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Fuzhou Facts

Fuzhou location mapFuzhou, abbreviated to "Rong", is the capital city and the political, economic, scientific and cultural centre of Fujian Province. It has an advantageous geographical position, bordering Fujian and Guangdong province, east to Fujian and south to Ganzhou connecting Guangdong.

Fuzhou is the regional marketable grain base in China. It has got abundant special agricultural products. The forest coverage reaches about 65%; and also Fuzhou is the main production area of wood & bamboo. Also, Fuzhou is abundant in mineral resources; the amount of the non-metallic minerals and proven metal is up to more than 60 kinds.

Fuzhou, with a history of more than 2,200 years, is a well known historic and cultural city on the southeastern coast of China. From ancient time, Fuzhou has been said to be "a land of blessing", where there are green trees in four seasons, flourished culture, pure folk customs, dynamic economy, abundant resources and produce as well as prosperous trade. It is a tourism destination to be developed. More than 40 cultural relics units have been listed into national and provincial history preservation.

Fuzhou focuses on caring for and serving for investors. Nowadays, there are over 2300 enterprises from home and abroad having invested as well as lived here. The city has already become precious investment city for all the businessmen.

It is really a pivotal port in the southeastern coast of China. It connects the Yangtze River Delta to the north and the Pearl River Delta to the south, two of the most important economic regions in China which has brought broad market potential for Fuzhou. Fuzhou is close to Macao, Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asian nations, collecting capital, information, commodities and people.

Area Code: 0591

Zip Code
: 350000

Fuzhou is located in the eastern coastal of Fujian province, Min River downstream. It lies northern latitude 25 ° 15 '- 26 ° 39', east longitude 118 ° 08 '- 120 ° 31'. East faces the East China Sea and Taiwan province across the sea. The Fuzhou city belongs to the typical river basin, which is surrounded by mountains. Its height above sea level is about 600 ~ 1000 meters. Domestic terrain leans from the west to the east. It covers 12,000 square kilometers, in which, 1,043 square kilometers are planned area. The city's constructed area reaches 182.86 square kilometers.

Fuzhou has a population of 7.12 million, accounting for 19.29% of the province's population; and the average annual growth rate is about 1.09%. Among them, the population of the town is about 4.4 million, accounting for 61.95% of the total; while the country has a population of 2.7 million, accounting for 38.05%.

Administrative Division
Fuzhou consists of the following districts: 

Gulou District
Changle City
Taijiang District
Minhou County
Cangshan District
Lianjiang County
Jin’an District
Luoyuan County
Mawei District
Minqing County
Langqi Economic Zone
Yongtai County
Fuqing City
Pingtan County

Fuzhou has a typical subtropical monsoon climate. It is abundant in climate resources. The temperature is appropriate; and the rainfall is abundant there. Summer is long, while winter is short in Fuzhou. Average annual sunshine number is 1700 ~ 1980 hours; Average annual precipitation is 900 ~ 2100 mm; Average annual temperature is about 16 ~ 20 ℃. The coldest month from January to February, has the average temperature 6 ~ 10 ℃; and the hottest month from July to August, has the average temperature 24 ~ 29 ℃.

: Fuzhou has two railway stations, which are Fuzhou Railway Station and Fuzhou South Railway Station. Fuzhou has opened railways lines connecting with the major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xian, Guangzhou, Jinan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Luoyang, Qingdao, etc…

•Aviation: Fuzhou Changle International Airport is an international airport of Fujian, also it is one of the China’s aviation international port. It has opened about 54 airlines, which connect with more than 47 major cities at home and abroad, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Osaka, etc…

Language and Art
Local residents of Fuzhou often speak Mandarin Chinese as well as Fuzhou dialect. Fuzhou dialect is a language which is regarded as the standard form of the Min Dong dialect.

Min opera, also known as Fuzhou drama, is definitely one of the primary operas in Fujian Province. It is well-liked in Fuzhou area, and neighboring parts of Fujian, like the northeast and northwest areas, in which the Fuzhou dialect is spoken; and also in Malay Archipelago and Taiwan. It had become a fixed opera in the early 20th century. More than 1000 plays are played in Min opera; and the majority of which origin from folk tales, ancient legends, or historical novels, like such traditional plays "Making Seal", "Switching Fairy Peach with Litchi" , "The Purple Jade Hairpin", etc…

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