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Best Places to Watch Acrobatics Show in Shanghai

See the Acrobatics Show is a highly recommended optional activity in Shanghai. But do you know what are the best places or theaters to watch acrobatics show in Shanghai? Here will offer some information about where to watch acrobatic show in this city, hope it helps.

Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai Magnolia Theatre-白玉兰剧场

• Address: No. 308 Chongqing South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (卢湾区重庆南路308号,近健国中路)
• Show time: Shows start at 7:30 pm daily

Magnolia Theatre, also called Baiyulan Theatre, is a fading classic theatre with an impressive acrobatics show. The acrobatics show is performed by Shanghai Magic Troupe and New Shanghai Circus Troupe, which is the first team who performed acrobatics in Broadway Stage of USA from China. It is a small one-storey theatre with worn carpets and faded seats, which make it a less than impressive arena. However their daily acrobatics show hosts a series of formidable jugglers, gymnasts and contortionists making it one of the better shows in the city. It is definitely one of the best places to watch Acrobatics Show in Shanghai.

Shanghai Circus World-上海马戏城

• Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, near Guangzhong Lu, Zhabei district (闸北区共和新路2266号,近广中路)
• Website: www.era-shanghai.com
• Show time: Every evening at 19:30 pm - 21:00 pm

Shanghai Circus World

Known as the "China's first circus city", Shanghai Circus World covers an area of 22,500 square meters and homes ERA acrobatics show. This cavernous and circular theatre hosts one of the best acrobatic shows in town. ERA - Intersection of Time put on in the theater is a multimillion-dollar stunning acrobatic extravaganza, the first of its kind in China, ERA is a multimedia odyssey whose inspiration is a direct result of the combination of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts and modern technology. The highlight of ht show includes Mirror Mirage, Magic Water, Floating Gondola, Music of ERA, Jar Juggling, Wheel of Life, Space Motorcycles. It is one of the best places to watch Acrobatics Show in Shanghai where you are worthy of visiting.

Shanghai Centre Theatre-上海商城剧院

• Address: First Floor, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu, Jingan district (静安区南京西路1376号上海商城1楼,近西康路)
• Show time: Shows at 7.30pm - 21:00 pm daily

Shanghai Centre Theatre is one of the largest and best-equipped automatic stages in the world. It home to the world famous "Shanghai Acrobatic Troup". Large and modern, Shanghai Theatre on the first floor of the Shanghai Centre offers one of the most accomplished acrobatic shows in town, including a daring tightrope act, plate spinning (good, with more plates than at the other shows)and a diabolo performance. There are fewer daring acts than at Shanghai Circus World and Magnolia Theatre, but the performance turns out to one of the slickest and best-paced of them all, with well-trained acrobats performing in a modern and comfortable theatre.

Huxi Grand Theatre-上海沪西大剧院

• Address: No. 205 Wuning Lu, near Dongxin Lu, Putuo district (普陀区武宁路205号,近东新路)
• Show time: Shows start at 7.30pm daily.

Huxi Grand Theatre is built in pleasant and classic style. It runs a nightly 90-minute acrobatics show featuring the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. The performance is slick and entertaining with acts including the hoop diving, tightrope walking and the ‘ball of death’ motorcycle stunt, which is sadly not quite as spectacular as it sounds.

The acrobatic show here focuses on Chinese traditional features with Kungfu show and Beijing opera acts. The children will find their paradise here. You can also enjoy the exciting motorcycle show, which is the best in Asia. In 90-min show, we can provide the fabulous and gorgeous performance for you and your family

Shanghai Cloud Theater-上海云峰剧院

• Address: 1700 Beijing Xi Lu, near Wanhangdu Lu, Jingan District (静安区北京西路1700号,近万航渡路)
• Show time: Shows at 7:30pm daily, except the 11th, 13th and 21st of the month

Shanghai Cloud Theater

At the background of 2008 Beijing Olympic and 2010 Shanghai Expo, Shanghai Cloud Theater tries to give the friends from afar with an impression of charming Shanghai. In the performance, there are several sectors of innovation for China Acrobatics, for example, the woman acrobatic of "Silk Strap Skill" and the opening show of "Pole Hanging". In response to the appreciation needs of overseas tourists, the group launched the "Charming Shanghai Acrobatics Special", with highly skilled acrobatic programs and novel packaging and bright stage.

Shanghai Wanping Theatre

• Address: No. 859, South Zhongshan Second Road, Xuhui District (徐汇区中山南二路859号,近宛平南路)
• Show time:

Wanping Theatre is a famous cultural and entertainment venue in the southwest of Shanghai, integrating leisure, entertainment and dining. The Oriental Fairyland Acrobatic Show is a new extravaganza from the Shanghai Acrobatic Sessions, integrating superb acrobatic skills with modern high-tech multimedia and stage equipment, to create a brilliant and breathtaking acrobatics show that combines mind blowing skills and thrills with traditional beauty, costumes and colours. It is absolutely one of the best places to watch Acrobatics Show in Shanghai.

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