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Tips for Train Trip along Silk Road

Trains are the favorite way to travel along the silk road. Most travelers choose to travel along the silk road by train. Top China Travel offers you some tips on train travel of this ancient silk route for your reference.

Train Lines along Silk Road China

silk road train

The Baoji-to-Lanzhou high-speed train which started in 2017 marked the first official opening high-speed railway passing through the silk road economic belt. This high-speed rail connects the major cities along the silk road, such as Xi 'an, Baoji, Tianshui, Urumqi, Lanzhou, Xining, and other major cities. It actually forms a new high-speed channel of the silk road. Since then, you can travel by train to Urumqi from Beijing, Xian, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu. Some tips following are given to travelers.

• Xi'an, as the start point of the silk road, trains from all major cities in China can  go directly to it.  So you can plan your silk road trip with Xian as your first city.

• Urumqi, travelers can purchase train tickets from Xian, Lanzhou, Beijing and many other cities to get there.

• Every other cities on the silk road from Kashgar to Dunhuang is connected by train.

How to Take a Train on the Silk Road

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•Regular tickets are easy to buy. You can buy a ticket in a railway station or online.  Chinese official train tickets web is http://www.12306.cn/mormhweb/

 Please noted that sleepers’ tickets can only be bought in termini or major stations. 

•Travelers making long journeys such as Beijing to Urumqi, necessary commodities on train may better to be equipped by yourself cause food and drink available on the train is often sold out after the first day. So you can carry with enough food and drinks to cover the whole trip since, quite often, these items are sold out from Gansu westwards.

•Toiletry items like towel, toothbrush, toilet paper, must be carried by the traveler since they cannot be bought on the train.