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Why Travel to China from Southeast Asia

When it comes to plan a travel, we will always recommend China. Most of the travelers from Southeast Asia will ask why travel to China. China is a country with vast territory, long history, rich culture and beautiful scenery. From the sunshine of the beaches to the ice and snow in the northern parts, from the skyscrapers to the traditional residences, from the picturesque karst landform to the splendid Danxia landform, China offers as many as things you can imagine including safe traveling environment, friendly people, rich culture and impressive views.

In this article, we list the reasons why you should list China into your travel list. We are sure that China will satisfy each traveler from Southeast Asia physically and mentally.


1. Experience the Long History of China

In many places of China, you can feel the extensive and profound Chinese culture and long history. At the Forbidden City, you can know about the complex of ancient buildings with wooden structure and learn about its history. At the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, you will know about the wisdom and imagination of people in Qin Dynasty. At the Great Wall, you can learn about the long history and skills of the craftsmen. At the Mo Kao Grotto at Dunhuang, you will feel the beauty of art of the wall paintings.

Through these historical sites, you can not only feel beauty, engineering brilliance, wisdom and imagination. You can but also experience the diverse and profound culture of China, one of the 4 civilized ancient countries of the world.

The Palace Museum


2. Feel the Rich Culture in China

China, a nation with diverse culture, provides you various types of experience of Chinese culture. With many ancient temples, you can feel the Buddhist culture in China. With 55 ethnic minorities in China, you can experience the characteristic and special culture of the ethnic minorities in China. Also, you can feel the tea culture in China by tasting different kinds of tea in China. Besides, the Chinese operas like Beijing opera, the Chinese Kong Fu, calligraphy, traditional Chinese medical science and Tai Chi become more and more popular among the world.

Travel to China, experiencing the Chinese culture is as important as enjoying the wonderful scenery of the attractions, which makes you better know China and expand your horizons. Once you feel the Chinese culture by yourself, you will know the charm and beauty of it.

Tai Chi


3. Enjoy the Beauty of the Natural Wonders

There are many famous mountains, lakes and rivers in China, the vast territory. At Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, you can see the amazing towering grotesque peaks into the clouds. From the charming Jiuzhaigou Valley to the beautiful snow mountains, you can travel to Western Sichuan. If you like challenging, you can climb up the Five Sacred Mountains in China. Yangtze River provides you a wonderland with the alongside landscapes of mountains and water. Enjoy the breeze by the Erhai Lake or Qinghai Lake, watch the birds flying on the lakes and walk around the lakes, which will definitely be a relax and comfort.

Visiting the natural wonders in China, tourists from Southeast Asia will get the visual beauty and astonishment of the beautiful views through mountain climbing, photo taking and walking.

Jiuzhaigou Valley


4. Taste the Delicious Foods in China

China must be a paradise of foodies. We will travel to a place because of a photo, a video and even a kind of food. If you like spicy things, you can travel to Chengdu, Chongqing or Guiyang for hot pot and chilli chicken dices. Tasty things are the relax and comfort to people after tired work of trip. Food is a part of our life. There are various tasty foods in China. There are Eight Great Cuisines in China. Sichuan Cuisine and Hunan Cuisine are known as spicy. Traveling to Guangdong, you can taste the typical morning tea including dim sums, sea food products and Cantonese foods.

Tasting the foods of a place is a good way to experience the life of local people, also providing the opportunities for the travelers to know about the culture of a city in China. As for some overseas Chinese, the local foods are the taste of hometown, which is a special status in their heart.

hot pot


5. Convenient International Transportation

Overall, the transportation of domestic and international flights are very convenient in China, especially for the major cities in China. Also, the high-speed railway is very convenient and comfortable among the cities in China, which is worth experiencing for tourists from Southeast Asia. When it comes to transportation, we must mention Chongqing, a 8D city in many people’s eyes. You can see many magical scenes of the transportation of Chongqing, like light rail crossing the buildings.

Not only the convenient international flights, there are also visa-free policies with some countries of Southeast Asia like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, which makes your travel to China more convenient and simple.

High-speed Train in China


6. Safe Traveling Environment

Safety is the most important thing when we travel to another place or country. China can be said one of the safest countries to travel to. First of all, your safety can be guaranteed because the gun-control in China is very strict. You can go out alone at 2 AM without worrying about your safety. Besides, the whole public security of China is good and the Chinese have a sense of security.


7. Friendly People

Chinese are really friendly to the tourists and foreign tourists. Chinese are willing to help others including foreign tourists. If without the difference of language, Chinese are very willing to communicate with foreign visitors. And people are naturally curious about the life of a foreigner. If you want to know about the life and culture of some Chinese, they will be happy to communicate with you. Most of the people who had been to China must have experienced the friendliness and warmth of Chinese.

With the friendly people, you will get better traveling experience in China, which should be a reason that why you should travel to China.


8. Find the Fun of Shopping

Traveling to China, you will find the fun of shopping. There are many special and interesting things in China, which will easily attract the interest of foreign tourists. There are many things in China including clothes of traditional and modern, souvenirs, exquisite decorations like refrigerator magnets and other products. And you will find many things in your home are made in China. China is the representative of the quality.

Hefang Street in Hangzhou


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