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Can I use my mobile phone in China?

1. Check with your mobile phone company what roaming arrangements do they have in China and the rates. You will probably be okay if you are on the GSM platform (AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Cingular, Cellular One and indigo wireless are all on the GSM platform)

2. In China, only GSM and CDMA systems are available. Besides, the working frequencies are different for different countries, A frequency of 900/1,800 Hmz only can be recognized in China. So if you have a dual band or tri band unlocked GSM phone, you can use it around China in most big cities. In China, GSM networks operated by China Mobile provide coverage in every major city, while CDMA networks run by China Unicom is improving its coverage.

3. Lastly, check with your phone company to ensure that you are unlocked for international calling service.

4. If you decide to purchase a new cellphone in China, it will be necessary to have a new Chinese SIM card inserted in the cellphone. Or you can rent a unlocked GSM cell phone such as Motolora, Nokia in China.

Where can I buy a Sim card in China?

A: It is easy to buy a sim card in China. In Chinese there are two major telecommunication operators - China Mobile (中国移动) and China Unicom (中国联通). The sim card of these two brands can be bought in most places such as airport, bookstores, post offices, or some chain stores of these two brands on the street. The value of the card is stated clearly on the card, and that's how much they sell it for.

How to get a Sim Card working on your Cell?

A: it is easy to set Sim Card in the phone. If you find it is a little difficult, you can ask help from sales to insert that. Also an important thing is that make sure the card really can work in your phone.

Sim Card Service Numbers:

► China Mobile: 10086 (24 hours service)
► China Unicom: 10010 (24 hours service)
English service is offered. You can check your telephone charge and also any other problem of your Sim Card.

How to recharge my mobile phone?

A: There are two convenient ways to recharge your mobile phone. One is going to corresponding business hall to continue your mobile phone recharge procedure. The other way is to buy recharging card which may can be found in supermarket or related stores. The prepaid card has the domination of 30 CNY, 50 CNY, and 100 CNY.

Can I use my iphone (including your phone number) in China?

A: we could not ensure your iphone can work or not in China because different telecommunication service may have different policies in China. One thing can ensure is that if your iphone card has international calling service, it can work generally, but may in an very expensive costs.