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Yongtai Qingyunshan Scenic Area


Linglu Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China

Reasons to visit

Nature scenery with waterfall, grassland, mountain.

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Opening Hours

  • 8:00am-5:00pm

Yongtai Qingyunshan Mountain Scenic Area, located 76 km south of Fuzhou, is a key national site. This scenic area covers a planned area of 52.5 square kilometers.

There are 9 mountains which stretch a kilometer into the sky; and also 9 rivers flowing through springs, waterfalls, valleys, cliffs and deep canyons, which are all allowed for experience by tourists.

This scenic area is regarded as an ideal summer resort, which covered with verdant and dense trees, faintly recognizable fogs and clouds. Also, there are lots of distinct rocks and profound valleys with Blue Springs as well as flying waterfall. Enjoying your tour in this "Natural Oxygen Bar", you can breathe the fresh air; feel the cool wind; catch a few fantastic mountainous views; experience the beautiful sceneries of the cliff, canyon, waterfall, etc…

Yongtai Qingyunshan Mountain Scenic Area is divided into four scenic areas, including Stone Corridor Canyon Scenic Area, White Horse Canyon Scenic Area, Jiutian Canyon Scenic Area and Shaluo Canyon Scenic Area.
Yongtai Qingyunshan Mountain Scenic Area

Main Attractions to See in Qingyunshan Mountain

【Stone Corridor Canyon Scenic Area】Due to its canyons and stone corridors, it got its name. The main spectacles of this scenic area are the corridor of cloud, sky and stone. Lies near the top of Qingyun apex, it is also called "corridor of climbing to the sky ". It is four long-shaped aisles formed by hard and soft rock layer after decency. Tourists are able to have both a far-away look as well as a nearby look.

【White Horse Canyon Scenic Area】
This scenic area is marked by cliff, canyon and waterfall. There is heavy water and thick fog in dragon as well as white horse waterfall, down ocean waterfall, prince waterfall and turtle deep pool waterfall. The spectacle is extremely fantastic. There are eight valleys there; all of them have their distinct characters and endless wonders.
Yongtai Qingyunshan Mountain Scenic Area
【Jiutian Canyon Scenic Area】
This scenic area features in waterfall and huge rocks. There are distinct lovesickness rock, squirrel stone, rainbow waterfall, nine-layer water curtain, etc…Lots of rocks are formed naturally in various shapes. Some look like a young woman missing her husband, or like a monkey holding his peach, or like a fairy, a Buddha, the Great Wall, a lion, an ape or many other things.

【Shaluo Canyon Scenic Area】
This scenic area is so quiet and long with abundant varieties of plants, ancient pines as well as standing cliffs. It’s really an ideal tourism destination. Here, you can see eighteen -stream winding stone woods, eight big canyons, three large heaven ponds, red army hole, zhuangyuan hole, cane hill grassland, down ocean waterfall, prince waterfall, stone dragon waterfall, fire and smoke waterfall, the corridor of cloud, sky as well as stone. The well-liked attractions in this scenic spot are Huoyan Waterfall, Tian Pool, Tengshan Grassland and Yuntian Stone Corridor.

The above are some main attractions in Qingyunshan Mountain Scenic Area, and you can cover all the places in one day.

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: 永泰青云山景区
【Best time to visit there】: March to April and September to early November are the best time period to visit the Qingyunshan.
【How to get to Yongtai Qingyunshan Mountain Scenic Area】: There is express bus leaving for Yongtai Qingyunshan Mountain Scenic Area in parking lot in the western side of Wuyi Square. The distance is about 81 kilometers. It usually departs at 7:00am and takes 1 hour on the road. The return bus is at around 4:00pm. But the number of express bus is quite limited; you need to check the schedule by yourself in Wuyi Square. Or you may take bus from Fuzhou West Bus Station to Yongtai County (永泰县) first, then transfer to local taxi to reach the Scenic Area.

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