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Things You Should Know Before Travel to China

For the travelers who first come to China, they must want to know about China in many aspects. As a vast and beautiful nation, there are plenty of things to experience in China. Most of the tourists from Southeast Asia know something about China from Internet or other places. What should I know before traveling to China? Many people will ask this question. This article lists you things you should know before traveling to China for your reference.


1. Documents Required to Enter China

To travel to another country, we will firstly focus on the documents we should prepare. Usually, passport, visa and cash is needed, but the citizens from countries eligible for the visa-free entry policy to China do not need to apply for the Chinese visa. A passport is needed for foreign tourists when you come to China. And your passport with 6 months remaining validity is best. As for visa, tourists from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia are eligible for the visa free entry policy to China. Citizens from other countries of Southeast Asia should apply for Chinese visa before entering China. To travel to China, preparing some cashes is also necessary for visitors from Southeast Asia.


2. Convenient APPS on Your Cell Phone in China

Many tourists from Southeast Asia may know that China is very convenient in many aspects from the Internet. There are many APPS you can install on your cell phones, which make your tour in China more conveniently. Alipay APP is a kind of e-wallet, you can pay through it. You can communicate with Chinese through Wechat. You can buy flight tickets and book hotels at the trip.com APP. AMap is a mapping APP that you can use in China. While traveling to China, you can experience the convenience of these cell phone APPS in China and feel the life of the Chinese.

APPS in China


3. Avoid Crowds in Some Periods

China has a great population and it is crowded in some holidays because of its large population. If you do not want to wait in line for a long time and want less crowds, you can avoid the public holidays in China. Generally speaking, Labor Day Holiday, National Day Holiday, Summer Vacation and Winter vacation for students are the peak periods in China. To check the public holidays in China, you can search the calendar of China on the Internet.

Crowds in Attraction of China


4. Get Online in China

Get online in China is really important while traveling in China. Websites and social medias like Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are blocked in China. To get online in China, you can open your data roaming, please know the cost of the data roaming in advance, which will be expensive. Besides, you can get a e-SIM card. If you intend to stay in China more than 7 days, you can get a local SIM card. Having the Chinese SIM card and Chinese number, you can experience the ordering takeout online and ride hailing. Get online in China and you can contact your families and friends at home.


5. Simple and Convenient Transportation in China

China has vast territory and convenient transportation among the cities including flights, high-speed railway and trains. Sometimes the high-speed railway is more convenient than flights. Usually the high-speed railway station is near the downtown of a city while the airport is farther away than the railway station. And it takes longer time to wait for the flight than the high-speed railway. By the way, taking the high-speed train is very comfortable in China with steady experience. Once you travel to China, you should not miss the high-speed trains.

High-speed Train in China


6. Bring Toilet Paper with You

There are many public toilets in China, but not all the public toilets provide the toilet paper. And sometimes the toilet paper has been used up. The most convenient way is to bring enough toilet paper with you when you are outside.


7. Drinking Water

When we travel to another place or country, we will not quickly get used to the climate, food and drink. To make your tour smoothly and successfully, it is recommended for you to drink the bottled water during your travel in China. Most of the hotels in China will provide bottled water.


8. Respect the Culture and Customs

The culture and customs between countries of Southeast Asia and China are different. When traveling to another country or region, we should respect the culture and customs there. In some temples and monasteries, please be respectful to the monks and avoid making noise. In some attractions, photo taking is not permitted. In some regions inhabited by minority nationalities, we should respect the customs of them.


9. Choose Local Travel Agency in China

China provides great convenience to independent travelers, but local travel agencies offer many convenient and quick service like guides and tickets. Local travel agencies in China have more resources, provide experienced guides and know more about China. Traveling to China with a local travel agency, you will get unique traveling experience in China. You do not need too much time to wait in line at an attraction. You can deeply into the life of the local people and fully experience the history, culture and art of China.


10. Take Some Cashes with You

Though the mobile payment is very convenient in China. If you installed Alipay and Wechat, you can pay through your cell phones. However, taking some cashes with you is still necessary. There are some places that you should pay the cashes.


11. Public Transportation in China is Simple

The public transportation in China is friendly to foreign visitors like subways and buses. There will be English on the subway stations and English broadcast for stations on the subway. And taking the subway in China is very easy, especially when you have installed the Alipay APP. You just need a QR code to enter the subway station. If you do not install Alipay APP with you, you can buy the metro tickets at a counter or the automatic ticket vendor machine by cash.

Subway Station in China


12. It doesn’t matter that your do not know mandarin

You can get a wonderful tour in China even if you don’t know mandarin. Some ethnic Chinese in Southeast China may speak mandarin, while most of the tourists in Southeast Asia do not know or speak Chinese. But it doesn’t matter. Many young people in China can speak some English to you. If you know English, you can still communicate with them. And there are many APPS that can help you translate while you are in China. If you want to learn some Chinese phrases, you can choose some daily words that we frequently use like hello, this, that and how much.

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