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Top Destinations in China for Senior Travelers

China is quite suitable for senior travelers to visit, for various sceneries, splendid culture and convenient transportation. Based on your purpose for this China tour, you can either have a scenic tour or historical tour, there are plenty of options for all kinds of requirements. For those who are confused about which city to choose, read on to know the top destinations in China for senior travelers, including Sanya, Kunming, Guilin, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing.


8. Sanya: Enjoy the Sunshine on the Sandy Beach

Sanya, located at the southernmost part of Hainan Province and China, has China’s best beaches. Reputed as Oriental Hawaii, Sanya is suitable to visit all year round. You may enjoy a leisure time along the sandy beach, explore the mysterious tropical forests, or go fishing around the East Islet and West Islet. What’s more, fresh seafood and various tropical fruits are really attractive.

Enjoy a Leisure Time along the Beach

Best time to visit: October to the next March

Best places to visit: Yalong Bay; Dadonghai Beach; Wuzhizhou Island; West Island; Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Recommended areas to stay: Yalong Bay; Sanya Bay; Dadonghai Beach

How many days to spend: 4 to 5 days

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7. Kunming: Explore Splendid Ethnic Culture

Kunming is definitely one of the best China destinations for seniors, no matter for the moderate climate, gorgeous natural sceneries or splendid ethnic culture. Kunming is well-known as the City of Spring, if you’re visiting China during winter, Kunming is more than suitable for you.

Don’t miss the Stone Forest near Kunming city. If you want to seek for amazing autumn colors, Dongchuan Red Land will be an ideal option. Additionally, we suggest you experience Pu’ er tea culture during your trip in Kunming, as this type of tea is native to Yunnan Province.

Village of Ethnic Culture

Best time to visit: March to October

Best places to visit: Stone Forest; Western Hill and Dragon Gate; Dianchi Lake; Village of Ethnic Culture

Recommended areas to stay: Dianchi Scenic Spot; Golden Horse & Jade Chicken Square

How many days to spend: 2-3 days

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6. Guilin: Capture the Marvelous Karst Sceneries

Guilin is a great destination for family tour, no matter with kids or seniors. With fine weather and unique karst landscapes, Guilin enjoys the fame of the finest scenery under heaven. Except for plenty of mysterious karst caves, Yangshuo and Longsheng nearby will be wonderful choices for you to explore natural beauty.

Unlike Beijing and Shanghai, Guilin is much quieter and less crowded, which is welcomed among senior travelers in China and around the world. Some senior-friendly activities like taking Li River Cruise, going around local parks, and learning Chinese calligraphy are all relaxing and interesting.

Elephant Trunk Hill

Best time to visit: between April and October

Best places to visit: Li River; Reed Flute Cave; Yangshuo; Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces;

Recommended areas to stay: near Jiefang Bridge; Xiufeng District

How many days to spend: 3 to 5 days

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5. Chengdu: Be a Panda Keeper

Chengdu, the hometown of Giant Panda, is what you can’t miss during your trip in China. As a senior tour should be enjoyable and relaxing, Chengdu is just what you’re looking for, you can enjoy every moment in this city of leisure. Since giant pandas may be the most attractive reason that you visit Chengdu, it’s a great chance for you to be a panda keeper to take care of the cute pandas and observe them very closely. You can just join the giant panda volunteer program in Dujiangyan Panda Base.

Here in Chengdu, you can slow down your pace and explore the local life in Chengdu People’s Park, or you can find a teahouse for a relaxing moment, Sichuan Opera is available to watch in some teahouses. If you’re interested in Buddhism culture, a connecting tour to Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei will be good, the natural sceneries are also magnificent.

Giant Panda

Best time to visit: from March to June and from September to November

Best places to visit: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding; Jinli Street; Kuan Zhai Alley; Sanxingdui Museum; Chengdu People’s Park

Recommended areas to stay: near Wenshu Temple; Wuhou District

How many days to spend: 3-5 days

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4. Hangzhou: All about the West Lake

Hangzhou combines charming natural landscapes with splendid culture, including Buddhism culture, tea culture and silk culture. Each year, lots of senior travelers visit Hangzhou for the beautiful West Lake, you can either ride a boat or take a stroll around West Lake. For those who love to watch sunset, Leifeng Pagoda will be an excellent spot.

For places nearby, you can consider picking one or two water towns or tea villages for a visit, according to your schedule. As Hangzhou is not so far from Shanghai and Suzhou, a connecting tour will also be good.

West Lake

Best time to visit: March to April and September to October

Best places to visit: West Lake; Lingyin Temple; China Silk Museum Hangzhou; Wuzhen Water Town; Meijiawu Tea Village

Recommended areas to stay: Eastern Area of West Lake; Near Lingyin Temple

How many days to spend: 2-3 days

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3. Shanghai: Modern Ambience meets Ancient Culture

Shanghai presents how fast China has developed in the recent decades, the well-designed skyscrapers along Huangpu River kindly show fascinating night views all year round. Taking a Huangpu River Cruise will be quite suitable for senior travelers, as you can rest your feet and enjoy the fantastic sceneries alongside.

This is a place where modern ambience meets ancient culture, you can closely feel a mixture of eastern and western culture from the stylistic architectures. It will be enjoyable to wander around Yuyuan Garden for a leisure time, or watch an excellent acrobatic show at night. A home visit to a Shanghainese family will be a great opportunity for you to experience the local life in Shanghai.

Jade Buddha Temple

Best time to visit: June to August, September to November

Best places to visit: The Bund Shanghai; Yuyuan Garden; Jade Buddha Temple; Chenghuangmiao Old Street

Recommended areas to stay: near The Bund; Nanjing Rd.

How many days to spend: 3-5 days

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2. Xi’an: Perfect Destination for Exploring Chinese History and Culture

Xi’an is really popular among senior travelers, for it is a perfect destination to explore Chinese history and culture. With a number of historical sites like Terracotta Warriors and Big Wild Goose Tower, you will have wonderful cultural experiences in Xi’an. Based on your physical condition, you can also consider a visit to Mt. Huashan for an unforgettable memory. Don’t worry, there are cable cars available up and down.

Speaking of cultural experiences, some senior travelers would love to take part in some traditional activities, such as learning Tai Chi, Chinese calligraphy and paper-cutting. We could also arrange for a home visit to learn how to make dumplings, it’ll be interesting and meaningful.

Xi’an City Wall

Best time to visit: April, May, September and October

Best places to visit: Terracotta Warriors; Xi’an City Wall; Big Wild Goose Tower; Shaanxi History Museum; Mt. Huashan

Recommended areas to stay: around Bell Tower; near Big Wild Goose Tower

How many days to spend: 3-4 days

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1. Beijing: Top 1 Destination for all Kinds of Tourists

Beijing must be the top 1 senior-friendly cities in China, there are always something fun for you to do, no matter you prefer a scenic tour or cultural tour. The most attractive attraction will definitely be the Great Wall, we suggest you choose Mutianyu Great Wall, for it will be less crowded and more easily to climb than Badaling Great Wall. What’s more, it’s very suitable for those who use wheelchairs.

Local parks will be great places to get close to local life in Beijing, some retired people like to play Tai Chi, fly kites and play Chinese Chess there. If you go around Beijing Hutongs, you may get to learn Chinese calligraphy, make kites and pay a visit to local family. As you are in the capital of China, don’t miss the chance to taste Beijing Roast Duck and watch Beijing Opera.

Summer Palace

Best time to visit: June to August and September to November

Best places to visit: The Great Wall; Forbidden City; Summer Palace; Temple of Heaven; Hutongs; Beihai Park

Recommended areas to stay: Wangfujing area; Nanluoguxiang area; Chaoyang District

How many days to spend: 3-5 days

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Except for the above top destinations in China for senior travelers, you can still consider Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou and Mt. Huangshan if you prefer natural sceneries. Or you can join a tour group for Tibet if you’re interested in Tibetan culture. For more best China destinations for seniors, please feel free to contact Top China Travel for more information, our professional travel consultants know the best options for you.


Top China Travel Knows the Best Destinations for Seniors

China is a great destination for all kinds of visitors, and there are plenty of top destinations in China for senior travelers. If you don’t know which cities are best for you, travel consultants from Top China Travel could help you work out the most suitable travel plan. View our sample tours for some good ideas. A private tour will be wonderful for senior travelers.

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