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The Most Beautiful Coasts in China

The most beautiful coasts in China are good places for people to relax when people face natural environment and it is the typical example that people can be in harmony with nature. The most beautiful coasts in China are listed as following for you to know more about coasts and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Yalong Bay/ Sanya Hainan Province

Yalong bay is located in China's southernmost tropical seaside tourism city-28 km southeast of Sanya, is the southernmost tip of a half moon bay in Hainan, about 7.5 km in length, is the famous scenery of Hainan. Yalong Bay centers on a crescent-shaped beach of about 7,000 meters, shallow sea area of 50 to 60 meters wide. The sea off the beach is so clear that visibility can reach almost 10 meters, which is suitable for diving and making it ideal for divers attracted to the nearby coral reef. The Yalong Bay is famous for its picturesque scenery as well as blue skies, warm sunlight, fresh moist air, rolling green hills, primeval forests, calm bay, limpid seawater, and multi-colored seabed landscape.

Yalong bay with a temperate climate, picturesque scenery, here are the blue sky, warm sunshine, pure and fresh and moist air, continuous green hills, different rocks, original mangrove, peaceful bays, crystal clear waters, fine white beach and colorful undersea landscape, etc. Congenial sea eight kilometers long coastline grow with many herbs and pristine tropical vegetation, each has its  own characteristics, special resorts distribute at random as a bright pearl, Yalong bay is dressed up glorious.
Yalong Bay

Yeliu/ Taiwan

Yehliu, about 15 kilometers to the northwest of Keelung Taiwan, is a narrow cape; Sections of island are 53 hectares on land and sea areas are 404 hectares. Yehliu is one of the wonders of the world, it is formed by wave erosion, rock weathering and sea continental motion, crustal movement to generate a rare geological effects as terrain, where is full of geological landscape, highly viewing and research value. Fossils, ancient biological bodies (such as bone, teeth, shells, etc.) or sites (such as footprints, drilling, etc.), buried in the sediments, and after a long time diagenesis, forming fossils. Due to years of abrasion and weathering effect, here forming a strange magnificent sight. Yehliu is divided into three parts, the first part is the fairy shoes, the queen’s head, lover's stone statue, Lintian shot, etc; The second section has weathered window, tofu rocks, sea ditch, bibcock, etc.; Third section has a lighthouse, turtle stone, 24 filial piety, pearl stone, stone seals, etc. In addition to the peculiar geology and rock, phyletic is various; seabirds perched in the seaside shouldn't be missed. Yehliu abrasion platform is likely to sea urchins of disciform. Another kind of biological activity of trace fossils are like sand stick. These fossils formations, indicating original sedimentary environment is rich in biological activity environment, biological activity disrupted strata bedding development in Wanli rural Yehliu village in Taipei.

Yeliu/ Taiwan

Chengshantou/ Weihai

Chengshantou,located in Rongcheng Longxu island town of Weihai city, Shandong province, Chengshantou (Mount Chengtou), also known as "the end of the day", named after the location of the eastern end of Chengshan Mountains. Chengshantou is embraced by sea on three sides and with one side connected land. It face South Korea across the sea, from only 94 miles, is the most east China sea junction, and it is the first place to see the sunrise at sea, since ancient times is known as “the place that sun is to rise”, “China's Cape of Good Hope".
Chengshantou is a fascinating place to plan a sightseeing trip of a few days, or an interesting, cool place to relax. Chengshantou is in collection of marine and coastal ecosystems, the gulf ecosystem, the island ecosystem in the area, has such a diversity of marine ecosystem, which is rare in China's coastal. At the same time, because of its unique geographical location, it is under the influence of water masses with different properties, and is sea area of the most abundant species diversity in the north China. In such a special coast in the north China, you can even see the beautiful scenery of sunrise.
weihai rongcheng beach Chengtoushan

Dongzhaigang Mangrove Nature Reserve/ Hainan

Hainan Dongzhaigang Mangrove Nature Reserve in the northeastern area of Dongzhai port of Qiongshan city, which is the first established and largest mangrove reserve in China. Dongzhaigang Mangrove Nature Reserve, about 30 kilometers from the city centre, 12 km away from Haikou Meilan International Airport, the geographical area span of Haikou Meilan district Yanfeng town, Sanjiang Farm, Sanjiang Town, bordering Wenchang city Luodou farms, with a total length of 84 km. The mangrove tree, also known as "forest above the sea", is a kind of tropical tree, growing in swampy ground along sea coasts and river banks. In 1980, China's first nature reserve was established there by the local government, with a total area of 4,000 hectares. Besides containing mangrove forests, the area is also home to many rare birds, attracting lots of biologists and travelers visit there to discover the reserve's unique flora and fauna.
Dongzhaigang is formed in more than 300 years ago, that is, in an earthquake in 1605 formed by ground subsidence, therefore shaped like a funnel with winding coastline bay, lagoon beach is flat and represent a ladder shaped. The ditch is full of water at tide, beach surface is submerged; when fall of tide, beach surface form a split broken swamp. Mangrove is distributed on the coastal shoals. Coastal areas is brackish marshes, depth of bay water is generally within 4 meters, water chlorinity as high as 33.44%, the lowest was 9.3 ‰, with an average of 21.86 per thousand.

Changli Gold Coast/ Qinhuangdao

The Changli Gold Coast enjoys the title of “the Eastern Hawaii". It has four qualities: fine sand, gentle beach, clear water and calm tide. In 2005, it was honorably entitled one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China in a nation-wide competition hosted by China National Geography and endorsed by 34 mediums. Changli is a beautiful coastal city known for the Gold Coast, and it is the one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China and the famous historical Jieshi Mountain. It is also well known as the Dry Red Wine City of China and the hometown of Han Yu, an ancient literature elitist. Located in the northeast of Hebei Province with Bohai Sea on the south, Mt. Yanshan on the north, Changli joins Northeast China and North China as a transportation connection in the middle of Round Bohai Sea Economic Rim. Changli covers a total area of 1212 square kilometers and has a population of 550,000. In 1988, the State Council approved Changli one of the first coastal counties opened to the outside world.

The most attractive sports in the Gold Coast is sand sliding, you can take a funicular to the top of sand first, along the way you can see the continuous sand walls, unique scenery. Sitting in the sand sliding plate which made of bamboo and wood, sliding from dozens of meters high sand hill, up and down, the speed is faster and faster, and when rush to the ground due to the effect of inertia, you will continue to slide forward out of dozens of meters with a feeling of fresh, stimulus, safe and reliable. There are two ways of sliding, one is sliding from the sand hill toward the bottom, and another is sliding into the sea.

Changli Gold Coast

Victoria Harbor/ Hong Kong

The Victoria Harbor both Banks night scene is one of the world famous tourist attractions, due to the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula tall buildings, after the night lights, reflect each other in the night, thus Hong Kong’s night scene, Japanese Hakodate and the Italian Naples are “the world three big night scenes”. To celebrate the special holiday and the attraction tourists, on the heart of Victoria Harbor will hold several times of fireworks performance every year. Victoria Harbor is located in the export of east and west on both sides, at dawn and dusk tourists can watch the sunrise and the sunset on the boat in the view of the coastline. Taking a hundred-years-old star ferry, a prosperous and bright beautiful harbor appeared into eyes; A bustling boats, frequently lift aircraft, international cruise ships in the harbor, show magnificent spectacular scenery.
Victoria Harbor is the largest in Asia and the third largest seaport in the world, behind San Francisco, USA and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Because it is natural harbor that has deep water port and wide area, hence it is called the "Pearl of the Orient". It has worldwide reputation for it beautiful night view. The name of the harbor derived from the British Queen Victoria. Visitors can get free access to the island all year round. Victoria Harbor has affected Hong Kong's history and culture. It leads the economic and tourism development of Hong Kong and become one of the key facts which make Hong Kong an international metropolis.

More than one hundred years, the role of the Victoria Harbor is far beyond an ordinary port. Victoria Harbor area, on the position and topography is the center of Hong Kong, it is an important natural resources of Hong Kong and is a part of Hong Kong citizens life, every day millions of people across the north and south on both sides from Victoria Harbor; Economically, it has the world’s busiest container port, witnessing the change of Hong Kong trade and the change of economy and tourism; Culturally, on both sides of the Victoria Harbor and Victoria Harbor construction, the development, trivia, news, festival events affecting Hong Kong’s history and culture connotation, make the Hong Kong international metropolis constantly glamour.

Victoria Harbor

Chongwu Coast/ Fuzhou

Chongwu Coast, the beautiful coast of Fujian, is located in the southeast coast of salient place of Fujian province, three sides facing the sea, and connects to the land in the west, the terrain from mountain, winding ups and downs, and it is very spectacular. It is sandwiched between Meizhou Bay and Quanzhou bay. In the evening the sunset is particularly profound artistic. “Half Moon Bay” and “Silver West Sand” natural bathing beach, and sea rock “Turtle Swimming” in the edge, colorful conch shells, skerry stand out of the beach, and the “crane heaven”, make people feeling more like staying in the fairyland. Nearby is waters spread around the islands and reefs, complex terrain, where is easy to keep but difficult to attack, is a very significant strategic position defense fortress.

If you can see the big tide of Chongwu, you might find it is amazing that the great tide rolled up thousands piles of snow scene heron, and five sails is like ornament in the painting on the sea, which makes people to praise more about amazing creature of nature. According to records: “the sea of Chongwu, in spring February and March, often appear mirage projects, such as pavilions with thousand shape, like in a dream and later the scenery disappear”.
Chongwu Coast

Dapeng Peninsula/ Shenzhen

Dapeng Peninsula, the paradise in the Shenzhen city area, located in the southeast coast of Shenzhen, between the Mirs bay and Daya bay, mainly refers to Dapeng, Kuichong, Nan’ao, where is the “gold coast” in Shenzhen. Dapeng Peninsula including the northern peninsula, south peninsula and its neck connection zones, what shaped like a dumbbell. The scenery is characterized by the ancient volcanoes and coastal landscape, with forest coverage of 76%. And there is Qiniang Mountain, Paiya Mountain, Hengya ridge peaks. Main attractions include geological park Dapeng Peninsula, Dapeng Mountain, etc. It has the unique scenery, rich tourism resources, rich human resources and obvious location advantages and great development potential. Due to the strictly protection of ecological resources, Dapeng Peninsula become the largest and most preserved ecological paradise in Shenzhen city area.
Dapeng Peninsula has a coastline of 133.2 km, mostly are granite mountains, surrounded by sea on three sides. There are steep the deep valley, numerous mountain peak, and along the Dapeng Peninsula coast distribute with large and small a dozen beaches.
Dapeng Penisula