Taining Dajin Lake, Dajin Lake, Taining World Geopark.
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Taining Dajin Lake

Sanming Dajin LakeDajin Lake, located in Taining County of Sanming City, Fujian Province, is one of the Top 7 Most Beautiful Danxi in China, ranked by China National Geography Magazine. It covers a total area of more than 230 square km and can be divided into five scenic areas: Jinhu Scenic Area, Shangqingxi Steam Scenic Area, Zhuangyuan Rock, Luohan Mountain and Taining Ancient Town. 
According to the investigation certification of 63 well-known geological experts, the Danxia Landform above Dajin Lake is the world's most complete development one with the widest varieties, richest landscapes, largest area and highest altitude.

Taining Geopark

In 2005, Dajin Lake National Geopark was accredited by UNESCO, and was upgraded to Taining World Geopark. The park covers a total area of ​​492 square km, which Danxia area occupies ​​square km. Consisting of Stone Net, Dajin Lake, the Eight Immortals Cliff, Gold Naoshan, the four parks and Taining Ancient Town, it is a composition of adolescent Danxia Landform (as the main landform), granite, volcanic, tectonic geomorphology and other geological heritage.

Scenic Areas
Sanming Dajin Lake
Jinhu Lake Scenic Area
Jinhu Lake is located in the middle of the park, originated from Jinxi Stream. After the hydropower station built here in 1980, the area of the lake’s surface is ​​36 square km. Since then, the vast deep clear water and the oddly-shaped Danxia hills became the perfect combination of dynamic and static, known as "the World’s First Lake Mountains” and it is very famous at both home and abroad. 
Shangqingxi StreamScenic Area
Shangqingxi Stream hides in between the valleys among the mountains. It is an incised meander in the valley formed by geological movement 65 million years ago. Sit in a bamboo raft and flow down along the stream, the scenery by the stream is very beautiful like the heaven.

Zhuangyuan Rock Scenic Area
Zhuangyuan means the Number One Scholar in Chinese. Zhuangyuan Rock is the representation of Taining Confucian culture and Taining World Geopark. It is said that, the No. one scholar Zhou Yinglong used to climb the rock and studied hard in the cave of the rock for 5 years when he was young. Later he became the No. One Scholar, and was revered as a sage. Subsequently ancient Confucianism students imitated the ancestors to read and debate in the cave.

Luohan Mountain Scenic Area
Here you can find red Danxia cliffs, ancient trees, vines, mountains and water. You could see mountians looks like Luohans, hence the name.
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