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Most Beautiful Yardang Landform in China

Most beutiful Yardang landform in China listed the three most beautiful Yardang landforms for you to experience their unique charm, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Most Magnificent Rock Yardang: Wuerhe (Xinjiang Province)

Located in edge of Jiamu River in the northwest of Zhunger Basin, Wuerhe is 100 miles from Karamay city in the southwest. There is a special and strange wind-erosion landform which is called “Sulumuhake” by local Mongolian, and Kazakhstan people call it “Shayitankeerxi”, means the Devil City.

The Devil City represents northwest-east-west, about 5 km to its length and width, and with an area of 10 square kilometers, the ground elevation is 350 meters. According to investigation, about one hundred million years ago in the cretaceous period, there was a huge freshwater lake, and lush plants grow along the lake shore, this water was the habitat with Wuerhe stegosaurus, a plesiosaur, dinosaurs, junggar pterosaurs and other ancient animals. Here is a "paradise" of aquatic animals. After two big changes in the earth's crust, the lake became sandwiched between sandstone and mudstone of land amount, it is called "the gobi platform" on the geology.

The appearance of Demon city is beyond the limits of human imagination. Based on Gold tone, some people may think it likes warriors stationed in the city, audible sound of flute can be heard; Some people think it likes horse racing, and feel like they're hurricane passed over; and more people think it likes deities, with appearance of kindness or good, or anger or evil, sitting on the lotus, or walking in the sky with vivid shape.

Wuerhe city

The Most Mysterious Yardang: Bailongtan (Xinjiang Province)

One of three great Yardang landform group of Bailongdui is one of the landscapes of the famous Lop Nor. It is located in the northeast of the Lop Nor, and it is a stereobate group of saline-alkali with poor environment. .Bailongdui is one of the most difficult Yadang Landform to reach in Xinjiang province; so far, the few people have seen its truth appearance which adds a colorful mysterious atmosphere to it.

Before the Northern Wei dynasty, at the end of the moheyan and the border of Ruoqiang County, there is a long way winding ups and downs, which look like a white dragon going toward the Lop Nor. Arched soil hills formed a long back and grooves, the famous ancient water conservancy, Li daoyuan vividly called it “Dragon City” in his book.
At the beginning of the 20th century, two of the European famous archaeologist stein and Sven Hedin after examining tandem the Lop Nor, they walked along the way of disappeared loulan all the way to go to the east of Hami.
When the grand bailongdui exposed itself under the setting sun, two archaeologists were stunned by its appearance. Wonderful, magical creature, magnificent ...all words are not enough to describe this wonders. Tall, undulating hills formed a great variety of fantasies by wind force for one hundred million years. It look likes a lion or monkey, or like a castle, mushroom. Going into it, you will stunned by nature. The long Bailongdui is a natural stone statue, charming, puzzling and dizzying.

The Grandest Yardang: Sanlongsha (Xinjiang Province)

Sanlongsha Yardang group is located in the gobi desert, the west of YumenPass. Because it is in the Yardang edge of Sanlongsha, so it is called Sanlongsha Yardang. Sanlongsha is a moving dune stand in the eastern of Lop Nor. And it is still affected by northeaster and flow from place to place at any time.
Sanlongsha Yardang is about 10 kilometers long, and 10 kilometers wide, covers an area of about 100 square kilometers. The height of stereobate is up to 15 to 20 meters, and most stereobate is up to 200 meters. All stereobates are arranged in strip, like a group of, whale in the vast sea or the cruising joint fleet. The causes are different, but most people think that the flood erosion is the priority reason, and it is formed by the wind also.
Here is the only way when go the silk road since ancient times, with luck, you can pick up cultural relics here. But here, also known as where the devil haunts. Because of the similar shape of stereobate, when you go into, you will be easy to get lost; if meet with sandstorm, the sound of wind like a ghost crying sound, which is terrifying.