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Top 8 Indian Restaurants in Beijing


For Indian travelers in Beijing, one big thing you need to do is to find a good Indian restaurant and eat something authentic. Thus for helping Indian travelers find best Indian restaurants and have a great dinning in Beijing, we make some researches and hand pick some best Indian restaurants in Beijing for you. Hopefully, this may give you help and enjoy your staying in Beijing.

Indian restaurants in Beijing offer Indian food and drinks, such as naan, bread, samosa, soup, chicken, curry, yoghourt, paneer, salad, vegetable. Most Indian restaurants in Beijing have vegetable options, vegetarian friendly, and they also offer halal food for Indians.

indian restaurants in Beijing map
(Indian Restaurants in Beijing Map)

► Tips for choosing Indian restaurants:

1. Location:  where is it and is it far away from your hotel and Beijing downtown. If you don't want to go out for dinning, you could choose a hotel offering Indian food.

2. Price: if you want a reasonable price, you may should pay attention to the average cost in an Indian restaurant. Usually speaking, a hotel’s restaurant would be higher in price than other restaurants.

3. Food: some great Indian restaurants make really good Indian food, but some may fail some dishes. You could pay extra attention to recommended dishes, but don’t be too picky, because everyone has its taste.

4. Service, decoration & environment: for service, some Indian restaurants may be chaotic, and some may be slow in offering food. For decoration, some have good decoration and can accommodate many guests, while some are small with few tables. For environment, some have shows and Indian music.


Top 1 Café Cha-Shangri-la Hotel Beijing

Café Cha is a decent restaurant of Shangri-la Hotel Beijing(5 star hotel), and it also offers various Indian food for dinners, with many vegetable options. Compared to other Indian restaurants, it has Indian food of great taste and the price is also higher.

 Location: No. 29, Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District. It is close to Beijing Zoo, and Beihai Park. 30 min of driving from the Forbidden City(12 km), and 45 min of driving from Beijing Railway Station(20 km).

► Tel: +86-10 6841 2211.

► How to get to Café Cha-Shangri-la Hotel Beijing: take metro Line 4 and get off at Huayuanqiao Metro Station.

► Recommended dishes: everything, for example, lamb curry, seafood curry, Indian rice, ice creams.

► Top reasons: great dining environment; authentic Indian food, with many options.


Top 2 N'Joy All-Day Dining(NUO Hotel Beijing)

Top indian restaurants in Beijing for indian travelers

NUO Hotel Beijing is a 5 star hotel, and it offers exotic cuisines from many countries, including Indian food. In NUO Hotel Beijing, you could enjoy a buffet feast of various and delicious Indian food for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and your dining experience would be excellent.

Location: No. 2, Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District. 40-50 mins of driving and 16 km from the Forbidden City, and 40 mins from Beijing Capital Airport.

Tel: +86 10 5926 8281.

How to get to N' Joy All-Day Ding(NUO Hotel Beijing): take Metro Line 14 East Extension, and get off at Jiangtai Metro Station.

Recommended dishes: everything you like to eat.

Top reasons: there are a variety of delicious Indian food, with great service and dining environment. But it would be a little expansive, over 200 RMB, compared to other Indian restaurants.


Top 3 Romana Indian Restaurant-Holiday Inn Beijing

Romana Indian Restaurant is in the first floor of Holiday Inn Beijing( 4 star hotel), with good decoration and environment. The chef is an Indian who cook authentic Indian food for dinners, and in here you could enjoy delicious meals.

► Location: No. 89, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District. Close to Tsinghua University, and Qinghua East Road West Crossing  Metro Station(Metro Line 15). 50 min of driving from the Forbidden City(19 km), and 1 h of driving from Beijing Railway Station(22 km).

► Tel: 010-8239 8888.

► How to get to Romana Indian Restaurant: take metro Line 15, get off at Qinghua East Road West Crossing  Metro Station, and get out from Exit B.

► Recommended dishes: lamb curry, plain naan.

► Top reasons: good decoration; delicious Indian food.


Top 4 Ganges Indian Restaurant

Ganges Indian Restaurant could be considered as one of the best Indian restaurants in Beijing, with delicious and authentic flavor, and most Indian travelers, Indian students in China would like to go to here for dining. Ganges Indian Restaurant has several branches in Beijing, like Ganges Indian Restaurant in Sanlitun and in Shaimao Tianjie. For lunch, buffet is available, which would be very reasonable in price, about 60 yuan for a person.

Ganges Indian Restaurant(ShiMao TianJie)

► Location: B 107 Shimao Tinajie, No. 9 Guanghua Road, Chanyang District- 30 mins by driving both from the Forbidden City(only 6 km), and Beijing Railway Station(only 6 km).

 How to get to Ganges Indian Restaurant(ShiMao TianJie): take metro, and get off at Dongdaqiao Metro Station(Metro Line 6), Yonganli Metro Station(Metro Line 1).

► Recommended dishes: chicken biryani, masala dosa, mango lassi, butter chicken, chicken tikka masala.

► Top reasons: good taste, reasonable price for lunch baffet.


Top 5 Punjabi Indian Restaurant & Cultural Center

Punjabi indian restaurant-top Indian restaurants in Beijing

Punjabi Indian Restaurant & Cultural Center offers tasty and delicious Indian foods, and it is also vegan-friendly. In the restaurant, you could have soups, snacks, accompaniments, BBQ veggies, BBQ meats, chicken curries, lamb curries, seafood curries, vegetable curries, basmati rice dishes, naan breads, desserts, etc.

► Open time: 11:30 AM-10:30 PM.

 Tel: -86 10 5867 0221.

► Location: No.1-30, Lucky Street, ChaoyangGongYuan Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing. About 10 kilometers from the Forbidden City, and 12 km from Beijing Railway Station.

► How to get to Punjabi Indian Restaurant & Cultural Center: take metro, and get off at Zaoying Metro Station(Metro Line 14 East Extension), or Liangmaqiao Metro Station(Metro Line 10).

► Recommended dishes: chicken curry, mutton curry, cheese naan, mango lassi, Kali Kabab,mushroom masala.

► Top reasons: delicious food, various options; good Indian music.


Top 6 Raj Indian Restaurant & Bar

Raj Indian Restaurant & Bar is run by an Indian owner, and offers regular Indian food, like soup, samosa, vegetable, meat, rice, naan, salad, fruit, and drinks. It is a small restaurant, but with good taste and reasonable price( about 100 RMB for 1 person).

► Tel: 010-64011675.

► Location: No. 31, Gulou West Street, Xicheng District. It is close to Drum Tower and Yandai Xiejie, and convenient to go. About 20 mins of driving from the Forbidden City(only 4 km).

► How to get to Raj Indian Restaurant & Bar: take metro Line 8, and get off at Shichihai Metro Station, and walk about 500 meters.

 Recommended dishes: masala chicken.

► Top reasons: close to the Forbidden City and Beijing downtown; good price; Indian music.


Top 7 Indian Kitchen

top indian restaurants in Beijing for Indian travelers

Indian Kitchen is another good Indian restaurants in Beijing, with reasonable price and good decoration. It has lunch buffet only for 68 RMB, and average cost for 1 person dining is about 100 RMB.

 Tel: 010-6462 7255/ +86 134 6634 6476.

 Location: 2 Sanlitun N  Alley, Chaoyang District. 10 km both from the Forbidden City and Beijing Railway Station.

► How to get to Indian Kitchen: take metro Line 10 and get off at Liangmaqiao Metro Station and get out from Exit D.

► Recommended dishes: beef curry, chicken masala, chicken tikka.

► Top reasons: affordable price; lunch buffet.


Top 8 Santoor Indian Restaurant

chicken curry-top 8 India restaurants in Beijing for Indian travelers

( Chicken Curry)

Santoor Indian Restaurant is a small restaurant in Beijing downtown, close to Nanluo Guxiang, and the Forbidden City. It offers delicious Indian food, and drinks, and popular to Chinese people and Indian travelers.

 Location: Nanluo guxiang, Dongcheng District. Close to the Forbidden City(only 4 km, 20 min of driving, 20 RMB for taxi fare), and Beihai Park(only 3 km), and Nanluo Guxiang Metro Station(Metro Line 6).

 How to get to Santoor Indian Restaurant: take metro Line 6 and get off at Nanluo Guxiang Metro Station.

 Recommended dishes: chicken curry, butter chicken, butter naan.

► Top reasons: close to Nanluo Guxiang, Beijing hutong.

Except the above top 8 Indian restaurants we recommend to you, there are many other Indian restaurants in Beijing. For Indians travelling in Beijing, you shouldn’t worry too much about finding best Indian restaurants in Beijing, or Indian restaurants suitable for Indian vegetarians.

If you are searching hotel and Indian restaurants, why not make them together? For this, we would like to help you, no matter you have requests in Indian food, halal food, or vegan food.

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