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Best Indian Restaurants in Shanghai for Indians


Whether you are Indians or not, as long as you want to eat Indian food in Shanghai, please try these popular Indian restaurants, with good taste, and great service, great location & not hard to find.

There are many Indian restaurants in Shanghai, and these best Indian restaurants in Shanghai offer various Indian food, and suitable to diners who like Indian food, look for vegetarian food and halal food in Shanghai. Are you looking for best Indian restaurants in Shanghai? If you are, please have a look and get help from here.

Indian food- top restaurants in Shanghai

One more thing: the price listed in the below is only for reference, and it could be changed by the retstaurants. Still the price may be a bit higher than those in other cities in China, because price of commodities in Shanghai is pretty high, higher than almost all cities.


The Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Tandoor Indian Restaurant-Top Indian Restaurants in Shanghai

The Tandoor Indian Restaurant is in the first floor of Jinjiang Hotel, easy to find. The Tandoor Indian Restaurant is an old Indian restaurant in Shanghai, offering northern Indian cuisine.

Open time: 11:30 AM-14:00 PM, 5:50 PM-10:30 PM.
Tel: 021-54488002.
Address: No.59, Maoming South Road, Huangpu District.
Close to: Shanghai Museum(2.3 km)
How to get to the Tandoor Indian Restaurant: take metro line 1, get off at Shaanxi Nanlu Metro Station, get out from Exit 3, and walk 450 meters.
Hotels around: Jinjiang Hotel.

Menu & price:

  • NaanGarlic Naan(16 RMB)
  • Meat: Chicken Tikka Masala(115 RMB) Beef Shahi Korma(120 RMB), 
  • Desserts: Kheer( 80 RMB)
Recommended dishes: Curry Mutton, Curry Beef.


Vedas Indian Restaurant

Vedas indian restaurant-top restaurants in Shanghai

Vedas Indian Restaurant is a chain Indian restaurant in Shanghai, and has branches in Changshu Road, and Hongqiao. Here we recommend Vedas Indian Restaurant(Changshu) to you.

Open time: 11:30 AM-2:00 PM; 5:30 PM-10:30 PM.
Tel: +86 21 6445 8100.
Address: 3F, Shenzhou Business Mansion, No. 83 Changshu Road, Jingan District, Shanghai.

How to get to Vedas Indian Restaurant(by metro): take metro line 4, get off at Jing’an Temple Metro Station, get out from Exit 1, and walk about 1.1 km.

Close to: Jade Buddha Temple( 4 km-20 min by taxi), Shanghai Museum( 3.7 km-15 min by taxi).
Hotels around: Huating Hotels(5.3 km-21 min by taxi).

Menu & price: 

  • Indian breads: Garlic Naan(28 RMB),
  • Salad & raita:  Kachumber Salad( 38 RMB), Mix Raita( 38 RMB)
  • Rice & Biryani: Jeera  Rice( 35 RMB), Veg Biryani(78 RMB)
  • Meat: Chicken Curry( 78 RMB), Tandoori Chicken(Half 80 RMB/ Full 158 RMB), Tandoori Lamb Chops(188 RMB)
  • Drinks: Mango Lassi(35 RMB)
Recommended dishes: Garlic Naan, Tandoori Chicken, Curry Lamb.


Kebabs On The Grille

Kebabs on the grille-top indian restaurants in Shanghai

Kebabs On The Grille is another Indian restaurant with several branches in Shanghai, such as in Renmin Square, and Yongkang Road. The best of this restaurant is that it has lunch set, which is very reasonable in price. In here, Kebabs On The Grille( Renmin Square) is recommended to you due to its great location.

Open hours: 11:00 AM- 10:30 PM.
Tel: +86 21 3315 0132.
Address: 103, 1F, Central Plaza, No.227 Huangpi North Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.
Close to: Shanghai Museum( 900 meters), Shanghai Grand Theatre(500 meters), Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street( 2 km- 10 min by taxi).
How to get to Kebabs On The Grille: take metro line 2, get off at Renmin Square Metro Station, get out from Exit 11, and walk about 540 meters.

Menu & price: 

  • Salad & Raita: Green Salad(30 RMB), Raita(25 RMB)
  • Naan: Cheese Naan(35 RMB), Garlic Naan( 25 RMB)
  • Meat: Chicken Tikka( 58 RMB), Tandoori Lamb Chops(98 RMB), Fish Curry(68RMB)
Recommended dishes: Tandoori Lamb Chops.


Bollywood Indian Restaurant

Bollywood Indian Restaurant is a well established restaurant in Shanghai, and has 3 branches, offering authentic Indian food, non veg food and veg food. Still it has set lunch menu, incuding meat set( 68 RMB) and veg set(59 RMB).

Open time: 10:00 AM-11:45 PM.

Tel: +86 21 3872 6178.

Address: No. 326, Hongfeng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai.
Close to: Oriental Pearl Tower(10.3 km-28 min by taxi).
How to get to Bollywood Indian Restaurant(by metro): take metro line 9, get off at Lantian Road Metro Station, get out from Exit 2, and walk about 1.7 km.

Menu & price:

  • Naan: Plain Naan(16 RMB), Butter Naan(18 RMB)
  • Rice & biryani: Vegetable Fried Rice( 50 RMB), Chicken Biryani(65 RMB), Veg Biryani(50RMB)
  • Indian breads(20-25 RMB): Rumali Roti( 20 RMB)
  • Veg curry: Mattar Mushroom (60 RMB)
  • Meat: Tandoori Chicken( 60 RMB), Mutton Rogan Jo(80 RMB)
  • Drinks: Mango Lassi(40 RMB)
Recommended dishes: Chicken Curry( 55 RMB).


Masala Art Indian Restaurant

Masala Art- top indian restaurants in Shanghai

Open time: 11:00 AM-10:30 PM
Tel: +86 21 6327 3571.
Address: No. 397, Dagu Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai.
Close to: Yuyuan Garden( 3.4 km-18 min by taxi), Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street(2.7 km-12 min by taxi).
How to get to Masala Art Indian Restaurant(by metro): take metro line 2, get off at Nanjing West Road Metro Road, get out from Exit 3, and walk about 1.2 km.

Menu & price:   

  • Naan: Tandorri Roti( 19 RMB)Butter Naan(27 RMB), Cheese Naan(29 RMB),
  • Basmati & Biryani: Sada Chawal(19 RMB), Murg Hyderabadi Biryani(79 RMB), Lucknowi Goshi Biryani(79 RMB)
  • Soup: Mushroom Soup(29 RBM), Fresh Tomato Soup(29 RMB)
  • Vegetable: Onion Bhajia( 59 RMB), Veg Curry( 59 RMB)
  • Meat: Lamb Curry(68 RMB), Chicken Curry(68 RMB)
  • Desserts & drinks: Rasmalai(39 RMB), Kheer Pista Badam(39 RMB)
Recommended dishes: Cheese Naan, Lamb Curry.

Lotus Land Indian Cuisine

Lotus Land Indian Cuisine is located in Tianzifang, a hub of young people and foreign travelers, offers authentic north & south Indian foods, with many vegetarian options. Still, it has set meals for 1 person, 2 persons and more.

Open hour: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM.
Tel: +86 21 5465 2743.
Address: Tianzifang, 12 Builidng 2 Floor, No. 274, Taikang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.
Close to:  Yuyuan Garden( 4.7 km- 15 min by taxi),  Shanghai Museum (3.8 km- 10 min by taxi).
How to get to Lotus Land Indian Cuisine(by metro): take metro line 9, get off at Dapuqiao Metro Station, get out from Exit 1, and walk about 350 meters.

Menu & price:

  • Rice: Plain Rice(15 RMB)
  • Meat: Creamy Chicken Curry(65 RMB)
Recommended dishes: Onion Pakora, Shrimp Curry, Non Veg Platter, Butter Chicken


Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen is a chain Indian restaurant in China with branches in Shanghai and Beijing, and it offers southern Indian cuisine. In Shanghai, it has 3 branches in Pudong, Hongqiao, and Wujiangchang. And here we recommend Indian Kitchen( Hongqiao) to you, with veg and non veg buffets available.

Open time: 11:00 AM-2:00 PM, 5:00 PM-10:30 PM.
Tel: +86 221 5821 9875.
Address: 8 Villa Lane, No. 3911, Hongmei Road, Changning Distrct, Shanghai.
Close to: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport(8.8 km-21 min by driving),  Qibao Ancient Street(7.7 km-18 min by driving).
How to get to Indian Kitchen in Shanghai(by metro): take metro line 10, get off at Longxi Metro Station, get out from Exit 3, and walk about 740 meters.

Menu & price:

  • Meat: Coconut Lamb Curry(77 RMB)
  • Drinks: Mango Lassi(35 RMB)
Recommended dishes: Coconut Lamb Curry, Cashew Naan, Potato Masala Dosa.

Indian restaurants in shanghai map

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