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Top Indian Restaurants in Xian

As an Indian traveler in Xian, you may want to try some Indian food in Xian. For Indian travelers' convenience, here we write this article Top Indian restaurants in Xian, and introduce them one by one. Indian restaurants serve Indian food, drinks, and deserts,  with many options, like Indian breads, Indian rice, vegetable and meat. In fact, Indian restaurants are vegetarian friendly, and they have many vegetable curries.

Before we expatiating it, we have some useful tips for you to choose an Indian restaurants in Xian. You could evaluate a restaurant from location, price, food, and service, and choose the best.

Tips for choosing Indian restaurants in Xian

is it close to your hotel? How long does it take to get there?

Price: is it expansive? Is it valuable for the food?

Food: does the Indian food served have great taste? Does it have many options?

Service & environment: does it have English-speaking staff? Is the staff polite and nice? Is the restaurant clean and beautiful?


Top 1 Ganges Indian Restaurant Xian

Ganges-top indian restaurants in Xian

Ganges Indian Restaurant is a chain restaurant in China, and it has a branch in Xian. The owner, chef and manager are Indians, and they make authentic Indian food and drinks. Most Indian travelers in Xian would like to come here and enjoy the delicious Indian food. For meat, it has chicken options and lamb options, like Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Raan, and Lamb Tikka. For drinks, it has a series of drinks, like Kingfisher Indian beer, Lassi, Indian refreshments, fresh fruit juice, fruit blends, soft drinks sparkling & still water.

Open time: 11:00 AM-10:30 PM.
Tel: +86 29 8931 8440.
Location:  A5-3 Happy Mall Food Court, Ci’en Road, Yanta District.
Close to:  south gate of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda(300 meters), Tang Paradise(850 meters), Bell Tower(7 km-25 min by taxi).
How to get to Ganges Indian Restaurant Xian: take metro Line 3, and get off at Big Wild Goose Pagoda Metro Station, and get out from Exit C; or take No.606, No. 601, No. 609 public bus.
Hotels around: Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square(6.8 km-29 min by taxi),  Hilton Xian(6.5 km-30 min by taxi).
Average cost for 1 person: 936 Rupees.

Menu & price:

  • The drinks of India( 105 Rupees-470 Rupees): Mango Lassi( 240 Rupees).
  • Salad & soup(210 Rupees-300 Rupees): Green Salad (291 Rupees).
  • Vegetable(about 350-500 Rupees): Katchumber Salad(291 Rupees).
  • Meat( 600 Rupees -1540 Rupees): Chicken Tikka is about 600 Rupees, Lamb Raan is about 1540 Rupees
Recommended dishes: samosa, Chicken Masala Curry, Chicken Mint Tikka, Butter Naan, Lamb Rogan Josh.


Top 2 Redfort Cultural Restaurant in Xian

redfort--top indian restaurants in Xian

Redfort Cultural Restaurant is a popular Indian restaurant in China, with 2 braches in Xian, and it offers various Indian food and drinks, such as soup, Dal, Indian rice, Indian breads, vegetables.

Open time: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM.
Tel: +86 298411 3559.
Location: No.118, Laodong South Road, Lianhu District.
Close to:  Bell Tower( 5.5 km-15 min by taxi), Xian City Wall(4.8 km-13 min by taxi).
How to get to Redfort Cultural Restaurant: take public bus, such as No. 184, No. 40, No. 216, No.43; or take taxi, about 15 from Bell Tower.
Average cost for 1 person: over 676 Rupees)

Menu & price:

  • Samosa & rice: Vegetable Samosa(291 Rupees), Lamb Dum Biryani( 540 Rupees).
  • vegetable: Mushroom Tikka( 395 Rupees), Sauteed Broccoli( 395 Rupees).
  • Meat: Grilled Fish with Chilly Sauce(499 Rupees), Tandoori Lamb(915 Rupees), Tandoori Chicken (603 Rupees)
Recommended dishes: Briyani, Chicken Tikka, Mutton Curry.


Top 3 Delhi Darbar

Delhi Darber--top indian restaurants in Xian

Delhi Darbar is one of the top Indian restaurants in Xian, and one of the oldest Indian restaurants for over 10 years.It has vegan food and non vegan food. For vegan food, it has Green Salad, Mix Raita, Bhindi Masala, Hara Bhara Kabab, etc. For non vegan food, it has chicken, fish and lamb options, such as Chicken Tikka and Garlic Chicken. For rice, paneer and naan, it has options like Paneer Curry, Roti Naan. For drinks and deserts, it also has many options.

Open time: 10:30 AM-11:00 PM.
Tel: +86 29 8525 5157.
Location: No. 3 East of Datang Tongyifang, Yanta West Road, Yanta District.
Close to:  Big Wild Goose Pagoda( 1.5 km-7 min by taxi), Shaanxi History Museum(1.1 km- 5 min by taxi).
How to get to Delhi Darbar: take metro line 3, get off at Big Wild Goose Pagoda Metro Station, and walk about 900 meters. Or you could take public bus, like No. 606, and take taxi.
Average cost for 1 person: 520- 1150 Rupees, and non-vegan food would cost more than vegan food.
Menu & price:
  • Vegan food is about 156-365 Rupees, for instance, Hara Salad( 156 Rupees), and Hara Bara Kabab(228 Rupees).
  • Meat food is higher in price than vegan food, is about, for example, Murgh Curry is 405 Rupees.
Recommended dishes: Samosa, Panner Curry, Chicken Curry, Lamb Biryani, Lassi.


Top 4 Amber Palace Indian Asian Fusion

amber palace indian--top indian restaurants in Xian

Amber Palace Indian Asian Fusion is a newly-opened Indian restaurant in Mandy Plaza, with an old restaurant in Xiaozhai Xian, and aims at providing high-end Indian food. It has vegan options and non vegan options for dinners, and a series of soup, appetizer, tandoori, Asian curry, flavoured rice, naan, rice, etc.

Open time: 11:00 AM-21:30 PM.
Tel: +86 186 8383 5786.
Location: No.9, Yannan 1st Road, Mandy Plaza.
Close to: the south square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda( 700 meters), Tang Paradise(600 meters),  Bell Tower( 7.3 km-28 min by taxi).
How to get to Amber Palace Indian Asian Fusion: take metro line 4, get off at Tang Paradise Metro Station and get out from Exit D. Or you could take taxi and public bus, like No. 609 public bus.
Average cost for 1 person: over 1040 Rupees.

Menu & price:

  • The soup is about  290-365 Rupees.
  • For vegan food, it has many vegetable options, like Tandoori Mushroom(707 Rupees) and Roomall Masala Papad(395 Rupees).
  • For meat options, it has chicken, fish, shrimp, crab, beef,and lamb, but the price is comparably high, for example, Tanoori Chicken(707 Rupees), and Chef Special Beef(811 Rupees)
Recommended dishes: Garlic Naan, Veg Samosa, Shrimp Curry, Murgh Curry, Chef Special Beef.

All these top Indian restaurants in Xian recommended here make authentic  Indian food, and the chefs, owners and staff are all from India.  Indian restaurants are all decorated in Indian style, and have Indian shows at specific time. You will feel at home when you enjoy meals in these top Indian restaurants in Xian.

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We would like to make the best itinerary for your China tour, and choose great hotels and Indian restaurants of value for you. Please feel free to contact us.