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The Most Beautiful Rice Terrace in China

Rice Terrace is imagination and creation which produced when people face natural environment and it is the typical example that people can be in harmony with nature. Especially in the spring time, various rice terraces are filled with clear water. Farmers plough back and farm the rice terrace, all of these make up beautiful and bright idyllic scenery which is full of life. The most beautiful rice terrace in China are listed as following for you to know more about rice terrace and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Longji Rice Terrace in Guilin, Guangxi

Longji rice terrace was built in the Yuan dynasty and it was completed in the early Qing dynasty which has more than 650 years’ history. The rice terrace built along the mountain which seems like a beautiful picture. Due to the steep mountain, the fields are scattered and small and the largest field is less than one mu. Vernal rice terrace is filled with morning mist which is look as wonderland and it is so beautiful. At that time, farmers began to irrigate the field of seedling and the whole rice terrace scenery expresses a vivifying scene. Longji rice terrace distribute in Pingan village and the surrounding of the Longji ancient zhuang village. Because of climate, rice is only seeded one time a year. Every June is the seeding month, and October is the harvest month. Therefore, local people describe scenery of Longji as “like layer upon layer silver ribbon in the spring, like wave after wave green water in the summer, like a golden tower in the autumn, and like a flock of dragon playing water in the winter

 Longji Rice Terrace
Longji Rice Terrace (龙脊梯田)

Yuanyang Rice Terrace in Yunnan

Yuanyang County in Yunnan province is in the south of Ailao Mountain, and here live six minorities of minority Hani, minority Yi, minority Dai, minority Miao, and minority Yao and minority Zhuang, and these make up a colorful folk custom gallery. For thousands of years of arduous working, people here cultivated 360 thousands mu terrace field which can be seen as unique scenery and it is also called “the most magic sculpture in the land”. There are seven scenery spot in Yuanyang rice terrance, distributed in the different villages. If you want to see sunrise and sunset, you must to choose a right place to watch. Every October to March in the next year is a right time for you to see rice terrace because at this time the lines of terrace is very beautiful due to irrigation.
Yuanyang Rice Terrace 
Yuanyang Rice Terrace (元阳梯田)

Jiabang Rice Terrace in Guizhou

Jiabang rice terrace located in the Jiabang village, Jiang county, Guizhou province, where is the hinterland of Mount Moon. From Dangniu village to Jiabang village for 25 miles, there are many beautiful rice terraces scattered around, a piece follow by piece, layer upon layer with various shape.

The four seasons of Rice Terraced are picturesque. Rice terrace in summer, there is a piece of green rice waves, like a green ribbon fluttering in the breeze. In autumn, due to the different elevation, forms a picture with various shape and yellow from shallow to deep yellow. In winter, the water injection mixed with some golden harvest millet and rice straw and some green manure, along with the scattered field and peaceful stilted building of Ethnic Miao, constitutes the joyful Chinese landscape painting.
Jiabang Rice Terrace
Jiabang Rice Terrace (加榜梯田)

Jiangling Rice Terrace

Jiangling rice terrace of Jiangxi province is situated in a mountain with an altitude over thousand meters. The rice terrace there is like a chain and ribbon, layer upon layer and water in rice terrace reflects blue sky and ancient trees. Under rice terrace are white wall. The scenery here is the representative of Wuyuan. From Jiangling to look down, you can see layer of rice terrace with zigzag lines. And along the rivers are several villages with green hill surrounded which make up an amazing picture of Wuyuan rural area.

Whether in summer or winter, scenery of Jiangling is like layer upon layer ribbon flying with the wind, especially in the autumn, it is like a golden ribbon embedded in the field, everywhere are filled with gold flower.
Jiangling Rice Terrace
Jiangling Rice Terrace (江岭梯田)

Youxi Rice Terrace in Fujian

At every spring, rice terrace of Youxi County in Fujian province is the paradise for photographer. The layers of rice terrace extends for ten miles which give people a sense of surprising. When sun descended over the western hill, the rice terrace of backlight is charming. The beautiful rice terraces in the southeastern of China become exquisite photos in photographer’s mind. Rice terrace in Youxi is natural scenery, when you take a broad view, the rice terrace extended between mountains. In the spring time when farmers began to plough, water to irrigate the field, the sparkling water is very suitable for taking picture.
 Youxi Rice Terrace
Youxi Rice Terrace (尤溪梯田)

All these rice terraces listed above are good place to close to nature. They show different views in four seasons, which attract many shutterbugs to carry heavy equipment to shoot the nature scenery. In Longji rice terrace, Yuanyang rice terrace, Jiabang rice terrace, you also have chance to experience the local ethnic culture.