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Largest City of China - Shanghai

According to the urban population data of each city, Shanghai ranks as the largest city of China.
The 2010 census put Shanghai's total population at 23,019,148, a growth of 37.53% from 16,737,734 in 2000. 20.6 million of the total population, or 89.3%, are urban, and 2.5 million (10.7%) are rural. Based on population of total administrative area, Shanghai is the second largest of the four direct-controlled municipalities of China, behind Chongqing, but is generally considered the largest city in China because Chongqing's urban population is much smaller.
The largest city of China - Shanghai
The registered population of Shanghai reached more than 14.1 million by the end of 2010, and the floating population that have stayed in Shanghai for more than half a year reached nearly 8.3 million.
98.8% Of Shanghai's residents are of the Han Chinese ethnicity, while 1.2% belong to various minority groups. However, the minority population has grown by 165.54% since 2000, much faster than the overall population growth.
  • And Beijing ranks as the second largest city of China with a population of 19,959,563 (data based on the result on January 1st 2011) 
  • China's third largest city is Guangzhou with a population of 13,510,651 (data based on the result on January 1st 2011)
Combining data from the 2011 census to rank China's top 5 largest cities on the basis of de facto population in urban areas of city districts:
23.71 million
19.96 million
13.51 million
13.20 million
9.80 million
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