Bay in the eastern, the Pearl River mouth in the west and New Territory of Hong Kong in the south, is an importation transportation hub of mainland China and Hong Kong. Besides, it is one of China major ports for foreign trade and international exchanges, and China earliest special economic zone and newly-rising tourist city.

Covering a total area of 2,050 square kilometers, with a coastline stretches 470km along the facing the South China Sea, Shenzhen is also a beautiful newly-rising tourist city reputed for its marine resource. 


Dongguan – An Important Manufacturing City in South China
Urban Population: 8.2 million

Located in the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan is a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong province, which borders the provincial capital of Guangzhou to the north, Shenzhen to the south, and the Pearl River to the west. As an importation manufacturing city in South China, which has entitled “the world factory”, it ranked 4th in China for exports, only behind Shenzhen, Shanghai and Suzhou.

Owning to its superb geographical condition, Dongguan enjoys easy access to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and actually, it is a must-pass-by locality from Guangzhou to Hong Kong by road or waterway.

Covering a total area of 2,465 square kilometers, its permanent resident population is around 8.2 million, among which, 3/4 are permanent migrants from other cities in China and also includes some overseas Chinese.


Major Cities in China-ChengduChengdu – Economic, Transportation, and Communication Center in Western China
Urban Population: 7.12 million

Located in the southwest part of China, Chengdu is the capital city of fertile Sichuan Province. Owning to its superb geographical and natural environment, and advanced development concept, Chengdu became one of the most important economic, transportation, and communication centers in Western China during the recent decades. It was recently named China's 4th-most livable city by China Daily.

Chengdu is also an important historical and tourist city of China since ancient times. It is the cradle of “Shu Culture”, one of the major inland farming civilizations in China. It is also home of Giant Panda, one of the rarest animals in the world.

Hong Kong – International Trade Center of China
Urban Population: 7 million

The total population of the Hong Kong is 7,000,000. Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. Now Hong Kong has become on the world’s major manufacturing and financial centers.
Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination as well as being one of the world's major business centres. It has over 260 outlying islands but only a few are inhabited. This means that Hong Kong offers a great range of contrasts, with numerous islands that provide a tranquil alternative to its frenetic energy elsewhere. Hong Kong Island is an eclectic mix of modern skyscrapers, colonial buildings and traditional temples.


Major Cities in China-HangzhouHangzhou – Commercial Centre of Yangtze River Delta
Urban Population: 7 million

Hangzhou is located on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River in southeast China, a superior position in the Yangtze Delta and only 180 kilometers from Shanghai, which gives it economic power. Hangzhou's economy has rapidly developed since its opening up in Hangzhou is one of China's major textile industry centers, and the largest producer of gunnysacks in China, it also be considered as an important manufacturing base and logistics hub for coastal China.

Besides, Hangzhou is one of China's big tourist attractions, which renowned for its abundant historical and natural resources. 

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