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Youxi Terrace


Youxi Prefecture, Sanming City, Fujian Province.

Reasons to visit

The most beautiful rice terrace in Fujian Province.

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Youxi Terrace(Chinese name:尤溪梯田), the most beautiful terrace in Fujian, located in Youxi Township, Fujian. Going into Youxi Terrace is like going into a colorful fairy tale world. Youxi Terrace is a landscape picture scroll. The folds of terraced fields, is like a ladder straight on the clouds, as long as you ascend the stairs, as if you can climb to the blue sky. Standing on the hillside, look of terraced fields, it is like a string of pearls on the earth. At every spring, rice terrace of Youxi County in Fujian province is the paradise for photographer. The layers of rice terrace extends for ten miles which give people a sense of surprising. When sun descended over the western hill, the rice terrace of backlight is charming. The beautiful rice terraces in the southeastern of China become exquisite photos in photographer’s mind. Rice terrace in Youxi is natural scenery, when you take a broad view, the rice terrace extended between mountains. In the spring time when farmers began to plough, water to irrigate the field, the sparkling water is very suitable for taking picture. 


Youxi is also one of thousand age counties in Fujian province. It was built in Tang dynasty the 29th years of Kaiyuan Period (741 AD), famous Confucian of the Southern Song dynasty, educator Zhuxi was born in this place, therefore the county attaches great importance to the zhuxi's cultural heritage protection and development in recent years, initially formed statue of Zhuxi, public square, Nanxi academy, Shen langzhang park and so many humanities landscape, etc. These things are infiltrating the city and creating cultural education atmosphere, historical cultural accumulation.

Best Time to Visit

Youxi Terrace stretch for seven administrative villages, Lianyun, Yunshan, and Xiayun are the best location for sightseeing, the local tourism department set up the best 9 photography point along the way. Liu yangdou Terraces on the ocean side was a sign of Youxi Terrace landscape, its characteristic is that the sunrise time is early, in summer just after 5 p.m the sun is rising; Lianyun Village Terraces facing western, sunrise time is late, generally to seven to eight clock, there is only suitable for shooting afterglow.
Shooting time of Youxi Terrace should select early in the morning and in the evening, and should make full use of prime time and the best time (prime time is before and after half an hour in the morning and half an hour before sunset, the angle between sun and s the horizon is 15 degree; best time refers to 9 to 10 in the morning, 3 to 4 p.m in the afternoon, the angle between sun and s the horizon is 15 degrees to 60 degrees), in order to achieve the best effect of light. In addition, the sea dials high reached more than 800 meters of the terrace, there are more than 200 days a year is shrouded in fog, so when shooting you should try to avoid the mist weather.


Lianhe Village’s local peanuts and tea is well-known, and green bamboo in Youxi is famous too.

How to get to Youxi Terrace

【By car】
Starting from Fuzhou, going through Golden Bridge, Orange Garden Continent Bridge, Fuyin high-speed, Youxi high-speed export to terraces, about 150 km.

【By bus】
There are midibuses from Youxi Station to Lianhe village. But in the Dongbian village, Yunshan Village and Lianyu Village, there is one bus to Lianyun Village, if you miss it you can take motorcycle.

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