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What to Pack in Silk Road Tour?

Are you planning a trip to the silk road? Here are some travel tips for you regarding to what to pack for a silk road tour. Before you start your mysterious and fantastic Silk Road Tour, you should pay more attention to the preparation of your personal baggage. Some tips following are given for you.

silk road travel necessary

Take clothing for a wide range of temperatures and comfortable shoes

Even during May and October, topography and climate along the Silk Road vary greatly. Some stretches of the road are high and cold, others low and dry.

Take enough skin care product. 

Lotions and creams to supplement enough moisture are necessary, because you are going to pass several gobi and desert with dry weather. Pay more attention to the influence of your skin made by the dry climate.

Bring your personal items such as dental floss and feminine hygiene supplies, because such items cannot be bought along the route.

Carry sun block and suntan oil to prevent sunburn, as the sun's ultraviolet radiation can be very strong, particularly at higher elevations.

Carry basic medical supplies, perhaps a small first and kit plus medicines for ordinary ailments like cold medication, health pill, adhesive bandage, etc…for such medicines cannot be bought along the route.

Take care of your personal credentials, wallet and mobilephone.

Do not burden your trip with more baggage than you can easily carry. It is best to travel fairly light but well prepared.