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China High-speed Train Tickets

With the increasing coverage of high-speed rail in China, more and more people choose to travel by high-speed trains since they are faster, cleaner and more well-equipped. 

To meet the requirements of different passengers better, the high-speed railway operators have divided CRH tickets into four types. They are VIP, business, first class and second class.

What's the difference between these seats and their ticket price? How to book a high-speed train ticket? Top China Travel will give you a brief introduction.

VIP Sightseeing Tickets

high-speed train VIP seats

VIP seats are generally priced at 1.8 times the price of a second-class seat. In the peak hours of non-personnel flow, the ticket price of the same distance is more than that of the plane.

Buying a VIP sightseeing ticket, passengers can enjoy a seat that is just behind the driving control room. There’s only a transparent glass wall between the control room and sightseeing area, so passengers can see the drivers’ compartment directly.

VIP sightseeing seats are equipped with a listening system and a TV so that passengers can listen to multiple music channels and TV programs by inserting headphones.

A seat 180 rotation system is also set on VIP seats. The lights switch can be controlled by the passengers. Slippers and power sockets are also available at each seat.

There is a foldable dining table in the seat. But on the early CRH380A high-speed trains, there are 6 VIP face to face seats in a separate space with a large table in the middle. 

A VIP ticket can also let you enjoy free snacks and full water delivery. Meals for VIP passengers are free. 4 course meal and free drink is served during the meal time.

Business Class Ticket

high-speed train business seats

The business class ticket price is generally 2.5 times the price of a second class ticket. But there may be a discount. 

Buying a business class ticket, you can enjoy red leather seats with 180° turning and bed transforming functions. There are only three seats in a row, one seat on the left and two seats side by side. Since there is a screen between two rows, passengers can have a private space. 

A separate bathroom, bar room, cloakroom and refrigerator are set in the business seating area. Slippers and power sockets are available at each seat.

You can also enjoy the meals that are served directly to your seats. It will be a really wonderful experience.

First Class Ticket

high-speed train first-class seat

The ticket price of first-class seat is the most expensive one among the common seats except VIP and the business class. The seat provides greater leg room and larger seat back tables. Food trolleys cruise the carriage frequently with the buffet car also being close by. Power sockets are usually available on most services but not all, they may be located on the seat base or overhead on the underside of the luggage rack.

If you are looking for a deluxe comfortable experience and want a cheaper price, this type of seat is a great choice for you. 

Second Class Ticket

high-speed train 2nd class seat

The difference between First and Second class is minor.

Second class seat provides slightly less room between seat rows. Power sockets may be available. Food trolleys do service these carriages but may not be as frequent.
There are some standing tickets but not as many or crowded as conventional trains. 

For people who choose high-speed train in China, second-class ticket can be a consideration because of the great comfortable feeling and less cost than the first-class ticket. But since it is the most popular kind of seat among Chinese people, it will be comparative much hard to get one ticket than other train cars.

Sleeper Class Ticket

high-speed train sleeper

There are a few sleeper class tickets are provided on trains prefixed with D. Typically, these services are between major population centres with 5 to 8 hours of travel time between them. The trains are furnished with a soft sleeper of conventional Chinese trains, with bedding provided. These services have proven to be not as popular as other high-speed services.

How to Buy a Train Ticket in China? 

identities for buying ticket

To buy a train ticket in China, you must bring your identity certificate as follows:
Chinese citizens: ID cards 
Foreigners: passports
Hong Kong & Macao & Taiwan travelers: 
travelers: An Exit-Entry ID used when entering the mainland

There are mainly four methods to buy china train tickets.

Purchase from a railway station ticket office.
Purchase from a train ticket agency/office.
Purchase from an automated ticket machine.
Purchase from a website (recommended).

Learn more ticket details, please click here. 

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