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Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area


South of Anshun, Guizhou Province.

Reasons to visit

China’s largest waterfall in cave.

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Opening Hours

  • 8:40a.m.~5:00p.m.
Located in the southwest part of Anshun about 32 kilometers, the Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area (龙宫洞风景区) is famous for over 90 fabulous caves and uncountable amazing waterfalls inside. When you enter in those various caves, you will feel like that you are going to visit the palace for Dragon King living under the water in Chinese tales and myths. It is also why it is named Dragon Palace. With its grotesque structure, the Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area presents colorful scenery of underground wind tunnel which can be toured by boat.
The underground water way within the Dragon Palace forms two chambers: the outer chamber and the inner chamber. In the inner Chamber, there is a flat place serving as a dock, where visitors can get ashore for a visit. In the outer chamber, there is a platform about 1000 sq meters spacious. Getting off the boat and going up some stone ladders, you soon come to the Tiger's Den, from which some 5400-meter-long stone ladders will take you back to the gate again through the Stone Forest Park. There are many kinds of natural plants in this park, natural stone formations and lush, green trees standing crowded side by side, complementing each other in the sunshine. The last item on the program is to visit the waterfall at Longmen, the mouth of a cave, where waters from Tianchi, rush down the cliff and form a unique sight, 33 meters wide, 37 meters high. People describe it as a white dragon coming out of its cave. Hence the Longmen, meaning the Dragon Gate in Chinese.

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