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Is China a Good Destination for Senior Travelers

Is China a good destination for senior travelers? China has well-developed transportation system, plenty of historical sites and various natural sceneries. It is a wonderful destination for seniors to have an enjoyable and fun trip. You may find out the answer in the following discussion.


1.Convenient Transportation

China is very easy to get to from most countries in the world, thus, you’ve got lots of options for international flights. Major entry cities are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Meanwhile, inner transportation has developed very well in the recent years, especially high-speed train.  You really should experience high-speed trains during your trip in China, more comfortable and punctual.

Public transportation in China is convenient, metro is available to take in big cities, bus and taxi are good options to get to main attractions too. However, for senior travelers, our suggestion is to have a private tour, with professional guide and private driver for all your itineraries.  

Convenient Transportation in China


2.Moderate Weather

Weather is an important factor when choosing a senior-friendly destination, as the ideal weather for the best experiences should not be too hot or too extremely cold. Moderate weather in most cities of China kindly provide you plenty of choices, as best times for visiting range from April to November.

Spring and autumn will be great seasons for visiting most places in China, but it depends on what kind of scenery you’re interested. For example, views for Jiuzhaigou vary from month to month, the most colorful season is autumn.

Moderate Weather


3.Diversity of Experiences

China has so much for you to explore, you will always find something new and attractive no matter how many times you visit China. Generally speaking, one will never get bored in China.

For those who love natural sceneries, China will be your ideal choice. You can enjoy picturesque karst landscapes in Guilin, explore magnificent mountain views in Zhangjiajie, and fantastic water sceneries in Jiuzhaigou. Whatever sceneries you like, China has something for you.

For cultural buff, China will surprise you with its splendid culture. You can feel the long history on Xi’an City Wall, climb the Great Wall in Beijing, experience minority culture in Guizhou or explore Chinese Kungfu in Luoyang. With a number of historical sites and all varieties of charming culture, China will never let you down.

Experience Minority Culture in China


4. Senior-friendly Meals

As seniors may have higher requirements for the food while traveling, kinds of Chinese cuisine offer you various choices based on your own taste. It’s no exaggeration to say that China has the most diverse culinary scenes in the world, as you may have heard about the Eight Chinese Cuisines. Additionally, except for those famous cuisines, there are lots of local dishes and snacks in each city.

Chinese food is famous for its rich flavors, but seniors should be careful for sweet, spicy and greasy food. If you can eat spicy food, Sichuan Cuisine will be great choice for you, especially hot pot, Mapo Tofu and Kung Pao Chicken. If you prefer sour flavor, try West Lake Vinegar Fish in Hangzhou. By the way, food in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou will be a bit sweet. Please feel free to ask us more recommendations for senior-friendly meals.

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5. Various Activities for Seniors

Speaking of activities in China, we have a lot to say. There are countless fun things to do in China, no matter what age you are. And for senior travelers, you’ve got lots of options for an amazing experience in every single city of China. You can learn making dumplings with local Chinese, join cultural classes for Chinese calligraphy, painting or paper-cutting. Also, you can go cycling around countryside in Yangshuo if you are fit enough. Don’t hesitate to contact Top China Travel for more fun activities if you have interests.

Learn Tai Chi on Xi'an City Wall


Create Your Best Experiences in China

Is China a good destination for senior travelers? Sure thing. Regardless of the above factors, there are still more reasons for you to start a senior tour in China, no matter kind local people or safe environment. Don’t hesitate to get an unforgettable memory in this amazing country. See sample tours below to easily plan your trip.

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Not interested in these tours? You can have your personal tour created by all your interests and requirements. We’re happy to help you with all the planning and provide the best service for you.