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Top 10 Things to Do in China for Seniors

A senior trip in China should be fun and enjoyable, since you have plenty of options to enjoy a leisure time and experience the splendid Chinese culture. What to do in China? Here we highly recommend the top 10 things to do in China for seniors, read on to find out what you really want to do in China.


1.Hike the Great Wall in Beijing

The Great Wall, being the most representative symbol of China to the world, has been through more than 2,000 years from ancient China until now. Hiking on the Great Wall must definitely be on the top of your bucket list. On the one hand, you can enjoy the majestic sceneries alongside, on the other hand, you may feel the profound history of China from every brick on the Great Wall.

There are plenty of sections in Beijing for tourists to explore, such as Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall etc. For senior travelers, we suggest you choose Mutianyu Great Wall, as it’s more suitable for seniors to climb, flat and less crowded. Cable car is available if you have wheelchairs.

Climb the Great Wall


2.Visit Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an

If you’re a history buff, visiting Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an will be one of the top things to do in China. With more than 8,000 soldiers in different appearances, hundreds of horses and bronze weapons, you’ll be shocked by the large scale of this wonder, and also the delicate skills of ancient Chinese artists.

As this museum is far from downtown Xi’an, it’s better for seniors to have a private tour. Meanwhile, visiting with a travel guide will be more wonderful, as you may be curious about all the stories of those precious craft work. We could also arrange for the real experience of making clay warriors in the workshops if you have interests.

Visit Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an


3.Explore Modern China in Shanghai

Various historical sites may give you a great cultural experience, while magnificent natural sceneries may impress you a lot. However, here in Shanghai, you can admire the natural beauty of Huangpu River and closely experience the mixed culture of eastern and western through buildings alongside. As the colonial architectures recall how Shanghai was in the past, the modern skyscrapers possess how Shanghai and even China develop right now, what you can see in Shanghai is more fabulous than you can imagine.

Most senior travelers prefer to visit Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Museum and Jade Buddha Temple. What’s more, water towns near Shanghai are worth-visiting, just choose one according to your schedule. Or you can also consider a connecting trip to Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Yuyuan Garden


4.Be a Panda Keeper in Chengdu

You may see pandas in most zoos in different cities of China, but you may rarely have the chance to take care of pandas. If you’ve ever dreamed about being a panda keeper, it will come true in Chengdu. Join Panda Volunteer Program in Dujiangyan Base to get closer look to the adorable pandas, you may know more about the living habits of pandas.

You can also visit Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding if you have no interests on this program, there are lots of pandas there, including baby pandas and adult pandas. As the hometown of giant pandas, you will get a great experience in Chengdu.

Giant Panda


5.Cruising along Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo

Never miss Li River if you are kin on water sceneries, the stunning views will leave you a deep impression, especially the section from Guilin to Yangshuo. Imagine the incredible picture of Li River, the rolling hills are around the jade green river, with the poetic inflection on the clear water. Rainy days will be great too, Li River looks more charming among the mist.

Li River

Not satisfied with the short cruising journey? Don’t hesitate to have a Yangtze River Cruise. Actually, it won’t be tiring for senior travelers, on the contrary, it will be fun and leisurely.


6.Pick an Ancient Town for a Visit

Visiting an ancient town will be one of the top things to do in China for seniors. Some ancient towns are preserved very well even after a thousand years, the people there are living with their own lifestyles. Recommended ancient towns in China are Pingyao Ancient Town, Lijiang Ancient Town and Dali Ancient Town. You could experience distinctive minority culture in some of the ancient towns.

Just choose water towns if you also like water sceneries, there are plenty of choices for you, including Tongli Water Town, Wuzhen Water Town, Zhouzhuang Water Town and Zhujiajiao Water Town. The characteristic architectures, ancient bridges combine a peaceful picture with the water views.

Lijiang Ancient Town


7.Experience Minority Culture in China

China has a profound history of more than 5,000 years, with colorful culture in each region. If you’ve already experienced Chinese food culture, tea culture or any other kind of culture, it’s time for you to know about minority culture in China, as you can experience in no other place but in China.

Jjidao Long Skirt Miao Village

Speaking of minority culture, we have to mention Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet and Xinjiang. Generally, you may choose from the following options. We suggest Yunnan as your first choice, for there are 25 ethnic groups in Yunnan.

  • Dai culture in Xishuangbanna
  • Bai culture in Dali
  • Naxi culture in Lijiang
  • Miao and Dong culture in Guizhou
  • Tibetan culture in Tibet
  • Uyghur culture in Xinjiang


8.Enjoy Majestic Mountain Views

For lovers of mountaineering, all kinds of famous mountains in China generously provide you grand mountain views, elegant or magnificent. You can go to Zhangjiajie for the world-famous Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, or travel to Mt. Huangshan for the perfect combination of grotesquely-shaped rocks and imposing peaks. Moreover, there are still lots of options if you really love mountain sceneries, such as Mt. Huashan, Mt. Taishan and Mt. Emei. You can choose a mountain for majestic views according to your health conditions.



9.Learn to Make Dumplings with Local Chinese

Have you tried dumplings before? We guess you may have ordered some from the Chinese restaurants in the China town of your country, but the flavor is quite different from the authentic flavor in China. Except for trying dumplings, you can totally consider learning how to make dumplings, so that you can cook for your family after you go back home. What a meaningful thing it is. Just let us know if you’re willing to experience the whole procedure of making dumplings, we could arrange for a home visit to Chinese family.

Learn to Make Dumplings


10.Watch a Wonderful Show at Night

What to do at night in China? Watching a wonderful show at night will be quite suitable, as you can rest your feet and enjoy a leisure time. There are lots of excellent shows in different cities of China, just take the following options for consideration, all the shows are excellent for a watch.

Impression Liu Sanjie


  • Kungfu Show in Beijing: exciting performances of martial arts
  • Acrobatics Show in Shanghai: one of the most popular acrobatics show in the world
  • Impression Liu Sanjie in Guilin: fantastic outdoor show on Li River telling stories of Liu Sanjie
  • Impression West Lake in Hangzhou: amazing musical show with West Lake as backdrop
  • Tianmen Fox Fairy Show in Zhangjiajie: magic musical show of a mythology in ancient China


Top China Travel Knows More Fun Things to Do in China

Please feel free to contact Top China Travel for more things to do in China, as local experts know better the best things to do for senior travelers in each city of China. You can check some sample tours below if you have interests.

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If you have any good ideas in your mind, just let us help you, we could create an ideal senior tour according to all your preferences and requirements.