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Famous Tourism Festivals in China

In China, various tourism festivals are held in different areas, which are dedicated to introduce a variety of tourism resources to travelers abroad and home by showing tour destinations, tour packages, and interesting tour activities, and giving art performances, thus they open a formal and big channel for tourist to get much information about tour resourcesand local culture in an area in one time, and they are also a big chance for travel operators and travelers to have a face-to-face communication.

Tour resources could be different according to tour destinations, and some have been already well known to tourists, but some are not, in either cases, advising is necessary to attract more tourists. Local governments, tourism departments and tourism agencies are positive to organize festivals in an aim to introduce local tourist scenic spots and local culture, and  make them better known to the public from abroad and domestic, and to invite tourists to have a tour Here are some famous tourism festivals in China for you.

Reading Guideline:

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

ice and snow festival

Place: Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Date: Officially starts on January 5 and lasts one month in Every Year(could open earlier or stay longer according to weather conditions )

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival(HIISF) is the first festival  themed by ice and snow, held annually since 1985 and listed as top four famous International Ice and Snow Festivals in the world(Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, Japanese Sapporo Snow Festival, the winter carnival in Quebec and Canada and Oslo Skiing Festival in Norway). And now it is the largest ice and snow festival in the world. HIISF is one of the most special tour festivals, and one of the most famous ones in China. Every year, it attracts tens of thousands tourists by having wonderful ice carving exhibitions and holding ice sports, and other tour activities.

What is on: it has over one hundred ice and snow activities to entertain tourists. First, international snow sculpture art expo. In the exhibitions about ice carving, you can see large-scale splendid castles decorated by lights in night, building ice sculptures, figure sculptures, etc. Second, sports competitions, like swimming, speed skating, football, ice hockey, etc. Third, other interesting activities, like ice lantern art fair, dog sledding, safari-style Siberian tigers watching football games, ice and snow photography exhibition, book fair, ice wedding ceremony, ect. You could also go a bit further to watch the Mongolian fishermen catching fish on the ice-covered Chagan Lake. Fourth, there are also trade fairs, and you may get some discounts.

What to do: First you may have a night tour to see those beautiful ice carvings and sculptures in Harbin Ice and Snow World. Second, you are invited to take participate in tour activities, and have lots of fun. Third, you may have several days tour to visit tourist spots in Harbin, like Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Ice Lantern Fair at Zhaolin Park, Stalin Park, St. Sofia Church, Sun Island, Siberia Tiger Park and China Snow Town. For more information, please click Harbin Attractions.


Shanghai Tourism Festival

shanghai tourism festival

: Shanghai,China
Date: September

Shanghai Tourism Festival has been held for more than twenty years since 1990,  held by Shanghai Tourism Bureau and other government departments, and is the biggest and most influential tourism festival in China. This tourism festival is divided into four big parts, Classic Urban, Comfortable Life, Shanghai Eating and Food, and Tour and Sightseeing, covering tour spots and sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, recreation, sports, exhibition,  food and shopping. During the festival, there are many interesting activities, starting from the first Saturday in every September, lasting for more than twenty days. Shanghai holds various activities and every districts also hold their own activities, and they  sincerely welcomes all new and old friends and guests from all over the world to Shanghai to have a tour feast together.

What is on: it covers several major categories and decades of programs, and attracts more than 8 million person-times each year. In the Classic Urban, you can participate in festooned vehicle parade and parade performance, photography competition, wedding ceremony, music concert, etc. In the Comfortable Life, there is comedy performance, dragon and lion dance, etc. In the Shanghai Eating and Food, you can enjoy various delicious food, because there are food competitions, coffee festival, beer festival, food festival, band performance, etc. In the Tour and Sightseeing, you can see exhibitions about tour destinations and tour resources from lots of places. Moreover, there is Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival, Shanghai Shopping Festival, and Great Sales Promotion Activities of Shanghai Tourism Festival for you. During this big tour tourism, almost all tour spots in Shanghai offer 50% off to you, and you could have a great tour in Shanghai at a small budget. 


Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival

hainan carval

Hainan, China

Date: November, December

Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival is held every year since 2000, by Hainan government and China's National Tourism Administration, and lasts for over one month. It aims to introduce Hainan tourism resources, Hainan culture to the world, to build Hainan a name of  Hainan international tour  island, and to promote Hainan tourism development. Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival is composed of four big parts and six types of activities, and those activities are held in several cities in Hainan island. This carnival is held in the whole island, which is full of carnival atmosphere, and people are in cheerful moods during the whole month.

What is on: first, it has large scale gala performances, folk custom performance, and music concert. Second, it has many exhibitions, like food exhibition, local products exhibition, art exhibition, etc. Third, it has a great number of sports competitions, like soccer, beach volleyball, surfing, sailing, bicycling, marathon, boat racing, golf. Fourth, there are lots of tour-related activities, like shopping festival, camping festival, hiking activity, mountain climbing activity. In this festival, you can take participate in lots of tour activities, watch many competition, enjoy gala performances as well as have a wonderful tour in Hainan, which will be a great tour experience to you. Still, Hainan has a 30 days free travel visa for you, please learn about it.


Huangshan Mountain International Tourist Festival

huang shan tourist festival

Place: Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province,China
Dates: October

China Huangshan International Tourism Festival is first held in 1991, and then held every year in Huangshan City, and it is one of the big events in Anhui province. This tourism festival is usually held in November, lasts several days, and aims to facilitate the development of the tourism industry by hosting travel agent conferences, tourism investment promotion fairs and tourism real estate fairs. Every year it attracts tourists and media from countries and regions like the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Singapore and Thailand.

What is on: It has wonderful art performances, including tour gala performance and Huizhou folk performances, Second, it has various tour resource exhibitions, and culture exhibitions, and products exhibitions, like painting and calligraphy exhibitions, Anhui specialties and local products exhibitions, Anhui famous products exhibition, and Anhui tourism products exhibition. Third, it also holds business talks about tour investment and seminars about tourism development. Fourth, it has tour promotions as well. In this tourism festival, you can see abundant tour resources in Anhui, and beautiful tour spots, have a deeper understanding about Anhui culture.