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Can I Get Access to Internet in China

With the development of electric products in the world, people and their life increasingly rely on internet, from which people could find fun, make friend, watch shows & movies, listen to music, play game, shop around the world, ect. It makes the globe smaller and smaller, just like a community. Therefore, when people decide to travel abroad, the internet seems more important. Planning to travel in China, you might want to know where you can get access to internet or not.

China Internet industry is currently the largest one in the world, with the largest population of cybercitizen and the widest network zone. Since the internet technology develops in a short time, the internet in China is not as good as that in European or American countries. For example, the connection is very steady and fast. The internet speed in China is about 2.0-4.4 Mbps. It is more than suffient for basic web surfing and email using. We are trying our best to keep up with the world's network standard.

Is there internet available in hotels of China?

Yes, there is internet available in most hotels. Internet is very common in China. Most hotels have internet cable set up in the guest rooms to attract more clients to stay. Internet becomes a necessary facility when a hotel is built. Some hotels are even equipped with computers in their rooms. It is not a problem to get access to internet in the hotels of China, unless the place you are visiting is too remote and less-developed.

Many hotels in large cities offer WiFi in China. WiFi is free and available in public areas of the hotels, such as lobby or business center, executive lounge, ect. Some hotels even offer WiFi service in guest room.

Note: Currently, the internet or WiFi in the guest rooms are still not free in some first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, ect.  Guest need to pay for use. Although some hotels might offer free internet or WiFi access, the connection might be slow. Check with your tour advisor about the hotel internet before booking the hotel.

Where can I get free WiFi in public when I travel to China?

With the popularization of mobile payment, public places providing WIFI wireless access have developed rapidly, and more and more free Wi-Fi in public places has been increasing, such as: star hotels, chain merchants, small and medium-sized hotels, fast food restaurants, cafes, milk tea shop, bars , Tea room, KTV, sauna bath, foot bath and other entertainment places provide guests with free WIFI network to attract and solicit customers.

The public WiFi in China is in its high-speed development stage. State-owned institutions such as hospitals, government offices, city government parks, etc. have strong financial resources and generally have free WIFI.

Bus stations, high-speed railway stations, airports and other places will also provide free WiFi to facilitate travel.

Note: Please do not connect with unknown WiFi to avoid any of your information being stolen.

Can I Log on to Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in China?

Due to some reason, Google is blocked in China. Therefore, the mailbox, tool, App, ect. related to Google can not be used also, such as Google search engine, gmail, Google map, Google reader, Google earth, ect.

Besides, some social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, ect are not available in China, either. If you travel to Hong Kong or Macau, it is normal to access into the above sites.

How Can I Access Facebook in China with VPN?

For travelers who have tour in China, one of the frequent asked question will be "Can I access Facebook in China". The answer is "Yes", but not as convenient as that in your country. 

If you type “www.facebook.com” when using Internet in China, you may could not get the site directly. You need to log in Facebook by a software called VPN (short for Virtual Private Network).

So the steps to log in Facebook in China will be:

1. Download a VPN software: just type “VPN” in google to search for a suitable one for you
2. Install the VPN software in your computer or phone
3. Open VPN software and adjust the options to let the VPN work
4. When VPN running successfully, you can access your Facebook page now


► Remember that don’t exit the VPN software when you are still on your Facebook page, just let the software run all the while.
► YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest can also accessed via VPN software
► Computers in China are not equipped with VPN software generally.
► We recommend you to log in your Facebook by your private computer rather than public computer because of the safety consideration.
► For VPN download, we suggest you to consult with your computer advisor for this software cause different computers system may be compatible different kinds of VPN

Can I get online through my mobile phone in China?

We can get online through our smart mobile phone in China as long as we pay for a data package to our mobile service supplier. Therefore, if your phone could support the SIM card in China, you could buy data package when you arrive in China, then you could get online through your phone.

Or you could connect to the free WiFi in your hotel to get access into the Internet through your mobile.

For more information about foreign mobile used in China, please click here.


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