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Best Time & Worst Time to Visit China

When will be the best time to visit China? Well, people have different views on this question, because China is so vast that you could get diverse sceneries even in the same period of time. Generally speaking, spring and autumn will be the best time to visit China, based on the travel cost, weather condition and good spots for travelling. Meanwhile, you may have a better experience by avoiding the worst time to visit China. Read this guide for more information about the best time & worst time to visit China.

best time to visit China
The Great Wall 


Worst time to visit China

It’s fine if you come in a season that is not the best time for visiting this city. What really matters is you come at a totally inappropriate timing, when you find the price for air tickets and hotels are higher, and every place you visit are overflowed with tourists. When is the worst time to visit China from US? One simple answer is to avoid Chinese holidays like National Holiday and Spring Festival.

However, the traditional lunar calendar in China is totally different from calendar in the US, you’d better check it before booking your flight. Also, you may find it hard to check the dates, since the exact dates of those Chinese festivals vary from year to year. Feel free to contact Top China Travel if you’re confused, our professional travel advisers will suggest the best period of time for your China tour.

enlightenedTry not to pick:

  • Labor Day: May 1-3
  • National Holiday: the first week of October
  • Spring Festival: late January to early February
  • School holidays: Summer vacation; Winter vacation

Some US citizens may be interested in Chinese culture and want to experience the local customs of Spring Festival in China, even though it’s a great memory, you’d better be aware that everything will be more expensive than usual.

  1. Price for your air tickets and hotels will be expensive, you’d better book in advance.
  2. Some shops and restaurants will be closed for a few days, so that price will be higher.
  3. Train tickets are sold out because most of Chinese people are travelling back home.
  4. Chinese people will move city to city, or even visit other countries. It’s really important to book your tickets as early as you can.
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Best time to visit China

According to the weather condition in most of cities in China, the best time to visit China will be March to May, and September to October. For some cities, it might be different. But no matter which month you choose, China always has something attractive.


Visit China in Spring - March to May

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy natural sceneries, when the weather is warm and comfortable, flowers are about to bud and bloom in the fresh air. It is a good time to travel to most of cities in China, such as Guilin, Yunnan and Mt. Huangshan, the picturesque landscapes are really charming.

If you want to visit popular tourist cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Xi’an, spring is quite suitable, so that you could avoid the crazy hot weather during summer. However, Tibet is an exception, as Tibet is closed to foreign tourists for March.

best time to visit China
Li River of Guilin


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Visit China in Summer - June to August

Summer is still a great time for travelling in China, but the weather will be a bit hot in some cities, such as Chongqing, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. Regardless of the temperature, you should know that June to August will be rainy seasons for some cities in southern part of China, like Guilin. But it is a good time to visit Tibet, Yunnan and Hainan during summer.

What we have to mention is that visiting China in summer may be annoying, because it’s summer vacation for students in China, families with kids are travelling around those popular cities, you may find an enormous number of tourists moving around all the famous attractions.

best time to visit China
West Lake of Hangzhou

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Visit China in Autumn - September to November

Autumn is an amazing time for visiting China, as the weather is temperate and cool, with less rain. Want to find some autumn color? Go to Jiuzhaigou Valley, Longji Rice Terraces in Guilin, and The Great Wall in Beijing, autumn is the best time for a colorful picture. For those visitors who love photography, autumn will be as excellent as you can’t imagine.

Actually, autumn is a perfect time for visiting most of cities in China, just remember to avoid the first week of October. Choosing autumn for a Xinjiang tour is highly recommended, except for the marvelous autumn sceneries, you can have taste all kinds of fruits.

best time to visit China
Jiuzhaigou Valley


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Visit China in Winter - December to February

Winter in China is not extremely cold, it will be snowy in northern China, such as Xi’an, Beijing and Harbin, but it can be a good choice if you like snow sceneries. You can experience Harbin Ice and Snow Festival during winter, it will be an amazing experience for families with kids. If you don’t like cold weather at all, you can visit Hong Kong, Yunnan and Hainan.

Travelling to China in winter can save a lot of your money, no matter for the air tickets or accommodations. You don’t have to worry about the crowds either, of course, dates around Spring Festival are not recommended.

best time to visit China
Harbin Ice and Snow World

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When is the cheapest time to visit China?

If you prefer a budget tour in China, it’s better to come during the cheapest time——from December to next March, excluding Spring Festival. During this period of time, you may get the lowest price for flight tickets and hotels, and as it’s the low season for touring, it won’t be crowded. Meanwhile, for those who love snow sceneries, winter will be the best time to China from US.


In general, knowing about the best time & worst time to visit China could help you make a decision more easily, but it mostly depends on your interests, and also holidays in the US. Anyway, you can get beautiful views in different regions of China whenever you come.


Explore the Best of China with Top China Travel

China offers all the US tourists different views from all the seasons. You may decide the exact travel date based on your interests, because choosing a right time for a scenic tour is necessary. Travelling with Top China Travel, you may visit the most beautiful landscapes in a right season. See tours below for your China tour plan.

best time to visit China
Longji Rice Terraces


Scenic Tours:


Cultural Tours:

If you’re flexible with the dates and want to explore the best of China, please let us know your favorite cities and types of sceneries you want to experience, we’ll help you create an ideal plan according to your preferences.