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Most Beautiful Danxia Landforms in China

China Danxia Landform refers to the landscape developed from continental reddish conglomerate and sandstone, also known as "red- beds " mainly in southern of China. On The 34th World Heritage Conference held on August 1,2010, "China Danxia”, which includes the 6 famous Danxi Landform scenic areas in China, was approved by UNESCO to be formally listed in the "World Heritage List". In this page, Top China Travel will take you to have a glimpse of the charm of all the most beautiful China Danxia Landforms.
Most Beautiful Danxia Landforms in China

Top 1 Danxia Mountain, Guangdong

Danxia Mountain is located in northeastern suburb of Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. Because the rocks’ color is red, so called Danxia Mountain (Dan and Xia all indicate the color-red in Chinese language). Danxia Landform is named after it.  
Danxia Mountain Geopark was approved by the UNESCO as a world geopark in February 13, 2004. It covers an area of approximately 280 square kilometers, including: Danxia Mountain Shaoshi Mountain, Dashishan Mountian, Aizhai and several other scenic spots. The Danxia Landform here has its typicality, diversity and irreplaceability.

Scenic Areas:

There are Zhanglao Peak Scenic Area, Yangyuan Mountain Scenic Area, Xianglong Lake resort, Jingjiang Lake Scenic Area and Basai Scenic Area.

Most Beautiful Danxia Landforms in China - Danxia Mountain, Guangdong

Top 2 Wuyi Mountain, Fujian

Located at the junction of north Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces, Wuyi Mountain is among the first group pf China's top tourist cities. In December 1999, Wuyi Mountain was listed as the World's natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

With a pleasant climate, fascinating scenery, abundant products, time-honored history and rich tourism resources, Wuyishan is a famous tea, grain and timber production center in China. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty (1100-771 BC), Wuyishan was well-known for its places of scenic and historical interests.

Scenic Spots: 
Great King Peak, Tianyou Peak, Maiden Peak, Nine-bend Stream, Wuyi Palace

Most Beautiful Danxia Landforms in China - Wuyi Mountain, Fujian

Top 3 Dajin Lake, Fujian

Dajin Lake, located in Taining County of Sanming City, Fujian Province, is one of the Top 7 Most Beautiful Danxi in China, ranked by China National Geography Magazine. It covers a total area of more than 230 square km and can be divided into five scenic areas: Jinhu Scenic Area, Shangqingxi Steam Scenic Area, Zhuangyuan Rock, Luohan Mountain and Taining Ancient Town.
According to the investigation certification of 63 well-known geological experts, the Danxia Landform above Dajin Lake is the world's most complete development one with the widest varieties, richest landscapes, largest area and highest altitude.

Scenic Areas:
Jinhu Lake Scenic Area, Shangqingxi Stream Scenic Area, Zhuangyuan Rock Scenic Area, Luohan Mountain Scenic Area

Top 4 Mount Longhu, Jiangxi

Mount Longhu is located 20 km away from Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province. Long means “Dragon” and Hu means “Tiger” in Chinese, so it is also called Dragon and Tiger Mountain. It is the No. 8 World Natural Heritage in China, the world geological park, national natural and cultural heritage site, National AAAAA scenic spot , national forest park and the national key cultural relics protection unit.

Longhu Mountain is featured by typical Danxia Landform in China. There are 24 cliffs, 99 peaks, 108 natural and cultural scenic spots, and over 20 legendary wells and pools in the scenic area. Luxi River flows from south to north like a jade ribbon, linking Shangqing Palace, Tianshi Mansion, Longhu Mountain, Fairy Water Cliff and other spots. Surrounded by scenic hills and springs, the ten major beauties in the core area indeed seem more refreshing and exciting.

Main Scenic Areas:
Shangqi Palace Scenic Area, Tianshi Mansion Scenic Area, Longhu Mountain Scenic Area, Heavenly Rock and Water Rock Scenic Area, Rock Tomb Group Scenic Area, Elephant Trunk and Paiya Rock Scenic Area, and Du Peak and Mazu Rock Scenic area.
Most Beautiful Danxia Landforms in China - Mount Longhu, Jiangxi

Top 5 Ziyuan Bajiaozhai, Guangxi

Ziyuan Baijiaozhai is located in Ziyuan County at the southwest part of Guilin City. It is a typical Danxia landform. It is located at strips of red bed basin consisted by conglomerate and sandstone of Cretaceous. The basin extending from Ziyuan County in Guangxi Province to Xinning County in Hunan Province. It is also named Lang Mountain in Hunan.

Rich Variety of Danxia Landscapes:
Danxia Peaks Forest, Danxia Isolated Peaks, Danxia Mountains, Microscopic Danxia Landform, Fog Scenes

Bajiaozhai Cultural Landscapes:
Bojiaozhai Tiankong Temple, Langtian Yao Village, Baihui Valley Stone Carving

Top 6 Zhangye Danxia Landform

Zhangye Danxia Landform, located in Zhangye City of Gansu Province, is majestic and imposing, together with the unusual shapes and the gorgeous colors, making people are stunned by the creation of the nature. Zhangye Danxia Landform is concentrated in Linze and Sunan County, covering an area of over 300 square kilometers. It is one of the largest and best China Danxia landform with richest landscape modeling.

The beauty of Zhangye Danxi is not just because it is odd, dangerous but also its colors. In a circumference of more than 10 square kilometers of range, there are bright colors as red, yellow, orange, green, white, graphite, gray, gray can be seen everywhere, decorating the numerous trenches and hills colorfully. Zhangye Danxia landform’s bedding staggered lines, colorful tunes and dazzling splendor drawing form a colorful fairy tale world.

Most Beautiful Danxia Landforms in China - Zhangye

Top 7 Chishui Danxi Landform

Chishui Danxia Landform is located in Chishui City, Guizhou Province. It is the representative of the early youth Danxia landform, and it covers and area of over 1200 square kilometers. Chishui Danxi is the largest and most spectacular Danxia landform in China.

Unlike other Danxia landforms in the China, Chishui Danxia belongs to the young early Danxia, which is also the most beautiful phase. There is not only the Danxia landform but also combines waterfalls, wetlands, Lam and other natural beauty. Forests coverage rate reaches more than 90%. It is also known as the "green Danxia".
Chishui Danxia Landform, with its bright red Danxia cliff, imposing isolate peaks, thousands of spectacular rocks and mountains, huge rocks gallery and Danxia caves and canyons and beautiful green forest form a incomparable amazing tourist area.
Most Beautiful Danxia Landforms in China - Chishui Danxi Landform
Those are the most beautiful Danxia Landforms in China. You may choose the most convenient one to visit that is near to your destinations when you are in China.