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Is China Safe for American Tourists?

China is so different from the United States and any other western countries, no matter the government, social society or the environment. Even though China is almost as big as America, the population in China is much larger than in the US. Additionally, the media in the US portrays some safety problems in China, which might be influential factors for choosing China as your destination. Is China safe for American tourists? Maybe you have no idea about how China is like, but there is no safer place than China. For most of American tourists, they might have the following worries:

  • It’s too hard to understand the language.
  • There are too many people in China.
  • News about food safety issues in China.
  • Heard about some travel scams in China.
  • Will I get any disease in China?
  • Scandals about air pollution in China.

China is really safe for American tourists. You don’t have to worry too much about safety problems in China while travelling. But being aware of some basic information about local custom and culture will help you enjoy your China trip with satisfactory. Read on to find answers for all your concerns about safety in China.


1.Is China safe for American tourists?

Each year China attracts millions of travelers from different countries around the world, for the beautiful sceneries, charming culture and palatable food. In the recent years, lots of people have put China on the bucket lists and can’t wait to check it off. You might have heard about some safety problems through the Internet, and worry about your trip. Is it safe to travel to China right now? Well, you should care more about how China is right now than what it is in the past. China has rapidly developed in these decades, not just for the economy. All the safety improvements show us that China is really safe for travelers.

  • Road safety. Government in China has stricter rules for the driver than before, it’s safe to cross the streets, ride bikes and take cars.
  • Thievery. It happens, but not only happens in China. You need to keep an eye on your personal belongings wherever you travel to. Besides, police are kind and helpful in China.
  • Air pollution. The Chinese government has put efforts on it, the air pollution has decreased over the years.
  • Travel scams. Search travel information before you go, it’s better to join a travel agency and have your tour with local travel guide.
  • Language. It’s totally fine if you can’t speak Chinese. There are signs in English everywhere, and Chinese people are quite friendly and warm-hearted to help you. And many Chinese people could speak some English.

Is China safe for American tourists? Actually, China is safe for all nationalities, regardless of skin colors or religions. To be honest, there are less violent crimes in China than in the United States. And it’s unbelievable that you can walk out at night with no worries, even during midnight. Even though there might be some economic conflicts between China and the US, nothing has changed for tourism, China is definately safe for American tourists.

Is China safe for American tourists
Forbidden City


2.Is China safe to travel alone?

For solo travelers from the US, you may get some staring from Chinese people, but it has nothing to do with your safety. Chinese people are curious about foreign travelers, you may find people stare at you, but there is no need to feel unsafe or at risk, just remember, curiosity is the most important reason. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about going out alone at night, you can feel safe walking, eating or shopping along the streets, even during midnight.

Is China safe for American tourists
Li River

Is China safe for women travelers from the US? You may get the same answer. China is really safe for travelling, regardless of gender. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need any common sense. Whether you are alone or not, you should always be aware of your own safety, and make sure all your valuables like cell phone and passport are in sight.


3.Is the food in China safe to eat?

Eating is really an important thing during a trip to another country. On the one hand, you want to have a wonderful trip without being sick. On the other hand, you expect to enjoy the local food. We guess you might have heard kinds of rumors about food in China when you ask this question. Most of the rumors are not true. It is safe to eat the food in China, no matter in the restaurants or from the street vendors. Just to be sure that food you order are fresh and well-cooked.

Travelling with a local guide may help you taste more delicious local dishes, without worrying about the food quality and what to order. By the way, Chinese food is really mouthwatering, don’t be afraid of having a try. You can wander around some famous food streets in some big cities, those snack stalls with lots of people queuing are of good reputation, just don’t eat too much. 

Is China safe for American tourists
Chengdu Hotpot


4. Is the water in China safe to drink?

You should always remember that tap water in China is not drinkable.

The water in China is safe to drink, but only boiled water or bottled water. Usually Chinese people drink boiled water, they also like to drink tea. Most hotels provide guests with bottled water, you can also buy water from stores, it’s really convenient to buy water in China because there are stores everywhere. Besides, it’s cheap to buy bottled water and other drinks in China. And it’s also available to find some imported brands if you like. You won’t have to worry too much about drinking water in China.


5. How are Americans treated in China?

It’s hard to tell an exact answer, because it’s more like a person to person experience. Everyone will have totally different feeling during a tour in another country, no matter which nation you choose. What we are sure is Chinese people are kind and respectful to foreign tourists from all over the world. Honestly, most of people are curious about foreigners, but they are polite, Americans or not.


6.What should Americans to China watch out for?

Though it’s safe for Americans to travel to China, it’s still necessary to watch out. Here are some tips for you to enjoy a wonderful China tour without any hassles.

  1. Don’t carry too much cash with you.
  2. Keep an eye on your belongings all the time.
  3. Make sure your bag is zipped.
  4. Report to the local authorities if you have to.
  5. Bargain while shopping.
  6. Be careful when you cross the street.
  7. Take some medicine with you if you have any allergies.

Is it safe to travel to China right now? We have to say, China is definitely safe for American tourists. It doesn’t matter if you have some misunderstanding of China before, what really matters is your real experience in China. Just explore China and get your unique memory.


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